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2/27 c10 Guest
I'm surprised that the Patil twins would say such things; I thought it was canon that Parselmouths are revered in India. Between Nagas and just having a country that's got a lot of venomous snakes, Parselmouths make good neighbors to have!

..I wonder if their parents know they said that~? :}
2/11 c23 bookwormtx
Great story I like the first one better but this one was a good continuation but it was way too short and it ended with so many unanswered questions
12/9/2023 c1 Guest
Idk man I like the first story but this one was … weird
11/22/2023 c23 3Steve-Arkarian
This was a really good story and a good sequel. I hope at some point you finished the sequel to this one as well.
11/14/2023 c21 jobv.rens
In the broom part of the chapter you call septimus Regis and Harrison Regis by the name of septimus prince and haiden prince.
just letting you know .
I really like your story got me hooked from the first chapter .
11/7/2023 c12 apls79
I have been pondering a thought over tye last few chapters.. in a previous chapter, it was stated that Dumbledore was forgiven because he apparently was the one to save Ginny Weasley from Tom Riddle’s memory in the chamber or Secrets…. In order to get into the chamber of secrets one has to either be a Parselmouth or be picessed by a parselmouth (as was the case with Ginny). This would suggest thT Dumbledore himself is a parselmouth. How is it then that besides Tom Riddle/Voldemort being a parselmouth, Dumbledore projects such animosity towards other Parselmouths if he himself is being portrayed as one?
10/28/2023 c23 3laloudu77
Why say twice that Septimus is Harrison’s father in Tom’s POV?
10/26/2023 c23 FairyofProtection
Tom bless your soul
10/25/2023 c16 FairyofProtection
Finally a competent Fudge
10/25/2023 c15 FairyofProtection
Oeh another Patil, another one that is not going to be happy about what Padma and Parvati did
10/25/2023 c12 FairyofProtection
Is it Harry's cloak?
10/25/2023 c11 FairyofProtection
Patil as in related to Padma and Parvati?
10/25/2023 c10 FairyofProtection
Aren't Parselmouths revered in India?
10/25/2023 c9 FairyofProtection
Charlie* shut up
10/25/2023 c9 FairyofProtection
Hernione shut the hell up
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