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6/24 c21 jessielou71605
Hadrian and Septimus Prince?
6/15 c23 Guest
I really enjoyed this installment. I look forward to reading the next part in the story.
6/6 c23 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Enjoyed this story and I hope I can find the continuation of it amongst the tons of stories you already have, without knowing the title.
6/6 c10 Joseph C Bernier
FYI: you have it backwards:
Talk the talk means just that: usually trash talking
Walk the walk means to actually perform the act in question.

Good story
Take care.
5/30 c23 Bobs-Me-Uncle
Great ending. I hope to see the next one soon.
5/14 c23 JKRisTheGoddess
I really enjoyed this story, and look forward to the sequel! I can't thank you enough for writing it!
5/11 c23 Fallwalker
Wonderful story, I hope you do a sequel or an epilogue.
5/5 c19 12excessivelyperky
Notice how even Viktor goes to Snape as the most responsible adult in the room, and Fudge should listen to his advice.
5/4 c18 excessivelyperky
Actually, I don't think Talin would like the way Lily used to 'deter' Severus from his chosen path-slamming him, taking the side of people who attacked him, and finally marrying his torturer. Her tactics appear counter-productive at best. But he doesn't know what Lily was *really* like, though he might suspect how toxic she was by the fact that Severus doesn't trust any woman to get close to him.

Dumping Peter in Hogsmeade will get Sirius off the hook though.

And just a random thought-did Dumbledore keep all the fertility he stole and give it to the Weasleys?
5/2 c23 Guest
Love the fatherly worry and following through the threat of removing the memories.
4/23 c22 JanuaryLestrange
Hmmm… will we start to see an exodus to St. Lucia in the next story? Maybe some redemption for Hermione? Would love to see here end up there with her parents and get her head out of her a$$.
4/23 c23 JanuaryLestrange
Loved this story, although I think you were a little harsh with Sirius/Remus. I could see framing the issue as loving England and all of the innocent people who live there & not wanting to abandon them to a monster. But totally agree with being very severe about wanting Harry to stay and fight. No way. Not his problem.
4/18 c23 egberttheaverage
I really loved that story
4/17 c23 15Saissa
Great story! It's been years since I read the first part but I still remember it as if I read it just yesterday! It was wonderful to catch up on this book 2 and the TWT or QWT.
THat was some great writing!

Looking forward to Book 3 and yes I would love to see some Luna Lovegood and Harry romance!
I think Luna really needs to live Happily Ever After, now that she is away from her bullies!
4/16 c17 12excessivelyperky
I hope that the whole St. Lucia crowd can bug out as soon as humanly possible. And that not too many people die in the maze.

And Harry is only 14! He wasn't groomed from the day he turned eleven to be grateful for being 'rescued' and given special privileges from the moment he was bound for Hogwarts. He was raised to be a normal kid who doesn't want to die fighting powers too strong for grownups.
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