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for Miles apart but close at heart

8/14/2018 c1 91Just4FunFiction
Well, that’s put a smile on my face for the rest of the night!
12/3/2017 c1 PotatoYuriFan
Awww, family love! ️
Great job on the one-shot!
8/18/2017 c1 14Zoinks81
That was such a cute story. So much heart. Loved it.
7/4/2017 c1 Grim-XIII
Short but super sweet :) I hope there is more of a Lori Lincoln moment like this in your bigger story but this was just as wonderful
7/3/2017 c1 52RCurrent
Can You translate to spanish?
6/29/2017 c1 One Nutty Author
It's fanfics like this that make me question why people think, Lori is an uninteresting character. If you ask me she's without a doubt one of the most relatable on the show.

I liked how the title had a bit of a double or triple or multiple meanings in general. Not only does it reflect how she misses Bobby, but it also reflects how she has a sudden realization that she has a shorter timespan before she moves out as an adult.

I was in awe of how you characterized Lori and Lincoln, it was so good. Not saying it's one of those "it's so good it's bad" things, just was really good of how they were characterized. Lori, as the eldest, looks out for all her for all her younger siblings that it's not only her only real talent, but she's grown to care about them as a third parent. It's pretty realistic how she would miss them so much, that not only she would worry about their own futures, but she's spent so much time being in this role to not realize what she'll do in life outside of her family.

She didn't realize that until Bobby moved away, because not only did he consider their future(while Lori, not so much) but he's basically the only the person who can relate to her situation since their both elder siblings who have a lot of pressure on them due to their positions as this. It's that layer of complexity that makes me really like her character and still question why people hate her(seriously her actions are justified and she's not a soulless person, quit portraying her as such in fanfics when the show says otherwise!?)

Lincoln was also enjoyable with how he was characterized here. He just wants to look out for her and it was pretty understandable when he didn't realize that Lori was actually worried about the future more. I liked how they cheered one another up in the end, what makes their relationship enjoyable is how they can both relate on similar things. The main thing is how they both can relate on how they don't have a real talent outside of being their for the family they both love and care for.

The ending warmed my heart with what you implied and made for a really touching story. Great writing as always!:)
6/29/2017 c1 Guest
I liked your story. I might've even favorited you if you weren't such an incest lover.
6/28/2017 c1 ANONymousGRIMreaper
Lovely story. Keep it up, buddy. Your writing is the best.
6/28/2017 c1 Israkmin0008
It sucks that Lori has to leave home for college but at least she'll spend all the time she has with Lincoln.
6/28/2017 c1 220celrock
Nice story here. I enjoyed Lincoln's attempts to cheer up Lori and glad it all worked out in the end.

As always, keep up the great writing!
6/28/2017 c1 27Boris Yeltsin
I loved it.
Your English has improved a great deal since I started reading your stories.
6/28/2017 c1 17TakeBackTheFalls
Normally when I read a fan fiction I tolerate or even like, I normally comment on it with a lazy half-hearted "Good job" or "can't wait for the next update," But this fan fiction deserves soooo much more than that! I LOVE IT! This story is soooooo sweet! I'm sick of Loud House fanfictions that only portray Lori as a soulless monster, she DOES care about her siblings and you've portrayed that perfectly. I want more of this fandom reflecting THIS side of Lori. I love your entire story, first sentence to last sentence. I love every small detail, from mentioning that Lori checks on him every day, to describing her preference in video games. I'm usually very critical, but when it comes to this story I have zero complaints. You've done a great job writing both characters, no one was out of character. I really wish there was a moment in the show where Lincoln comforted Lori, it would've been a nice touch. Thank you soooo much for making this, Lori and Lincoln's relationship will ALWAYS be my fave, (even more than Luna and Lincoln's relationship...*gets garbage thrown at me by someone in the fandom*) But seriously, this is the best Loud House one-shot I've read in a while. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
6/28/2017 c1 28Sergex
My friend ... You did it again! You managed to make another sufficiently emotive story.
6/28/2017 c1 Manatee Lover
From the moment I read the description, I knew I would love this story, and i was right! Lori and Lincoln's relationship is underrated, and it had been a while since I've seen a story about these two. You wrote this amazingly. The concern Lincoln had for his older sister was heart warming, something I wish was done more in the show. Everyone hypes up and overrates Luna and Lincoln's relationship, but despite ups and downs, i prefer Lori and Lincoln's relationship. I also LOVED the detail you added about Lori checking Lincoln's room everyday, that is totally something she would do.
20/10, never stop writing!
6/28/2017 c1 5TheLynnster
As always, an amazing story! never disappointed on what you write :)
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