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for The Naughty Tales of the Dragon

3/1/2018 c3 altajir95
Wow, Irene is sure one of Goddess of MILF's. Looking forward to see her again in another one-shot.
2/14/2018 c2 2Lordlexx
I get this is old.. but I just wanna point out that you said he put it in her ass, and then he came in her womb... those two areas are not connected...
2/8/2018 c2 20Earth Dragon Arnighte
Let’s have Natsu with one of the spirits or Flare, Minerva, and Ultear next!
12/19/2017 c2 Guest
Really like the chapter
Can you please do a NatsuXMeredy and making Meredy have a Brother complex
12/19/2017 c2 Guest
Do Natsu and Brandish next please and great chapter by the way
11/12/2017 c2 naruto
great chapter keep it up and for pairings Irene, Layla, or anna
11/12/2017 c2 naruto
great chapter keep it up and could you do a Irene, Layla, or anna pairing
11/12/2017 c1 naruto
good chapter keep it up
10/27/2017 c2 1spanky1988.aw
Can't wait for chapter 3!
10/27/2017 c2 Dragoul Mayol
great chapter could you do a chapter with flare or juvia, or maybe Ezra? as for the best villain, for female I say ultear, and male, acnologia
10/26/2017 c2 32Cloud4012
I'd like to see a chapter with Lucy and Juvia
10/26/2017 c2 10AnimeLoverQ8
Well nice story

I request a UrxUltearxMerudy chapter
10/26/2017 c2 1xXCoopyXx
You know I was fine with it on the first chapter but it is starting to become a bit of annoying... You are saying that Natsu was fucking her ass this whole time... You do know there is a difference between an Ass and a pussy right? the way you worded it, you make it seem as though Natsu pretty much fucked her ass this whole time but he wasn't due to her saying she wanted to get pregnant so please PLEASE stop saying 'he kept fucking her ass' when he is really fucking her pussy since it is probably getting people really confused.
10/26/2017 c2 12Lockheart25
Good chapter i like it so much! NaMi is the best paring of Fairy Tail!
10/26/2017 c2 altajir95
Nice chapter with Mira, really creative with it, as well with kids. Looking forward to see more girls having with our Dragon. XD
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