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for The White Wolf of Westeros

10/1 c20 Rice with Chest-Nuts
well, OC villains needs their counterparts of OC protagonist... just saying we need them balance,
9/26 c5 Angery Katte
You've got some great storytelling ability here, and you know how to keep them fairly in-character. What I'd suggest is going over stuff as you right a second or third time, to make sure you can clean up some goofs. I've spotted a few things like repeated words, or improperly used words - that sorta grammatical thing. Could also have someone else do it, too!

Unfortunately, it can't be me. I'm too busy. But I'll still keep reading!
9/15 c48 Guest
I think you should revise some of your travel time frames. As of chapter 48, it took Garalt half a week - a week to travel from winterfell to the wall, by horseback, a distance that is almost as far as Qarth to The bay of slaves is. Ship is the fastest form of travel, and we are told it'll take a month for them.
9/9 c56 Pacman
I love Brienne.
9/4 c10 1MandoWalker
Lol this is why shouldn’t read and comment when drunk. My bad author you proved me wrong in like a paragraph lol.
9/4 c10 MandoWalker
Dude Geralt is like almost 100 years old at this point lol and vesimer was around 250 during the games lol
9/3 c56 Zoltan-Atreyu
love this story read up till this chapter in 3 days. please update as soon as possible
8/29 c22 Guest
Given it 22 chapters hoping for something to change but nope, basically just canon with some Witcher elements sprinkled in
8/13 c24 back2front
yes! Ciri has entered the building
8/2 c56 TheRightPrice
Glad for the update, thanks!
8/1 c56 1W8W
Interesting chapter.

You did excellent job showing how devastating are cannonballs especially to unprepared enemy.

Still saying that they are more impactful than dragons is overstatement. Ciri would also counter artillery. She don't even need to slaughter crew. She just need to teleport into gunpowder magazine with a torch and teleport out without it.

Wasn't Mountain mission to capture Margaery? He change it and went after Renly. I am not sure if it is insubordination or initiative (It mostly depend on Tywin opinion about this change)

I don't like Joffrey trap because it was effective and impressive. Like I said earlier I like him as a moron. Maybe he was ripped off and didn't figure it out because he wanted more of new toy.
7/28 c56 Jon Snow
Cannons are a fearsome weapon.

Who will win the match between Loras and Gregor?
7/28 c55 Jon Snow
Catelyn and Geralt have met again.

Who is going to be Lord Paramount after The Blackfish?

So R'hllor/Rlo is one of the first Old Gods.
7/28 c54 Pokemon
These ghouls breed?
7/28 c56 1Mastermind4892
The theater of war has been changed forever. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Welcome back, my friend!
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