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10/11 c57 dadg12346
I love cats and i hope yours will get better and feel good again. Also thank you for the chapter!
10/11 c57 4Eric the Looney
So, the end of the first grand battle. It It's really cool the way you describe it. The fear, the anger, the courage. The chaos. It's how a knightly joust was always meant to happen.

I especially like the detail how even when he does it right, the sheer strength of Gregor hurts Loras even on light wounds. I remember that Loras was a man of great potential, while Gregor was a mountain of intimidation and power. So, I suppose this was Loras's dragon. His greatest challenge he would ever get.

Meanwhile, for Brienne, this was the first great challenge of her life. I remember in the book, Brienne represents on how Being Good Sucks, but at the same time, she's one of the few true knights of Westeros in her devotion to the ideals. Bringing forth her first true fight here seems to indicate that she has a career not just of struggle, but of glory before her. A chance to make a difference in unexpected ways. Though oofff. Getting clotheslined by someone even bigger than her. Ouch, that would hurt.

I'm also noticing an...interesting pattern in your writing. Namely, that getting in a famous last word is...not easy to do. Heck, Gregor here got perhaps the best last word in a while. Edmure got cut short. Balon didn't even get a chance. Ned could only get out a fragment. Robert chocked on it all. It seems that you're determined to show that last words are only given when the opening is given. Otherwise, in battle and pain, it might not happen. Gruesome, but realistic. I even got some Ledger Joker Vibes from Gregor taunting Renly. “Hah…some last words!” And being hacked to pieces like that? Yikes. Not exactly getting his chest caved in by a cannon like was shown in the house of the undying. But just as gruesome. Perhaps it's metaphorical since the mountain was a living weapon.

A part of me cringed at Gregor going for Brienne's skull. Was he about to do an Oberyn to her? But a little luck gave her just enough strength to stab a tunnel in Gregor. A chance given by the knight of flowers giving a chiseling shot as well. And it was a knock down, drag out brawl that ended...with the beauty bringing down Gregor at last.

But it was too much for Loras. Too hard of fighting, too deadly a clash. And so, the third son of the tyrells ended up being the third of Geralt's friends to die. First Robert, then Ned. And now, despite his earnestness and willingness to advocate on Geralt's behalf, Loras will not be continuing on. He won't be a substitute Kingsguard. He can't attack Dragonstone. He won't be pining forever for a dead king. In a way, he finally got to show that Tyrells indeed still have as much martial skill by tag teaming the Mountain, but the cost was his life. Another twist the Witcher accidentally brought upon Westeros.

Still, in a way, he and Brienne accomplished an important goal. Because they were able to delay Gregor from killing Renly, he couldn't reach Olenna and Margaery in time. So the ladies escaped, and while Gregor did accomplish a powerful goal, he failed his last mission for Tywin. I suppose this will be Gregor's final legacy. A powerful man who despite all his strength, was nothing but a pyrrhic failure when facing real warriors.

The check in from the Lannisters shows that lies and power struggles are still there between Tywin, Joffery and Zarim. Though the results of the battle can't be overstated. 3 major deaths, the main armies scattered, the Westerland troops relatively unharmed. It's a powerful statement about the crown and having new "dragons" to call upon. But as Tywin observed, incomplete since Gregor couldn't finish his last edict.

Though I don't quite think Joffery would think that much about a marriage diplomacy normally. Something gotten into him during the recovery time?

And in the meantime, Tywin is thinking legacy and power, while Zarin is just thinking, "phase 3 complete". A greater power in court, and another step towards his revolution. Actually, I'd be curious to see what Littlefinger and Varys are up to these days. Those two silent schemers were both pretty quiet during Book 2. Without the insights of Tyrion to what Varys is up to, what is the spider weaving? How is the Weasel trying to recover from losing his Cat substitute? Surely they won't take this upstart alchemist lying down!

For Sandor, he seems to be taking a darker path than canon. Without a "little bird" to nurture his good side, Gregor's death now turns his eyes towards going after Brienne as well as Geralt. Does this mean he's going to desert after this fight? Go after Brienne on his vendetta of revenge by proxy? Well, we'll see. After all, the hound has been pretty out of focus as well. Might be time for him to be a mover and shaker again too. Even though deep down, he knows that what he seeks won't be given through violence. Perhaps there's still good in this doggy.

And that brings us to the final scene. Brienne was already considered unattractive. But now she also ironically shares a similarity with another hero miles away. Yes, with her victory, her appearance is forever marred, making her more like Euron and Ciri now. Seems that will be an important detail before long, but we'll see.

Also, looking over a map of the reach again reminds me that if the westerlands managed to martial fast enough, they could hammer and anvil Garlan's army given that it's between the crownlands and westerlands. But, well, Highgarden and Willas would be the bigger prize overall. Seems they lack the more modern thinking that to win you have to destroy the army not just take things.

Yet even in this storm of fear and desperation, Brienne was given a spark of light. She did her part in ending Gregor Cleagane. Already putting her on par with Geralt in getting a little favor from Dorne once word spreads. Though this does also mean that oberyn and Doran have to turn their eyes on Tywin fully now. And won't that be a trouble and a half to get revenge on.

But more to the point, Garlan is an honorable, kind sort of man. And he believed that Brienne's comrade and King would've honored her for her deeds. And that's beautiful. She got what she always wanted. Brienne of Tarth, you are now a true knight. With a title to match Geralt in due time. The Mountain Breaker and the mountain slayer. Unconventional people, with the souls of true knights. Great warriors who will accomplish great things before destiny plays out. Rise Ser Brienne!

Though regarding all her vows, I'm reminded of that thing Jamie once talked about. "What if your father despises the king? What if the king kills the innocents? Where then will your vows go?" Still, I have to believe that after a bloodletting, Brienne will be brave enough to see what Barristan eventually understood: that to choose duty or what's right? The morality of the 7 and the goodness of humanity has to come first. We'll see.

I'm curious though why you didn't name all the nobles with Garlan. Didn't want to commit to having the Fossoways, the Peakes, the Hightowers or any of the other reach houses riding with Garlan? Wanted to keep it ambiguous since Brienne is a Stormlander who might not recognize them all? Just wondering on your thought process.

The battle also split the stormland/reach armies apart. Which given how Renly already had his doubters when the Winterstorm was created, further incentivizes the Stormlanders to revert to the liege lord Stannis as the true king. So with no easy way to reassemble the coalition they already had, Garlan seems to be taking a bit of a Brynden idea. That with the crown now spreading out, it's time to lead The Resistance as a 2nd son with strength and cunning as a warrior.

But then, Lady Marg proposed a more bold strategy: take the ladies Tyrell north, and ally with The North. Which is brilliant in its own way. Going to Stannis would be...difficult given their geography, and besides that a little tricky to work out since we don't actually know Stannis's current position after Robb headed south. The Tyrells can't have as many diplomatic advantages in going to Stannis for help in their eyes.

Though as a result, It's actually kinda funny. The North historically was the last kingdom to worry about in the 7 kingdoms, with the politics of the southern lands being more pressing and important. But with a twist of fate and the influence of a Witcher, the north now hold kingmaking power in this struggle. Not just for Stannis, but to draw The Reach in as well. A chance to tempt Robb to create a new kingdom for himself of half the lands. And a way for the Tyrells to politick in a subtle but powerful way despite their diminished strength from this disaster. Plus, it's a dramatic reversal from canon where the north went for the overtures in the book. Now the reach is the one having to send a lady to try and win favor from the other side.

And yet, I can't help but cringe a little. Escaping cannons is one thing, but to run into the riverlands in their current state is to walk through hell. The ladies might make it. Or they might be captured or turned or worse. It's a true dice roll they don't even know they're doing. But at the same time, if they do see it, that might also give Geralt more hands on deck for his Crone War. Everything will be risk and danger in this diplomatic convoy. But we can only hope that Marg, Olenna and Brienne will complete their mission to "Find Robb Stark."

The role of king Renly may be over, but the war of the 3 kings isn't done.

Some hopes for the near future: check in with the stark kids in winterfell, check in with Jon, check in with Ciri, check in with Barristan, and of course, more dramatic twists. Write on. I know you can do it.
10/11 c57 1W8W
You did excellent job showing brutality of the battle. Mountain is dead but I think that Lannisters made good deal on his death.

Jaimy is not happy about evolution of warfare. Like I mentioned earlier that I am not fan of competent Joffrey it takes all the fun from this character.

I forgot about Sandor "The Only One Allowed to Defeat You" mentality toward his brother.

Brienne knighting was good and well justified.

Tyrell are in bad spot and can't win this war so them trying to join Stannis and Starks is reasonable course of action. I don't think that they did match against them so if they bent the knee they may survive without any repercussions or even gain some influence if they are lucky but they most laily must forget about joining royal line for now.
10/11 c57 TheRightPrice
Awesome fighting chapter!
10/11 c57 15Vanessa Masters
Oh damn, hope life goes better for you.


As the meeting drifted onto matters of troop movement and logistics, Zarin had a pleased gleam in his eyes. Today was a great success, as one of the realm's greatest knights understood the might his technology could unleash. With Joffrey ever more loyal to him, his influence would only grow in court as well. True Tywin would question his loyalties, yet the results he'd bring in the coming months would smooth things over. Overall, everything was going as planned to ensure the path of change continued…


Life not going good for brienne and other even thou the mountain is dead.

What path of change, Zarkon?

Because I doubt the hags and Geralt are part of your plots.

Still another great chapter and expert done battle.

Gruesome But good.
10/10 c57 1Mastermind4892
That was absolutely glorious! Glorious and tragic!

Today was a devastating loss for the Tyrells. So many forces lost, along with great names. Loras, Mace, and even Renly. But rock bottom can be a great foundation on which to build back up. There have several small but meaningful victories. The Mountain is finally dead. Brienne is knighted at last. And Margaery and Olenna are on their way to offer their aid to the Northern alliance. The Lannisters have won a great victory, but the war is far from over and now the seeds of opportunity are spreading for the North!

A great chapter indeed! I was always sad that Geralt didn’t have a chance to meet the Tyrell’s other than Loras, though I’m sure they’ve heard how he defended Loras. Margaery working with Robb Stark, even potentially marrying him, is a pair of characters I never knew how much I wanted to see! Not to mention it seems that Margaery will still have a chance to become friends with Sansa again. And ohhhhhhhhh… I can barely describe how much I’ve wished for years to see Geralt and Olenna in the same room together. Two old, seasoned, and astonishingly perceptive individuals with such blunt and *savage* wits? Now THAT is a series of conversations I could listen to all day! Only way it could get any better is if Regis joined in!

Please update again soon! I can’t wait for more! Because once again, this is one of the greatest Witcher fics I’ve read and undoubtedly the FINEST Game of Thrones story I’ve ever had the privilege of reading!
10/10 c57 8Blu3b3rryT3a
Very entertaining!
A savage end for the Mountain but hey, it was fitting.
And Brienne gets her title as knight! Huzzah!
Oh boy, talk about revolution in the making with the cannons on the way.
That's going to have a long term impact, regardless of anything else.
Best of luck!
10/10 c57 Alatoic01
Excellent chapter! the fight against the Mountain was epic.
The changes in the story are amazing and I cant wait to read next chapter. wonder what will the North do now and what strategy will they use against canons.

10/10 c57 3coronadomontes
10/10 c57 4Arch-Daishou00
Loras fought like a true knight of the realm. He died a warrior and hero. Avenging not just Renly but all the innocent lives The Mountain had taken. Brienne should feel pride knowing it was her blade that finished the monster, and she earned becoming a true knight.

Now the Tyrells are at a crossroads, where either destruction or salvation awaits them.

A well-made and fantastic chapter.
10/10 c57 8Jebest4781
Liking how this turned out. Will be interesting on what'll be done next in this.
10/10 c57 Bromega2477
Very touching, can't wait for more and I hope your cat gets better!
10/10 c57 mkyalvarez62
Love your latest chapter,least renly and loras went out fighting.
Could you send me a discord link
10/1 c20 Rice with Chest-Nuts
well, OC villains needs their counterparts of OC protagonist... just saying we need them balance,
9/26 c5 Angery Katte
You've got some great storytelling ability here, and you know how to keep them fairly in-character. What I'd suggest is going over stuff as you right a second or third time, to make sure you can clean up some goofs. I've spotted a few things like repeated words, or improperly used words - that sorta grammatical thing. Could also have someone else do it, too!

Unfortunately, it can't be me. I'm too busy. But I'll still keep reading!
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