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for A Frozen Heart

2/12/2020 c5 lawrence007
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1/26/2020 c9 jackyfloresq2001
can't wait for the next chapter in this story
1/3/2020 c9 Guest
hope you continue this it is a well done story.
12/21/2019 c9 Guest
Ciekawa historia
11/10/2019 c9 KingConner
Thanks for the chapter!
10/27/2019 c9 PsychoKitCat29
love it<3<3
10/19/2019 c9 sgriffin730
cliffhanger... really? this story is so good! i hope you continue
10/8/2019 c9 fangirl
9/28/2019 c1 majikss
come back please
9/28/2019 c7 Shining Batista
How could I forget?
I absolutely adore Chapter 7. Best Naruto vs. Neji I can remember. Also... The dialogues are actually really good throughout the whole story, possibly the best feature, but this chapter... They're fantastic.
This Naruto is a SAVAGE.

Just wanted to point this out.
9/28/2019 c9 Shining Batista
A few cliché here and here, but still one of my favourites. I'm quite sad that it seemingly won't continue.

Naruto's Miya-esque demeanor and Kyūbi's tsundere tendencies are such a treat.
On a related note, I absolutely love when they start off friendly (or at least civil) when they make contact. Your take on it was great: not too mushy, not too apologetic. Naruto actually criticizing Kushina's attitude towards the Fox is also a bit refreshing.

Now, as I said this story is not perfect; but the good bits far outweigh the bad ones.
Naruto's changes make him a little Gary Stu, however it's not overbearing or annoying - most of it actually makes a lot of sense. Not to mention how it is way better than the ice cold brooding that comes out of the blue in most fanfiction.
The Fūinjutsu addition to his style is honestly overkill, but I can live with that.

These are just what comes to mind. All in all a good read.
9/27/2019 c1 David Ezequiel
Acabo de leer el primer capítulo y aunque me gustó, con toda la sinceridad del mundo, Haku duro mucho para alguien que tenia el pecho atravesado y no tiene como curarse... .
8/10/2019 c9 Guest
This is amazing but you have a habit of having making people wait for a long time for updates
7/24/2019 c9 Guest
Hey could you continue this please it's really good
7/19/2019 c3 TmT
I agree with you there and nice story by the way really like where its going
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