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for A Frozen Heart

12/20/2017 c9 lucavento
Wow I love the story good job on character development and I like your Naruto keep up the good work looking forward to more
12/17/2017 c9 1AssassinSG
I think you should be doing a kiri arc against Yagura's Bloodline War during Naruto's Taining arc as it will fulfill Haku wish as well as a reason of attraction for our sexy Godaime Mizukage Mei Terumi as well
12/14/2017 c9 3Zoroarkhunter
well things are getting interesting though I feel Hinata will need to change her panties, but luckily Naruto destroyed a good amount of lives that threatened his home.
12/14/2017 c9 zexzakaria
What can i say...nice! Absolutly nice
12/9/2017 c9 Guest
Please update more this is an amazing story.
12/8/2017 c6 2Flaming Ghurkin
Ahh, I see what you did with the road to Ninja thing ;).
12/5/2017 c9 Mrbiggs132
This is the type of fic that I love reading, thank you for blessing me.
12/4/2017 c2 shinigamisama455
also for a guy who reviewed in chapter 9. i can see what he did technically since the shinigami didn't take the full soul of orochimaru the shinigami could only take a portion of sarutobis as payment equal to the soul taken from orochimaru hence the arms. in cannon sarutobi also took the nidaime and shodaime jokage's soul along with a portion of orochimaru's so he took 2 souls plus a bit of orochimaru's for the price of sarutobi's
12/3/2017 c9 10Rogue Deity Master
Well written and was a thrilling tale to say, more so it was not too surprising that Hinata came when Naruto's duplicate said that to her. The massacre that Naruto inflicted around the academy was a bit much, interesting though how Naruto shows signs that he plans to erase Danzo. I recommend that during a special meeting Naruto uses a shadow clone to get him to admit that he is planning to use Naruto, while Danzo admits this he tries to kidnap Naruto but Kurama uses her influence and power to rip off Danzo's right arm before he has a chance to use Izanagi thus stopping Danzo from using Naruto but possibly killing him.
12/1/2017 c1 shinigamisama455
i agree with the naruto being A rank in terms of skill though were in A rank is debatable if kakashi and guy are the high A rankers in the village. with kakashi and his sharingan and 1000 jutsu and guy and his insane taijutsu and 8 gates. we haven't seen him go all out(release alll the levels of the gravity and resistance seals and he is a rather powerful all rounder. let me list everything.
in the fight between garra and naruto when he released a few of the gravity and resistance seal levels it is stated some of the jonin had trouble following him, and it is stated he hadn't released al the levels. so we can assume his taijutsu is between mid to high A rank.

his ninjutsu it is stated he has 5 water jutsu(which we have seen), 5 wind, 2 lighning for now and we can assume at least 5 non elemental jutsu(shadow clone, shuriken shadow clone, clone great explosion,shunshin, and rasengan), hsi summoning jutsu and we saw in chapter nine apparently he knows some pretty high up barrier ninjutsu. and his hand seal speed is high enough most jonin can't follow, as well as the fact with his training he has been cutting back the hand seals required to perform jutsu, and some he can perform with single hand seals or no hand seals at all. so with that impressive arsenal in it's own right i would think mid to high A rank in ninjutsu.

his chakra control he has reserves that dwarf kages no doubt because of being an uzumaki and jinchuriki. and has managed to train his control using absolutely brutal sounding methods and his chakra control while not perfect(though with the size of his reserves that would be unlikely) is very high. so probably high A rank.

chakra amount since kages can't create more than 10 clones generally and cannon naruto with less chakra control excersizes and training in general could creat 1000 clones. i am going to go out on a limb and say his reserve are probably double S rank and rival a lesser bijuu's.

genjutsu even if he can't perform a whole lot he has probably trained in thee methods to dispel them, maybe even asked kitsune(since in legend they are famed for illusion and i am talking real world legends) for help and he knows at least two genjutsu and could summon kitsune for additional help. so maybe somewhere in b rank personally or lower A rank, able to recognize and dispel most. and with kitsune mid to high A rank.

his kenjutsu he says he before the one month training for the chunnin exams he can handle low to mid level swordsman without training from an instructor, so he would probably be at least mid B,or mid to high B rank. and thats assuming during the one month he didn't progress further or find an instructor say hayate who he said he saved the life of.

fuinjutsu he is an uzumaki and is probably better than everyone in the vilage except jiraiya for now. so he could be anywhere form intermediate to expert level in the sealing art.

so lets see.
taijutsu: mid to high A rank.
ninjutsu: mid to high A rank.
chakra control: high A rank maybe S rank.
chakra amount: SS rank to lesser bijuu.
genjutsu: mid to high b rank, maybe low A rank.
kenutsu:mid to high B rank(this is a guess in all honesty he might have gotten better during the month of training or found a kenjutsu instructor).
fuinjutsu: intermediate to expert level.
so yes i guess he might very well be high A rank. but he still needs more experience even with what he has, kakashi and guy the other highA ranks we know of have years more experience.
11/29/2017 c9 Guest
Very good
12/1/2017 c9 AnimeA55Kicker
I do believe Naruto would count as at the very least a high A rank shinobi if he is killing chunin and even jonin with ease. And should Hiruzen be dead? Dead Consuming seal and all that Jazz?

Love me some yandere Hinata, not enough fics of that.

Wonder when Naruto will discover the Uzumaki Mask temple...
11/29/2017 c9 Justanoldsong
Really good. Naruto finally kicking ass.
12/1/2017 c5 AnimeA55Kicker
I’m cool with bitches bein’ crazy. Just like real life.
12/1/2017 c4 AnimeA55Kicker
No reason for gays to be offended. After all, if you can take a dick, you can take a joke.
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