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for The White Wolf of Westeros

5/20/2022 c55 Guest
would be nice if we also see some monsters from the game of thonres world. maybe those from Sothoryos?.
5/18/2022 c17 Rice with Chest-Nuts
oh how i wish... im very much wishing Geralt to go kill Gregor later. it would be a very entertaining and satisfying show no doubt! xD
5/16/2022 c55 TheRightPrice
Nice chapter, thanks!
5/14/2022 c48 Guest
I hope we see some magic from Westeros causing trouble for the Crones in the war, at least indirectly.
5/13/2022 c47 Guest
hope Qyburn will do a magic thing or two in this story too. what he did with the mountain was definitely more than science
5/11/2022 c10 Rice with Chest-Nuts
yeah... that's more like it! Geralt and Ciri appearance on Westeros should cause a different reactions, indeed... this will be a hell of a read for sure!
5/11/2022 c55 4Arch-Daishou00
Excellent chapter!
5/8/2022 c55 Guest
5/9/2022 c55 1W8W
Nice chapter.
Nothing like disastrous threat to make everybody band together. Only reasonable decision in their situation. If not for how unbelievable it sounds I think that even Lannister forces would join.

Root is more proactive than I expected.

So R'hllor is old god that migrated cool idea.
5/9/2022 c55 15Vanessa Masters
Root shook her head before taking a deep breath. "Now, for the other one." Once more she closed her eyes and relaxed, a low hum soon coming from here. "I see a knight…weathered yet unyielding even in these horrid times. I see scarred men, a battered army who'd follow him to the ends of the earth. Strong warriors baring the white wolf and…" Suddenly Root stopped, a look of confusion showing on her face. "Fire…why is this power there? It's not possible, Rlo is…" Suddenly Root's eyes snapped open and without warning sprung into a leap. Even for Geralt, she was too fast to react as she opened the door and rushed out of the backroom.

Geralt and Hadrian rushed after her, though looking down the hallway, she was gone. Considering there was no panic in the pub proper, she had used her magic to become unseen. "What got into her all of a sudden?" Geralt questioned.

Sighing, Hadrian shrugged. "My guess is Rlo is another Old God, though not sure why she acted that way."

Already Geralt had one theory since there was only one person in his company that believed in a god of fire and he was likely with Ser Brynden right now. He'd have to have a talk with Thoros before Root did something rash. "Hopefully she'll stay out of trouble."

"She'll be careful not being noticed." Hadrian tried to assure, the weariness showing on his face.


Oh, Interesting, her meeting Geralt. The interaction and then her meeting Thoros.

Along with this reveal about the god Rlo.

Very intriguing.

Another great chapter, so eager for more.
5/9/2022 c55 1Mastermind4892
Good to have you back! And don’t worry too much about chapters being heavy with conversation, half of GoT is about talking politics or other forms of intrigue.
5/9/2022 c55 vinayakdj1
That's blasphemy!

Geralt choosing a herbalist other than Tomira that is...
5/8/2022 c9 Rice with Chest-Nuts
oh man... please, let this not be the last encountered between Geralt and Ned! i mean, the vibes is just kinda... i sense a triggered being pulled here. lol,

anyway, hope you had a plan for this... i want there will be different outcomes in consequences and actions because of Geralt and Ciri appearance in Westeros... hmmm,
5/8/2022 c7 Rice with Chest-Nuts
ugh... i hate this. fockn decisions. decisions. decisions. goddamn choices. choices. choices.

i already see how its coming, but still... damn!
5/8/2022 c55 7ThatIndieReviewer
Happy to see you back on the saddle and getting this out to us. Have to admit, I feared this story may be cancelled after waiting a couple of months.

I feel you could dive into William's mindset and how he feels meeting Catelyn considering he murdered her husband. That, and the fact you are showing how a lot of high noble lords seem to have the smallfolk in mind and care for them in a way the Grim believed they didn't.

As for the Barristan story, I honestly think you should do what the book/show did and have the two show up volunteering to help and just keep telling their involvement through Dany and Ciri's POV. Sort of a "What have you been up to?" and they give highlights. It'd be interesting if they could convey more succinctly how Ned and the Starks are honourable and worthy Allies to have in the future to be. Syrio training Dany. The Jorah betrayal plot is resolved more smoothly. So many story beats.

If possible, could you do an update section in the next chapter and tell us how Winterfell is going. Because with the Wildling war, their warg powers, Iron islanders yet to start their sea war, which won't have Theon leading to Winterfell, Ramsey still lingering and Arya training as a Witcher (Warrior AND scholar, remember, she is smart)
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