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11/26 c16 1Shadow Wolf 15846
nice! can t wait for the next chapter.
11/25 c16 fraewyn
Love it!
11/25 c16 lgainestemp
Choices! I want to see Harry go back, Luna get there and settle in - friendship/early romance, either. I would like to see GB somehow manage to deal with Voldie without involving Harry, but it takes so much to deal with the Horcruxes. This Harry has no connection to GB to draw him into the mess... Hmmmm I can't wait to see what you write!
11/25 c16 61Stormshadow13
11/25 c16 Guest
I would love to see Harry/Luna. I have greatly enjoyed both of these stories.
11/25 c16 yachiru-chan92
Good chapter
Thanks for your work and the chapter
11/24 c16 1buterflypuss
good chapter
11/24 c15 buterflypuss
good chap
11/24 c16 whiteoaks
A nasty ending for Dumbledore. A truly excellent chapter. I'll check for your poll on facebook - but I like the trio of stories idea.
11/24 c16 kyanoswolf
I vote for the sequel starting a few years later to give Britain time to stew in its own mess and St. Lucia to enjoy its new status being ICW recognized. Hogwarts' fate now that Dumbledore is permanently gone could go either toward modernization or decline as dictated by your ideas.

Harry needs a few years to season if you are moving toward him being THE hero of the third installment. No longer a child soldier, but a man. He's been saved and loved. His training toward being a hero has begun in earnest. Time for him to emerge from the metaphorical forest with a full rack of antlers. His romance with Luna doesn't need to be a plot line, just established fact in the new story if you decide they are meant to be. They can be in that new love stage as this story ends, but no need to expound on the teen angst and dating dance.

And I will be waiting somewhat patiently for every single sentence. I love this series. I love the man Severus became.
11/24 c16 Guest
Fwiw, I vote a 4-parter. I mean, after you fix the cliffie where we don't know what's actually going on w/ Harry and Severus.

Have the next installment - "Part 3" - deal with the aftermath of the ritual, Albus' death, the little kiddies returning to their school, the ICW or whoever approving them as a real school, playtime with Luna (the familiar, not the blonde), then eventually have a Part 4 where Harry/Severus/et al end up having to deal w/ Voldie.
11/24 c16 2ladyofthedragons1
I'll take whatever you give us! Update soon
11/24 c16 slyhuff
my vote is keep growing legacy
11/24 c16 angelsaffira
Well... okay he was sort of tortured... but I still felt he got away lightly... I would have liked to have had his misery a little longer but then I confess that I skimmed that part looking for the dialogues more than the details... I wanted to see if Dumbs is as dumb as his name and betray his inner thoughts about Sev and Harry... at least he took that one to the grave... hopefully Snakeface didn’t use legilimens on Dumbs and saw his thoughts...

I’m excited about what happens next... I don’t think Harry will abandon Britain to their fall but neither do I think he would charge there straight away... even Sev would not let his son be the savior if the COM and wizarding British government can give a good showing... they would watch and see if their help is truly needed before acting and not until Sev is sure Harry is ready...

Please update soon... please and thank you...
11/24 c16 Temari's Angel
I have been enjoying these stories with out the romance but I wouldn't mind if you showed just the beginning for Harry and Luna, and skipping a few years.

Also very happy with all the new updates, keep it up.
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