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for A Frozen Heart

9/22/2017 c2 tanzar81
The chapter was fine. I'm just biased and am tired of everyone killing my Haku Chan.

Always thought with her past that her and Naruto would make an absolutely devastating team because of the trust they could build together. And it is one of my top three pairings if you take it deeper. Ahhh

But anyway if we ignore my crazy I like the fic so far. Thank you for sharing.
9/22/2017 c1 tanzar81
Puppy Monkey Baby!
9/22/2017 c9 Mindovin
Good chapter in general but I wanted say 2 thing.
Gaara's sand defence protect him against his will because of his mother not Shukaku.
I don't care about Kurama's gender but his perverted personality and her blushing really ridiculous and annoy me. I don't remember she is yokai or created by the hagoromo in your story and I don't have time for re-reading previous chapters but she is yokai and have human form ignore this comment. I like canon Kurama and he is one of the person -I see him as a person more so than most humans in the NV- change his personality in a resanoble reasons and a realistic pace.
9/21/2017 c9 Genius1280
Good chapter, keep going!
9/21/2017 c9 2Phantomsoul2015
Is it lik spawn abiltiy
9/21/2017 c9 Dzerx
Hmm bellatrix-like Hinata sounds awesome!

I'd like to see Naruto gain Hyoton through mixing Water and Wind in tribute to Haku at some point. It could be a done in a way for Naruto to subconsciously keep her in his heart somewhat. Mayhaps after Koyuki hears of his history with Haku she decides to gift him the secrets of how Yukigakure manipulated ice release.

Question: Will Naruto eventually gain Adamantine Sealing Chains?

Question: Will you give Sasuke almost unbelievable power ups just to keep him on par with Naruto like Kishimoto? (Sasuke honestly ended up way more powerful than Naruto with his damn Mangekyo and Rinnegan. Six Paths Sage mode might be powerful but if Sasuke had time to train his Rinnegan he'd beat Canon Naruto easily if I'm honest. Especially when it seems Naruto lost his six paths mode yet Sasuke kept his Rinnegan).

Question: you mentioned Naruto making more bonds other than being a 'stalker' seemingly in love with Sasuke, will his also include those outside of Konoha?

Question: Naruto met Fuu in a Canon filler (I think it was a filler anyhow). Any chance of improving her character? She's probably one of the best looking characters in my opinion. Shame she's hardly ever used and paired with Naruto, I could see him falling in love with her amber/ orange eyes. Plus their lifestyles are actually more similar to each another than what Gaara and Naruto were.
9/21/2017 c2 Lawful Chaos
Man...to die in that matter, what a bittersweet tragedy
9/21/2017 c6 Dzerx
Well... Naruto has to repopulate his Clan at some point. Karin and Hinata are a good start.
9/21/2017 c9 Alex2909
glad we are really seeing narutos darker side on display
9/21/2017 c9 3Lighting-Squall
Daaaaang, what a chapter! this was so good congrats! and what a way to end it, now i definitely can't wait to read the next chapter!
9/21/2017 c9 2Zanark Sathanus
i like the chapter continue the great work
9/18/2017 c8 3Lighting-Squall
i need an update of this fic, its soooo goood!
9/6/2017 c8 iitrnr
Interesting story. Hope to see more. Thanks.
9/4/2017 c8 Dzerx
Awesome! Please continue this story.
8/4/2017 c8 1mir19
We are all waiting for next chapter please update
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