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for A Frozen Heart

7/15 c7 Guest
This is the best naruto fanfic out rn hope you continue it one day I love it
5/11 c9 Acha Acha
please update
5/2 c9 Guest
Hey Man or Woman , when the next chapter coming out ?
4/11 c9 Yummybuns
And then this story never saw the light again fml
12/12/2021 c9 Guest
Could you please continue this series it's very enjoyable
12/8/2021 c9 haruyuki setsuka
Ehhhh.. where the next chapter? You promise us the next arc!

ru゚ω゚ )
to //
11/12/2021 c2 Guest
spiral kitune
11/5/2021 c3 Guest
9/28/2021 c9 RockinJRK
are you going to continue or not
9/2/2021 c9 Guest
Hi so enjoyed this story it's funny out all the ones I enjoy are abandoned man
8/22/2021 c6 Jon1234
7/3/2021 c9 Mahmed Ahmed
When is the next part
6/30/2021 c9 Guest
Is the story on hiatus or something cause this shit is fire
6/28/2021 c9 Masato Sugiura
i fuckig loved this fic so good
6/25/2021 c9 LegacyDroid3113
Man this was really good, you can never find good fics with a Naruto like this since they usually take the whole Naruto leaving Konoha route. If you ever find the time or come back to this then could you please update this, it's really good and it would be a shame if there wasn't more.
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