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1/5/2021 c3 18witchinmoonlight
Oh my gosh... That second omake. Straight up a Monty Python rip-off. Yet oddly I find myself loving it. The first one was pretty good too, seeing Yang using her head in a fight. All of these chapters are pretty good. I know it's been years since you updated, and we will most likely never see how Pyrrha survives this time round, but overall you did a great job with these guys!
7/9/2019 c3 Heavyarms150
Love yangs monty python reference.
4/30/2019 c2 bmurd3rf4c3
Unless one day there is something similar to the ova where they show alternate ways, it is gratifying to have these developments.

Or yes, that reminds me that Phyrra died.

: '' 'v
4/30/2019 c1 bmurd3rf4c3
It's funny that they consider the character Penny as dead, pointing out the obvious, she's a robot, right?

Therefore, she could be reconstructed as many times as necessary, of course if they have what is necessary, but still not to reappear.

Curious story
8/2/2017 c2 stephenadezio
I cannot agree with you fully on your author's note. I'm on board with how they handled Penny and Roman (as they are supporting cast all around), but not Pyrrha, not when I can look into the mechanics of what they did (as such, I do not respect their decisions regarding Pyrrha, characters billed as mains are entitled to far more in a death than what she got). Not only that, I cannot, at its core, simply trust them solely because it is Rooster Teeth doing the writing, as you have written that you will. That is what is known as an "appeal to authority", a core logical fallacy. Simply put, their reputation will not get me to trust and support them blindly.

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