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8/31/2017 c11 Kurai.ningen
Yesss! new update and yay! They are finally together :') great chapter but it was too short! Well enough already and hopefully you update soon!
8/31/2017 c11 3samuraipanda85
I just thought of something. Has Sakura tried to make a Shadow Clone yet? Maybe a piece of Naruto got left in her.
8/31/2017 c11 2Home of the Brave
Thanks for the update. i'm looking forward to the additional chapters but what i really want to read is the future. Are they happily married? How many kids do they have? Are they good parents? I've been watching the Boruto anime lately and I have to say for Naruto being an orphan and Sasuke having his entire family immediate and extended murdered they are shitty parents. At least as far as my opinion goes up to this point in the anime.
8/31/2017 c11 LaDdraig
Yes! Do more NaruSaku. Btw, I love the new cover. Sakura looked cute and hot at the same time. I hope you will do more NaruSaku in the near future. I hope this won't be the end for this fic. Goof luck on your future stories. I will continue to support them :)
8/31/2017 c11 3061394
Jiraiya's perverted prescience corrupted Sakura's brain

it had to happen to one of his students eventually well it might have happened before we never met Minato's teammates Jiraiya could have turned them into super perverts in training and we'd never know
8/31/2017 c11 WindyCitySlayer1
Awesome chapter
Can't wait for more
Please continue
Yay they are one again
8/31/2017 c11 2te.nellis
Excellent! Keep it up!
8/31/2017 c11 22Shinobi Gatana
8/29/2017 c10 Guest
Best NaruSaku fic ever haha. Such a fun fic!
8/29/2017 c10 5Exiled Soul Nomad
That was a dick move. Heh.
8/29/2017 c10 YamiKitsune67
I thoroughly enjoyed this fic and love the idea of Sakura being jealous of herself. xD I look forward to reading more. ;3
8/28/2017 c10 Okage-sama
This story is great! Every time I get a notification I hope its your story updated. Looking forward to a naruto, sakura, and clone lemon.
8/28/2017 c10 4the man of many talents
i saw this on archive of our own too! i love it so keep up the good work
8/27/2017 c10 Guest
I've read a lot of novel (pun intended) interactions between clones and people in fanfics, but never a clone dispelling from their hymen being torn, kudos for the ingenuity. Also the little tidbit at the end about the clone dispelling itself out of embarrassment is quite humorous, poor Naruto must be suffering, both from fear that he hurt her and a bad case of blue balls. Can't wait for the next chapter.
8/27/2017 c10 Kimiss
I had a feeling that if Naruto had sex with her clone that he was gonna litterally gonna pop her... like poof! Lol thanks for the update!
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