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for I want to see You

2/24/2019 c2 Guest
I honestly think that this story will be really good and would like to see it turn into a series
12/2/2018 c2 rit314159
so it's like ReZero?
6/22/2018 c2 1Shadotaku
This story is really well written. Shame it doesn't look like it's gotten a lot of attention. Or updated in a while, in fact...

Really liking it so far, though!
11/9/2017 c2 Toby
Great keep going I want more chapters please
11/8/2017 c2 JAKOB
loving it so far please keep it up. and there better be a happy ending. just kidding write what how ever you want.
7/19/2017 c2 21stGenAgainstAllOdds
I like this story please continue

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