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8/27/2017 c10 cyb3rw0lf
I like very funny and I almost feel sorry for naruto sakura,is going to jump him and not let go like her clone said there is only so much teasing a girl can take before she snaps and I think our goofball in orange has,pushed past her snapping point now
8/27/2017 c10 4Farala
I love you. You know I do. I love your awesomeness you know that?
Your awesomeness knows no bounds my 7th favourite author. You have no idea. Please update this soon.
8/27/2017 c10 Time Reflects
Lol! Damn that's just funny af!
8/27/2017 c10 zafnak
For someone who says they're not the best at writing lemons, you did a mighty fine job.
I pity Naruto though. I can't imagine what is going through his head right this minute other than "Nooo!"
8/27/2017 c10 17duskrider
Hahaha! I kind of saw this coming to be honest. Rather funny and it fits.
8/27/2017 c10 ProphetBlack
Guess they don't call it 'popping the cherry' for nothing.
8/27/2017 c1 13Tonegawa Rie
8/27/2017 c10 LaDdraig
Enjoyed! Whooo hooooo
8/27/2017 c10 3samuraipanda85
That was as hot as the surface of Mercury. Awesome.
I kind of want you to flash through part 2 of canon just so there will be more of this story.
8/27/2017 c10 31Obsessed Lass
I posted the review for the wrong chapterit was supposed to be for chapter nine actually. Anyways, the tinkle of the update alert just minutes after I wrote the review was somewhat spooky. You don't happen to be a clairvoyant now, do youAs for the chapter, it was really steamy! I'm eager to see how their relationship unfolds after they encounter each other for real. I hope that you won't sacrifice the narrative integrity of the story for the sake of smut only. The narrative has been brilliant until now and I trust you won't endanger it. My apologies if this comes across as an impertinent suggestion but I really love this story. Excursions into smut without relevant dramatic progression would only diminish its loveliness. Keep up the brilliant work!
8/27/2017 c10 NSfox
love it
8/27/2017 c7 Obsessed Lass
I just LOVE it. I feel too exhilarated right now to write down a proper review(which I'll do when my brains resume their normal state of cognition) but I had to thank you for such a wonderful, wonderful piece of work. Where do I even begin? The unique concept, the brilliant characterisation and the substantial narrative so liberally peppered with humour... it's absolutely mind-blowing. Then there's the fact that new narusaku fiction of unquestionable standards is still being createdsomething I thought had been forced into oblivion. I feel so, so elated you can't really imagine. Thank you once again! Can't wait to devour the next installment.
8/26/2017 c9 17duskrider
To be honest I can see Sakura becoming Chunin in this thought her medical skills saving a ally to her village.
8/25/2017 c1 hennessyswagg83
Sannin what's with author misspelling it latrly seriously i
8/24/2017 c9 1maxridelover
great work on this!
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