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for Being a Blythe

1/3 c43 Guest
I've enjoyed this story a lot, thanks for sharing! I hope you update it again!
8/20/2021 c38 Guest
This is such a lovely story, I am dreading the few chapters remaining and wondering how you have been able to leave it unfinished. I long for Davy and Penny to be rejoined and for Dora to find love again, perhaps with an old Dr. And, what of baby Joy and her new powers? Oh, but there is so much more for this story to explore. Won't you please return? Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
11/28/2020 c1 4noraborealis
Just read this first chapter and I am intrigued, to say the least! First off, I loved your Anne and Gilbert, it really is so like Anne to find a way to believe in magic. And the magic! There's so much scope for the imagination just in what you laid out in this chapter alone. How will magic change the story we know and love? I know from the description that Gilbert will regain his powers...but how? How will being a wizard (can i call him that?) change his journey through medical school? Does Anne have magical powers, too?

I can't wait to find out! Cancelling my plans for the rest of the weekend, because I will be binge reading your story!
11/10/2020 c43 LAB1
I'm enjoying your story, but it seems like a bit too much intrigue and way too many witches. It seems every other character is involved with witches somehow. It takes away from the specialness of the Blythes gift.
9/11/2020 c43 47Tinalouise88
Sorry, this took a bit for me to focus on. Long chapters are not my strong suit. But this is what stood out to me.

Anne and Gil are finding themselves alone and its nice to see them as such and apparently comfortable enough to use the toilet infront of eachother. It's been 9 and half years and that is still something I have never ever wished to do with another person in the room lol.

Anne's sore fingers while sewing...i miss that feeling. I do I really do. Though the sore neck I can live with out. Sewing does a lot to your body, always being hunched over something. It takes a lot of mental work to try and keep good posture.

Diana being the type of woman who believes martial rape doesn't exist is not all that surprising to me for some reason. Given her Mother and wanting to learn how to be a perfect wife. What did surprise me was her willinginess to step outside her marriage. You don't accidently cheat not really. You allow yourself to cheat trying to make yourself feel something, or different. The thrill that expires shortly after and you then your just left with whatever is left. . Fred seems like a saint for not throwing her to the wolves or threatening to divorce her for such a thing, because obviously he knows, he has to know.
9/5/2020 c43 6DrinkThemIn
Oh my word. Okay, now I see. Wow, Excel Aunt! There are so many highlights.

My favourites will always be seeing Anne and Gilbert without getting lost in conversations with other characters. You did a marvellous job. Gilbert attempting to mask his concern while still being doting is what anyone would want. The dizzy spells would truly be life-changing for our adventurous Anne but even worse, a worrisome symptom with no known outcome. No wonder Gilbert is rather desperate for answers. I also adore Captain Jim being a stand-in when Gilbert is unable to care for her (nobody can take on a solo 24/7 watch). A bit like Matthew. :)

Very interesting conversation regarding marital consent. I suppose Anne would’ve seen both and known which is right. Oh Leslie... And then Diana. A wonderful surprise to support Anne when in the end, she’s the one needing it. I think so often we think of the men feeling that affairs are within their rights - going back again to being allowed to take anything whenever they choose to. But Diana being the person to seek more...that’s a twist. So nobody will be none-the-wiser? Will her lover be revealed?
9/5/2020 c43 74kslchen
This is a long chapter for sure! What a treat! It's a great chapter, too, and a real testament to your writing skills. Chapters this long can easily fall into the trap of becoming a drudge to read, leading readers to keep glimpsing at the side bar to see how long there's still to go, so to avoid that, it requires an extra special skillset to write them. You really aced the pacing with this one and that what makes it feel shorter than it is (which is a good thing!). The combination of scenes is expertly done to keep the readers hooked without the story getting too jumpy or confusing. I know you were a little unsure about the chapter and especially its words count, but you needed have worried. It's truly great work!

The letters at the beginning were a good choice to get this started. Charlie had me in stitches, as usual. You have such a knack for writing Charlie! You gave him complexity of the sort he never had in the book (and certainly never in fanfic), while still keeping him true to character. Trust him to use the impending birth of Joy to flog some of his insurances and to ask Gilbert to treat Josie so he can flog some more. But since Charlie actually has a heart (he isn't Ralph!), I do believe that he also genuinely wants Josie to be well and Gertie not to be sad anymore. He just has a curious way of expressing that!

Speaking of people being well, or rather *not* well, Anne has me seriously worried. (Yes, I know, I'll have to get in line.) Those dizzy spells are truly worrying and they make me worry whether there can be a good outcome to this, especially since Anne has such a long time to go still before the birth. She tries to brush it off, which is a natural reaction, but it's clear that she's struggling physically. And while her channelling Joy's magic is a sign of Joy's special power, it does make me wonder what it's doing to Anne's body. She is no witch and her body isn't used to wreaking magic, so I'm worried there's a price to her doing it, even if only by proxy.

I did like that Anne and Diana got to catch up. In general, I thought you did some very good character wrangling in this chapter. You've build yourself a sizable cast of characters and I know how hard it can be to keep track of all of them, but you're doing a very good job of it, with characters weaving in and out of the story as necessary and giving us enough knowledge about those in the second or third row while always returning to Anne and Gilbert as the main couple. (And much as I enjoy your versions of them, I'm already super excited for BaK and its main couples, because of you excellently you developed these characters!)

But I was speaking about Anne and Diana before I digressed. It's lovely to see them catch up and how easily they still slip back into being each others confidants, despite not being close anymore. Diana's situation is tragic because she's so clearly suffering emotionally and, I imagine, so is Fred. I understand Anne being irritated with him, but at the same time, it's not an easy situation for him either. There are no villains in this (no, not even Diana for cheating) and I hope they manage to figure it out, for their own sake and that of their children. Though, knowing what tangled webs you weave, I'm also curious *why* you included this and what it means for the future. Is there more to that nephew from Quebec and, in consequence, is there more to the baby Diana is carrying? I'm intrigued!

Speaking of intrigued, let me turn to Leslie before I wrap up this story. I loved the idea of her having bookmarks in lots of books at the HoD, though I was a little creeped out by her calling Dick "my creature" while reading Frankenstein. Like Anne, I'm not a fan of Owen asking them to keep Gilbert's powers secret from Leslie. She's a sensitive person and I imagine she senses that something is being kept from her, which could seriously damage their friendship with her. I mean, I guess that if she knew Gilbert could heal she might think he could heal Dick, leading to a much worse life for her (which really would be mirroring canon), but I'm wondering if there's more to Owen's request. I'm *also* wondering if there's more to the casual information about the Willis family and whether this might not be such a dead end for Anne!

Lots of intriguing developments in this chapter and I'm both super curious and a little apprehensive where some of them will lead! Don't leave us hanging too long!
9/5/2020 c43 38oz diva
First things first, Charlie Sloane was hilarious. Just when you think he can't get any worse he comments on poor Josie as though her cancer is a mere inconvenience for him; 'I mean I can't sell her life insurance until she's cured' and the whole thing is also affecting his sex life. Ugh, still you wrote him well in his blithe repulsiveness.

Those are some disturbing dreams that poor Gilbert is having. Charlie is once again being unpleasant. I do think Anne is being a bit silly about the Josie situation. I'm sure she'd be fine with his examining any other woman besides Josie, or at least I hope so. As the wife of a doctor she will have to put jealous thoughts away.

I'm worried about Anne's dizzy spells. If at this stage she can't make it to the lavatory without assistance, they're going to be in trouble. Obviously Katherine can see that Anne is unwell too, and as we know this baby is barely more than a bump.

The snippet about the Willises was interesting, I wonder where you will take that? Are there pirates in Anne's past or not?

What a lovely surprise for Gil to send Diana over. I am sure Anne must miss her. And just as well because Diana's revelation is not the sort of thing one wants to commit to paper. I've read (and written) a few stories about people making love to men they are not married to and lately those men have been French. I wonder what that says about us?

A great update, I look forward to the next one.
9/4/2020 c43 Denie1943
I so hope you don't plan a tragedy with Joy's birth. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
9/4/2020 c43 RuthAnneS
This is the longest pregnancy in the history of the world. Anne has been pregnant since chapter 31. And she she still only has a tiny bump.
8/31/2020 c42 Denie1943
This is an amazing story with a multitude of interesting story lines. While I always love the Anne and Gil story, you have made all your characters come to life with their own fascinating lives. I will follow and look forward to more of your own magic. Thanks for sharing! Stay well!
8/30/2020 c35 Denie1943
You have me worried for Anne and the baby. Of course, that's what you meant to do. I can only hope for your tender heart to lead your writing...
6/27/2020 c42 oz diva
Oh dear it's taken me over a month to write a review. This story is so vast with so many characters, it is a real testament to your writing skills Aunt Excel that you keep all their stories moving along. Your brain must be aswirl constantly. It started out as a story of magical Gilbert but it has become so much more as we explore the Avonlea/Glen St Mary folks with everyone getting their bit and it all intermingling.

And so to them all, golly there's so much. I like Capt Jim flirting just a little bit with Marilla. Even if nothing ever comes of it, I think Marilla would enjoy it. Dora and Eugene, yes there's a wide age gap which is problematic but not insurmountable, still she's young yet. Her putting worldly Owen in place regarding the duck vs goose was funny. More because she didn't get the joke. Which brings me to the Moores, how interesting that Leslie is recording their love making, I wonder if there's a reason for that?

I like Rachel's idea of being a housekeeper, it makes sense that she needs more purpose to her life and taking Dora with her is a kindness too. Getting Dora out of Avonlea is sensible, though it might be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire.

The final scene with Davy is lovely. Miswritten letters their love code, how sweet.
5/30/2020 c42 47Tinalouise88
I do adore Dora and Eugene, I always have rooted for them. I enjoyed all their moments and her singing. Gene actually playing piano for her was a nice touch as well.

Davy being invited to Visit Miss Marin made me happy as well, with his chaperone. it did make chuckle. It is a valid reason though, he is young and the trip would be long for a young man to travel alone, to see his sweetheart.

The conversation between Rachel and Gene as well, Rachel not taking his nonsense about Dora and reminding him that age doesn't always matter. She knows what's up, and see the two of them dancing around each other, despite the obstacles.

Truthfully its hard for me to read sometimes being such a long chapter while trying to remember everything previous with all the characters. So I tend to focus on the characters that i know I enjoy. but I do enjoy the small jokes about Witchcraft, and what not they do make me laugh. And Anne, cheating on basting the bird, but then again I don't own a baster so I don't bother basting my turkey. I just shove enough herbed and lemon butter under the skin before cooking it lol.
5/26/2020 c42 6DrinkThemIn
Ooofta! This was so great to submerge into - lots happening at this years Christmas! So, Dora is blushingly shy with Gene and it is so cute. We know that he has noticed her but is able to control his reactions with more practice. The song was laden with so much - his love for music shining through his suffering, and he was gracious to lower the key for Dora’s accompaniment. I was a bit shocked at his proposal for Mrs Lynde and Dora to keep house for him, but it’s a great plan and a clever way to keep the hopeful couple together.

Millie - or MILY - has Davy in a tough spot. They are all correct, of course, but how much time will it all take? I’d hate for him to lose his position with her in an attempt for him to gain a better one. She doesn’t seem fickle but who can to wait around for forever? I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

Anne and Gilbert took a bit of the backseat in this one - you had a lot to wrangle though. I’m excited to see more of the pregnancy and the happy impending parents.

And lastly, Captain Jim and his jargon - you managed it splendidly! I know it’s a struggle for you at times.

So now I’m waiting and watching and silently egging you on. ;)
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