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4/24 c19 Guest
I really enjoyed this series and hope you are able to finish it.
4/22 c5 MotekElm
the author is mean to Hermione. he goes on and on against bullying, but us fine making fun of Hermione!
also ChoChao. LunaLuna. I can't anymore
4/22 c19 tara4131945
i cant wait for more updates
Oooo I love this story so very much it's crazy
4/6 c19 Drew86
This is such a GREAT story! Please keep posting and hope to read more soon! Faithful readers await!
4/5 c19 Guest
Love how Sev and Minnie co-opted Fudge and basically told him what to do to win the war en route to telling Krum that it'll be ok. The tag-teaming was great!

Love that Krum went to Sev to get help after their headmaster fled.

I don't like when Sirius and Remus are portrayed as having priorities higher than Harry. I can see them both wanting to put Tom down for murdering their loved ones and others, that makes sense, but I'd far rather see them going back w/ Harry and Sev, et al, and serving as Harry's bodyguards. After all, aren't there single women in SL needing the Sirius and Remus treatment?
4/5 c17 Guest
One thing I wish they would all remember about Sirius is that his emotional and mental grown have been badly stunted and that he is, at heart, a risk-taker. He's a good guy so his first instinct is to rush into battle to save the world; thinking things out, much less planning, take a long, long way back back-seat. He's not thinking that he's actively wanting a 14 year old boy to fight; he's thinking that HarryTheSavior is needed to win the war. He sees Harry as the living embodiment of hope, of the chance that good will triumph over bad. It will take some talking before he remembers that Harry is...just Harry, a 14 year old boy.
4/5 c16 Guest
I'm having to go back several chapters and reread them before reading the one or two new chapters that I haven't had time to catch up with yet and oh, what a bother... *total sarcasm since I love this story*

Onward! :D
4/3 c6 12excessivelyperky
I'm glad that Harry and others are looking after Luna (rather better than what happened in canon, too).

What a nice Yule!
3/23 c19 5Blue Luver5000
Great story, I cannot wait for more! Finished the 1st story and this one in 3 days!
3/16 c19 Jdoughten
This, and it’s prequel, have long been some of my favorite Harry Potter stories. You do a beautiful job of keeping the spirit of each character alive, while showing them in a new AU. You have a way about your writing that highlights each characters most prominent characteristics (both they are good and bad personality traits). It is a pleasure to read. I hope you will continue with this story.
3/10 c19 60red-jacobson
Okay, just finished binge reading the story (and Fixing Past Mistakes), and I'm waiting with bated breath to see what happens next.

While I would love to see Sirius and Remus returning with Harry, the two of them are still so brainwashed by Dumbledore that it wouldn't surprise me to see them sticking around and fighting.

At least Fudge has pulled his head out of his arse and not denying Voldemort's return, so they are already at least a little bit ahead of the game.

Personally, I'd really like to see more time spend with Harry and (human) Luna, their relationship has gotten short shrift in the story.

See you next time

2/22 c19 Mushishixxxholic
Love it please update soon
2/20 c19 Sarelita
Hello! I have read this hole fic in like 7h and i love it! Please continue! As for the question about Sirius and remus...i honesly don't care about Sirius, if he is gone of harry's life i won't cry about it...remus...i would like to see arround Harry, see his relationship with the other wolfs...i think it might be interesting to read thanks for writing!
2/18 c19 3Gundam-Potter
I absolutely love this story. I can't wait to see how the final taskl plays out.
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