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for Life's no Love Song

9/5/2020 c1 amaia
Three years later, I find your it. So many people freak abt a one-night hookup, & think people can't be friends. You really nailed it [yes, that was intentional].
5/10/2018 c1 the-mini
Thank you for writing, this ship needs more fics I wish this would actuay happen
11/11/2017 c1 NaturalShipping
Woah you need to write more about them - you're really really good
11/11/2017 c1 Guest
Brilliant. I wonder if you could write more for this couple? There isn't much for this couple.
9/26/2017 c1 justread14
Please please pleasee write more.. love this show love this pairing too tbh they deffs have the chemistry and everything to go with..
8/6/2017 c1 99nat54382
HAHAHAHA! I loved it! I was laughing out loud during majority of this one.
7/16/2017 c1 Guest
Loved it. I think there is great understanding and amazing chemistry Between them, which needs to be explored.
6/28/2017 c1 minderismeer
I really liked it! I think they have great chemistry.
6/26/2017 c1 queenbee1711
Not too many fanfics out there for Bull so thanks. I liked your story I hope next season we get more character development.
6/26/2017 c1 36JENTWCSINYFAN2
Wow very good. I liked all of it from start to finish. Nice job and glad something clicked your muse into gear for a little while.

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