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for A Frozen Heart

6/13/2021 c9 Guest
is it abandoned
5/26/2021 c1 hero123Magi
*Phew* Man I am so glad you realized you rushed there damn Romance, I was like "WAIT TO FAST! THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE WAY THEY FELL IN LOVE THAT QUICKLY WITHIN A FEW DAYS!"
5/19/2021 c9 3NickAce
An amazing story...
Hope you start updating it soon..
5/3/2021 c9 Guest
Great stuff
4/29/2021 c1 Guest
Read the whole story and i can honestly say it’s the best one yet! Please continue it!
4/21/2021 c9 Guest
We want more stories
3/11/2021 c2 nielnica12
Bruh why not just give him the kyubi chakra mode now.. what’s stoppin you?
3/11/2021 c2 nielnica12
Well well well wtf is this kyuubi.. so fcking nice with no reason at all.. this is their 1st meeting and already being a nice bunny... what a fcking turn off..
2/10/2021 c8 Zeke
love Anko's response.
2/10/2021 c7 Zeke
I like this version of Naruto. Kind but vicious when need be.
2/9/2021 c3 Zeke
wish this story was longer. like how it is going.
1/24/2021 c1 Draconic Emperor
I'm in pain because I don't seem to cry. I feel like crying but I don't. Regardless, that was beautifully written. I'm glad but at the same time so saddened that I found this.
1/23/2021 c9 LL
Lmaooooooo this is so fucking amazing! Too bad it’s abandoned
12/14/2020 c9 bluevoltage56
God I wish there was more
12/10/2020 c9 typersnyder
Please update!
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