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9/16/2023 c11 2uchiha96
As always you've written an amazing story, but I have to give particular credit to this one. Few stories incorporate inner Sakura and this was pretty refreshing. It's light, makes sense, fits the character. It's a great read.
9/15/2023 c6 uchiha96
I predicted the inner Sakura twist, but really it makes so much sense and fits so well. Awesome idea.
8/8/2023 c13 TSP29
Great story it was a fun and funny read.
4/23/2023 c10 HalfBlood Prince
I enjoyed the LEMON scene, but it would be much better after they separate their bodies.. Naruto x Inner Sakura x Sakura... (:D)
2/8/2023 c13 6potterheadcharles
Awesome story bro...thanks so much for the treat.
10/1/2022 c8 ReviewerPops
On one hand Jiraiya was an absolute idiot. Soooo many things could've gone wrong because of that stunt.
10/1/2022 c6 ReviewerPops
Yeah, Ino you done fucked up big. Seeing as how you somehow made it so a clone wants to usurp the original...
9/30/2022 c13 Zeke Hooper
sweet story.
9/30/2022 c10 Zeke Hooper
the sex scene was funny. talk about "blue balls"!
8/28/2022 c13 Guest
8/27/2022 c1 Dissapointed
I dunno. This guy must be a real masochist. By the end of this chapter, I got tired of counting how many times Sakura called Naruto an 'Idiot'.

I have no idea what people like this author feel appealing on bitchy women like this.
8/9/2022 c3 Guest
Fem shikamaru
5/1/2022 c13 Jen
Thanks for this. Best Naruto/Sakura fanfic I've read!
4/5/2022 c13 Rudypav
Really enjoyed this story. It was a freaking roller coaster of emotions with twists and turns, and yet makes the reader understand every but of it.
3/23/2022 c13 5andytak3740
... You're in my top 3 when it comes to fluff fics.
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