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for A Frozen Heart

5/23/2018 c9 2HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR
Hey! What happened to the rest of this fantastic story? This was going so great and then there wasn't anymore to read! I hope that you'll come back to it again soon.
5/13/2018 c9 Danurdara
please next
5/10/2018 c9 tukata
I love this story Naruto got a little OP but hell 100 shadow clones 5 months at 18 hours a day 273,600hr(31.2329 years)-275,400hr(or 31.4388 years) worth of mental training so I can let it slide. I admit the math is kinda bullshit guess work but it is a nice way to say shits OP within reason. I really Hope you can find time to update this story soon its one of the few that made it past the Wave arc of Death that I found enjoyable.
4/29/2018 c9 Guest
Very good

Update pl0x
4/28/2018 c9 Kreceir
You seriously need to continue this! I just love this kind of Naruto and the antics of his potential bat shit crazy Harem is gonna be amusing to read.
4/13/2018 c9 LordofTerror
bring on chapter 10 already
4/10/2018 c9 Dragonman109
Update soon as you can please.
4/3/2018 c9 mjay
I love your work. when will you be updating this? send a reply to *
4/3/2018 c9 3Capten Pissoff
I've read many Naruto Fics, easily one of the best, please continue
4/1/2018 c9 1Flame Kitsune 15
This fic is impressive and I'm highly anticipating the next chapter. Your use of Haku as a plot point to force even more character development in the main character is quite good and something Kishimoto should have written in, and your use of Naruto to force development in other characters and have them question themselves while also keeping pairing options open is much better than other fanfics that try to accomplish the same goal. However, the open endedness of the pairing choices makes me root for the pairing to be that of a harem. With that being said I hope you take the possibility of making it into a harem pairing into consideration because whether or not you choose to makes no difference in how much I want this story to progress and I do hope you continue this soon. Also I hope to get a response because I am asking permission to use your work as inspiration for my own future fic.
3/26/2018 c8 Guest
I hope you dont put ino por kurenai ir anko as The pairing ino dont deserve him and The other two are to used you should put someone like shizuka or sara maybe that giro from The star village
3/27/2018 c9 daniel2610994
Holly shit man naruto totally stopped the invasion almost by himself, I mean he neutralized gaara then helped hiruzen by stopping orochimaru from having the help of the edo tensei, naruto needs to research that by the way if he wants to have a nice conversation with the shinigami and make a deal :3 and lets not forget how he now has a lot of information and dirt on danzou because lets be honest, that root nin is gonna talk sooner or later hehe.
And lets not forget how sweet hinata is becoming more and more perverted the more naruto interacts with her hehe, btw I love the idea of hinata becoming like bellatrix was :3
3/27/2018 c8 daniel2610994
Wow, naruto gave gaara the worst beating of his life, and now that he has taken the power of shukaku from him he is as dangerous as a teddy bear, specially consudering he beat him until an inch of his life xD so yeah no moving for gaara for a while...and now that the invasion has started things will get funny for naruto, after all he will be able to cut loose for the first time.
3/26/2018 c7 daniel2610994
Hooolly shit, naruto totally annihilated neji, it wasn't even a contest, he showed him at least three ways that he could have killed him if he wanted, it was sooooo fucking good hehe.
3/26/2018 c6 daniel2610994
Cool so you are from south africa, its awesome how people all over the world are writing fanfics.
Anyway now naruto has forced jiraya to be his master for the chunnin exams, and jiraya doesn't even know that he was manipulated xD so points to naruto for being awesome, and lets not forget that he has created a hinata that has a backbone so the hyuuga are in for a super rude awakening hehe just like kiba when he realized a clone of naruto was more than enough to completely destroy him if he was serious hehe, oh I bet the mut is gonna be like wtf.
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