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2/10 c1 11metacllica
Well damn, that was dark.
10/1/2018 c1 Guest
I know this phrase is over used... but that REALLY escalated quickly.
9/3/2018 c1 1Gruffard
Huh. I kind of want to see more of these verdict scenes.

Didn't see it going so bad, but it is interesting.
8/16/2018 c1 18Shinnypichu88
Welp, Severa's dead.
10/17/2017 c1 7Sean Sword tactician
as a devote Cordelia-lover, this felt incestuous to me. but that is just my inability to see sevy as anything other than best daughter. I just changed Severa to Cordelia and it felt SO much better for me. loved the story and wish this was in game
9/20/2017 c1 EuclidWriter
6/28/2017 c1 1jordanlink7856
I could totally see that happening in a lot of instances, not just this. Nice fic.

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