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7/20 c28 Guest
This is some type of next-level fanfics. Sure, there are great ones, but this one beats everything I've seen before.
6/7 c28 Christhedude103
Just finished reading this after completing the game and wanting more subnautica and this was amazing! Your writing style and the relationship between Volara and Varien was a joy to read. I don't know if you're still interested in subnautica but if you'd ever do a story based on subnautica below zero and expand it similar to this, it'd be beautiful!
5/29 c28 3Walpurgisnacht
I loved it.
5/14 c28 Guest
Nice story
4/26 c1 MisteryMaster56
PS: You should make a below zero version of this story.
4/26 c28 MisteryMaster56
OK, i am done with the story, and i have to say that i really like it.

The idea was creative and unique and i have to say that you have a good eye. I never noticed that Ampeels where inquisitive.
I also liked that fact that you made it realistic to the real world, while also staying true to the game.
This story was very enjoyable with chapters of a decent length.
I have no bad criticism, even if i would try.

4/24 c1 MisteryMaster56
I know a good story when i see one, and this is one of those.

Great job.
4/16 c8 BlazerBug
I couldn't find that reinforced dive suit to save my life and I had to beat the game without it
4/14 c28 Random dude
I know it's been years since you published this, and it's possible it's something you only think about late at night when random thoughts pop in and out of your head, but I have to say, this is amazing. If you were and author, and hell, for all I know you might be, I'd buy every one of your books. Thank you for this amazing story.
4/6 c21 3TheOmniWriter
I wonder how Volara would react to the mod that brings the adult Gargantuan Leviathan back to life...
3/29 c1 Bubbles906
I know I’m about three years too late, and you probably won’t see this, Coincidencless, but this was honestly one of the absolute best stories on here. It followed the lore quite nicely, and your writing. Oh, your weighting. Absolutely magnificent. The character development was perfect, and Volara was a delight to read! If you do see this, I encourage you to keep writing! I’ll definitely read if you do.
Amazing book,
3/8 c1 lol xd
dunno if u remember me.,., i read this a while back and i did reviews like this! lol xd lol xd
2/25 c28 Guest
I keep coming back to read this over and over again. By far my favorite subnautica fic.
2/4 c28 Some guy555
Near the end I was thinking about this, and that Volara is a type of hermaphrodite that can change genders. When Ampeels lay their eggs, one of them will switch into a male (in this case Volara) in order to fertilize the eggs.
This is why Volara left out 'her' eggs for the blighters to eat, because she toke Ohmaron's eggs in order for 'her' have children. So Varien is basically the stepfather of his so-called 'kids'.
1/13 c28 cricket chirps
. . . wut? Huh? How the crap is he their 'father'. Please explain lol
or maybe I am just blind. going to reread now.
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