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11/10/2019 c13 1Thatoneguy1109
Just binged read the entire thing. Have to be up in 3 hours for an 11 hour shift. Hate myself, loved the story, goodnight.
10/23/2019 c10 JerHat
I've read a fair few M rated Naruto stories. I do believe this is the first time I have read a clone being dispelled in that manner. Absolutely amazing.
4/24/2019 c13 Guest
I need the fluff to survive
3/7/2019 c13 MarkuzBlack
Good I like it.
12/23/2018 c13 1Dragonjek
From now on, I propose that all demands for proposals be accompanied by threats of murder.
11/23/2018 c13 pppppppbcffb
some of the best shit I've read in awhile. actually, one of the first fics I've been able to stomach till the end, like in years! love it, love it and one hell of a job!
11/19/2018 c13 Hazard1122
Just finished reading this story and loved it. It is rare that anyone can make me like Sakura because I borderline hated her in the show for how she treated Naruto but you did a damn good job!
11/16/2018 c13 joey91731
i love this story
9/19/2018 c1 leoni.knight.5
Great story
8/9/2018 c13 memepredator
The best fanfiction I read in long times. Truly a well written piece of art!
8/4/2018 c13 2TheRealCacto
Me gusta.
8/2/2018 c10 26Guardian54
Were you inspired by Time Braid? Because that Sakura wondered if Naruto would summon up clones for fun... then thought they'd pop from having their hymens torn so he probably summoned boy clones and went girl himself.

Of course, sounds like shadow clones of non-virgins, or doing other forms of copulation, are fine...
7/28/2018 c1 7oot'd
Again you wrote some great fluff. I really like the stories you write
7/27/2018 c6 5Parodia the Silent
Yo, normally I'm not about these romance fics, but this shit is straight gold.
7/9/2018 c10 Gordon's Ramsay
I guess sakura didn't have enough... HEAD SPACE. A
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