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for Wandering Wolf

9/5/2017 c3 Guest
In love with the concept, it's quite interesting~
9/4/2017 c3 Guest
This is insanely good. Fantasy AUs of BNHA need to have more fics, and I think you've got a pretty solid piece already with this one/m. Good on ya!
8/17/2017 c3 Guest
Wowwww! I want more!
8/16/2017 c3 Guest
This is so great! I've gone through the entire BakuTodo catalogue and this has to be one of the most unique and interesting stories I've read. I am dying to read more; it's so well written! I practically check every day to see if it's updated
8/14/2017 c3 Guest
I'm desperate for more. I love all your fics and this fantasy setting is so great! I can't wait wait to see the next part, you're so talented!
7/12/2017 c2 6CaptainHuggyface3218
im keeping you to your promise! im expecting a realllllly good update sooon (haha, no pressure). also are you trying to kill me? are you? sweet innocent todoroki doesnt know he wants to bend katsuki over and take him right now ... sorry for the lewdness
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