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11/1/2017 c6 1Ender the multiverse Detective
Very good
11/1/2017 c6 1Blackthorn Ashe
Dude! Awesome chapter! Go Thatch! Whhooooo!
11/1/2017 c6 sarahgri99
Ohhhh shit! I can't wait to read more!
11/1/2017 c6 Angela.Qrow
YESSSSS! Thank you for updating.
11/1/2017 c6 1Sakihinata
Wah, full on assault...this is great ;)
10/14/2017 c5 8This Username Is Classified
AHHHH I LOVE THISSSS~~~! Please tell me there's more! Things are finally getting heated ohohoho~ Sounds like Sabo is planning on joining the Revolutionary Army like in cannon, then will Ace be joining the Whitebeard pirates..? But then the both of them would be separated ahh :((( How will this all work out, I wonder. I shall wait and see :D All the best writing!
8/6/2017 c5 1Blackthorn Ashe
So cute
8/4/2017 c5 1Sakihinata
An update! Yay! I love this story more and more ;)
8/4/2017 c5 Angela.Qrow
Thank you, thank you for updating.. love this story so much.
8/4/2017 c5 4LuffyTheFuturePirateKing
Please update soon love this chapter
8/4/2017 c5 7sairakanzaki
I'm so excited what will happened now?! Ace and sabo will turn back or betray the Marines!

Please update soon (~n;n~)
8/4/2017 c5 sarahgri99
I loved that chapter! Those tender moments just killed my soul! Can't wait for more!
7/29/2017 c4 10inactive-94305943
didn't have a chance to review until now but oh? my? god?! THIS IS AWESOME
it messes with my emotions and i cant wait to see what happens next - luffy is here?! why?! and is marco gonna make it, are our two lovebird dorks gonna make it out alive, what's going to happen next?! i dont even know! but i'm hanging on the edge of my seat and i love everything about this fic bravo my friend
(i actually found it on ao3, and recognised your url as one of my frequent reviewers! hi bud! i love this! said it once but i'll say it again, youve got me hooked! ahh ily!)
7/26/2017 c4 Angela.Qrow
it soooooo wonderful.. I totally can't wait for the next chapter.
please please update soon..
7/26/2017 c3 Angela.Qrow
this is awesome.. I got hooked..
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