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7/25 c19 Guest
epic fight. no matter how good geralt is. in a fight without magic, jamie is a very, very strong opponent. glad to see he was able to cause so many problems for geralt and show why he is one of the very best fighters in westeros a legend. of all rivalries geralts and jamie is my favorite.
7/24 c56 Star
Enjoyable chapter...

And i feel u bro...I'm on my notice period while looking for new job, only i should be doing that but am instead playing elden ring
7/24 c56 Guest
7/25 c56 4Eric the Looney
You know, this is actually a special battle for other reasons besides it being the beginning of the end of knighthood. This is probably the last opportunity we get to have so many quality sword fighters on one battlefield before they might start dying.

Going off Alt Shift x’s video on the “best” normal fighters of Westeros, plus the new addition, the great tournament had 7 great fighters, though two of them didn’t participate. But here, we got 6 of the great fighters all on one battlefield. And some of them haven’t even had an opportunity to meet yet. Or…will they be meeting under very different circumstances? I can’t help but notice that Lady Brienne and Ser Jamie are both on this battlefield, and this could make for an opportunity for Brienne to find out what it really would be like to fight Jamie at his best. The Mountain, The Hound and the Knight of Flowers are to be expected. (hope sandor’s doing okay with all the flashes of fire going on nearby) Yet you also name dropped Garlan the Gallant! That means this is going by the book Tyrell family tree. It also means that the greatest tyrell swordsman is in the rear guard. And if that’s the case, perhaps we’ll get an unexpected preview of what Garlan vs Gregor would be like in the books.

Moreover, this is also you showing the slow erosion of the old world. As the cannon’s first victim was the Lord Paramount himself: Mace Tyrell. Zarim killing him first might be a hint of what his quest is going to do to the world around him. He talks about uplifting the lower classes, but in the process, there are men he’s going to kill in power who might not have been…exactly called a bad leader. Mace might’ve been a numbskull, but he had good support, and nobody really grumbled about his rule of the reach. Aside from those jealous florents. Plus, despite his own carefulness, Zarim still has the arrogance of a noble, as he talks about gunpowder weaponry as if he’s going to keep it under his control forever. Make it into his tool to hold an advantage over the powerful. But knowledge, once shared, can’t be put back. It will last somewhere in the world, and with a gamebreaker like this? The nobles will be trying everything to figure it out and get their hands on that kind of power. Maybe even…miniaturize it for musket weaponry?

Anyways, with Mace gone, much of book 4 is thrown out without him as the main Tyrell power player. Does this mean Willas will have to assume leadership as the lame flower, and be forced to take the tyrells in a vastly different position compared with canon? Joining the throne not in strength but in weakness?

And for that matter, what does it mean that Renly seems to have survived his brush with the fire? Does that mean his death by being blown up won’t happen here? After all, it is written in prophecy via the house of the Undying that the flowery stag will die by being blown up (fire). And prophecy has power in the world of Westeros.

Whatever the case, if nothing else, this is showing exactly what Jamie saw in Loras. That he could easily grow into a great warrior beyond his jousting ways. That he’s also thinking on his feet pretty well, and making some pretty quick tactical assessments in the moment. Recognizing necessity, desperation and foolhardiness. Turning him into the temporary leader of the faction in this…recreation of the battle of Nagashino. Where the use of gunpowder obliterated an older tactic.

And Oh brienne…if only you knew. Your deduction about Gregor’s target has a modicum of sense to it, but your abandoning your post won’t go well once the other men of house cleagane swoop in and take down the other retainers for their real goals you were guarding. Still, have to wonder if the mountain is also overreaching if he wants the credit to capture Marg, Olenna and Renly in one fell swoop.

Finally, I suspect that there will be a lone survivor from this clash that will make their way north to the war in the riverlands. After this devastation, they’ll seek out Stannis as the only remaining active challenger to the Lannisters, and seek aid after this disaster for Stormlands and the reach. And Geralt will have someone to appeal to for assistance in the Crone Wars of mutual aid in the mess that Westeros is rapidly becoming. And I don’t know if this will be Loras, Brienne or Margaery, but it just feels right that this might be the character outcome to all this. Personally, my money’s on Brienne. As this would then become part of her promised quests to fulfill Loras’s last request to “Find Geralt” and thus bring her story into the greater story being told in this world.

Anyhow, this was a fun chapter to go through, with a surprise based on who was present, and a chance to see even greater changes to come. Write on!
7/25 c56 dadg12346
Epic chapter
7/25 c4 BRUH3000
Characters acting so out of characters, the world bending for the sake of Geralt, Geralt telling his story to the Characters of asoiaf, a pathetic attempt at shocking us (the readers) with the reactions of said characters. I've come to a conclusion that this story is a worthless, indulgent, piece of shit, cringe bulshit story.
7/25 c56 11Haku's Lover18
Thank you so much for updating! I love this story so much! It is so well written and has great character development. I hope you can update soon!
7/24 c56 3coronadomontes
7/24 c56 6Eternal.Disaster
As always, amazing chapter! Great battle scene in this chapter! Great work!
7/24 c56 8Blu3b3rryT3a
Gotta hate writer's block.
Yikes, the Tyrells are being slaughtered out there.
Cannons- cannons have been brought to the battlefield. Oh boy.
That's gonna shake things up on a large scale.
Best of luck!
7/24 c56 8Jebest4781
Boy things were clearly crazy with what was done here. Keep up the excellent work.
7/24 c56 4Arch-Daishou00
Still, this is one hell of a battle chapter. The cannons proved to be a huge game changer tearing through the Tyrell forces like paper. Loras must pour every ounce of strength and courage against the Mountain into protecting his king and his family.

7/24 c56 15Vanessa Masters
Oh, dang. Well, you seem to have conquered the writers block a bit with this Impressive chapter of writing.
7/24 c56 4Tenart
Take your time, dear author. There are ways that can help you in writing more, like setting a timer about thirty minutes and writing non stop until end of the thirty minutes.
7/24 c56 ian12091995
You are awesome.
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