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12/2/2021 c6 hanzohasashifan29
well you guys just signed the mountain's death warrant
12/1/2021 c52 13chidoriprime
After seeing all these monsters... maybe it's a good thing Zarin introduced cannons and guns. Between the Crones and the White Walkers, Westeros is growing more dangerous by the second.
12/1/2021 c47 Culaio
Like always great chapter, its always great enjoyment for me to read your story : )

I liked seeing Geralt getting informations from hoat.

I especially washappy about Geralt seeing Nymeria : )

Its always interesting to see all the politics in this universe : )

I hope that Catelyn will survive.

Thanks for all the work on this chapter : )
12/1/2021 c52 vinayakdj1
I must say ..that was quite nicely done...not too flashy and also not too cheesy..being a game fan, I loved all the references to whirl, adrenaline points, quen blast, etc...
Wonder if u will show a freezing aard build later on...I reckon it would be kind of like what todoroki does against the 0-pointers during UA sports festival...

Lastly I must say Kai feels like Dagoth Ur...this calm and suave figure who doesn't hate the main character and also tries to confront from an intellectual point
12/1/2021 c46 Culaio
Great chapter I really enjoyed reading it : )

Geralt charging with spear was pretty damn badass ;3

I really enjoy seeing his legend growing : )

Thanks for all the great work on this chapter.
11/30/2021 c45 rivia10
now i have finished this chapter. that last chapter before the big battel. although there has already been a nice fight here. it is interesting to see how a similar story in the series has changed because of geralt's visit in the paßt. i had already forgotten that he gave plans for bombs to the night watch. therefore the losses would have to be smaller. in the long run the night watch is still on the losing side without stannis. but the bombs and fort improvements can give him important time. jon really learned a lot from geralt, both in thinking and fighting. his conversations with manke are really interesting and you have managed to depict the king of the free people as cleverly as he should be. an exciting back and forth. the fight was very good the undead polar bear was a strong monster which would be a heavy boss even for geralt. jon and tormund worked well together. With the Bombs and Jon's new skills were way better than that team in the series. Jon is not perfect, he hesitated too long and needs to refine his fighting style, but he was very impressed. good idea with the diary and still respect the series and mention the evidence of the series. Meeras and Johen short appearance was fun and a good premonition of arya brans and sansa stroy in the future one that I'm particularly looking forward to. walder surprised everyone and of course has secret intentions eternal youth the crowns know what he wants. Now our heroes are around the unknown. I'm looking forward to more
11/30/2021 c52 15Vanessa Masters
A lot of action and intrigue indeed.

What's Kai planning I wonder.

I doubt he'd be a match for the crones.


The Witcher gave only a weary sigh, picking up the near limbless corpse to pile with what was left of the golem's remains. With a gesture he cast Igni to ignite the remains, the open windows above at least letting the burning flesh wiff upwards instead of filling the hall.

Dacey was silent, looking over the carnage of the hall, from the slain golem and to their fallen comrades. "I don't know how much worse this can get." She muttered, the normally composed warrior shakened. It was surprising to even Geralt, considering she had charged against blood-thirsty mercenaries a week ago. "I thought all those stories you shared were just...exaggerations. Gods's all real."

Geralt was silent, knowing that everyone would no doubt be taking this experience differently. Ogatto and William seemed far more accepting about all of this, making him wonder if they had encountered such creatures already. In fact the bombs they used reminded him of the one that he narrowly avoided many months ago in the King's Wood when those assassins attacked Robert. Already more and more questions were building up in his mind towards his unique allies.

"Geralt." Dacey's voice snapped him out of his thoughts, seeing the distress on her face. " bad is this going to get?"


Oh it can be extremely bad.

But let's wait and see how it goes.

Another above par chapter, and I love the detail to the fighting, and descriptions.
11/30/2021 c52 1W8W
Good fight.

I really like mentioning lack of vital spots and golem ability to regenerate so lucki shot and slow grind was not an option. Way they won proof that saying is true “If brute force doesn't work, you aren't using enough”

I like how people were trying to fight despite fear. It really show that Westeros is not ready for monsters. Geralt description is terrifying but it is also good motivational speech (if we fail) I assume that there will be temporarily alliance with Grims against monsters.

I understand that Kai is not pure evil but he definitely give evil sorcerer vibe. Prince of spices death made me think of scarabs from Mumia (1999).
11/29/2021 c52 Guest
Poor Edmure always unfortunate
11/29/2021 c52 4Arch-Daishou00
DAMN good chapter!
11/29/2021 c52 8Jebest4781
This was great and can’t wait to see what else will occur after what happened here.
11/29/2021 c52 3coronadomontes
11/8/2021 c51 1W8W
Excellent job with establishing Kai motivation as an antagonist for Ciri and Daenerys. He is pulling Xanatos gambit, weather girls become strong to overcome him or he will enslave them and use more drastic measures to ensure power. Either way that will be better prepared to fight White Frost than from lazy slave masters. From look of things he don't even hold a grudge or et les prefer to focus on saving world.

Information about gods was interesting.

Geralt part was really climatic and did excellent job as prelude to horror. His companions had first taste of fighting monsters and I like they reaction. They were not overwhelmed only thanks to expert knowing what to do. I also find it interesting that Ghouls were described as weaker. I wonder what plot will be made from this. Edmure form is nice boss and fitting way to make him into monster in macabre way but leave him recognizable. I really like idea with glass into eyes.
11/6/2021 c51 vinayakdj1
Wait wat?
I thought it was kai who created the halls of undying...why would he not know of its purpose?
11/4/2021 c51 Fanfiction fan
Wow, Edmure really drew a short stick on this one, but it is gratifying to finally once again see Geralt in action against monsters. Also, I read in the reviews that you were given flak for your OCs. Well, I think that they are quite good, this your story, write how you want and how your imagination wills it. Awaiting for the next chapters and best of luck!
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