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11/10/2023 c12 32Tellemicus Sundance
'Way too long'? Are you serious? I know authors (including myself) who can punch out 50k word chapters on a monthly (sometimes weekly) basis. Besides, there's literally NO limit to how large a chapter can get!
11/10/2023 c11 Tellemicus Sundance
Huh. I have to admit to being somewhat surprised at how well Ben took Gwen's revelation. But I'm certainly not complaining!
11/10/2023 c7 Tellemicus Sundance
Hm... Although Gwen's suspicions are rather logical, I would disagree with her. His likely childhood experiences probably included a lot of stuff that most normal people wouldn't witness once in their lives. Stuff like military training, weapons usage and field maintenance, interrogation and espionage, strategic and tactical leadership command, and other such stuff. So, him performing an impromptu mission debriefing/interrogation while masquerading as an enemy commander TOTALLY makes sense to me! Especially considering that his father is supposed to be the evil overlord of a galactic wide (and growing) empire.
11/10/2023 c6 Tellemicus Sundance
Yuuuup. That's just about the most common scene of every guy's life ever. The ONE girl we are truly interested in always already taken by someone else or just not interested in relationships. Go figure. Plus, him jumping to (seemingly) logical conclusions like that is absolutely realistic. I can TOTALLY empathize with you, Ben old boy! Far too many of us have felt that sting before.
11/10/2023 c5 Tellemicus Sundance
Wow. Ben is being ALL TYPES of creepy in this chapter. I know it's his inexperience and insecurities that are causing him to act stupid in front of his crush, but BY GOD is he laying it on thick! I hope he lessens off doing such blatant and awkward flirting in the VERY near future.
11/10/2023 c4 Tellemicus Sundance
Ha! First at first sight? At his age? Unlikely. Probably just the hormones pulling all his blood south at the sight of a pretty and overall friendly girl sitting next to him.
11/10/2023 c1 Tellemicus Sundance
Huh, not too sure just, but I think I might enjoy this older version of Ben and Gwen than the original series. It depends on how you treat their developments from here onwards.

Onto chapter 2!
2/21/2022 c26 Guest
Amazing story! It was great to see you writing skills develop as the story went on, and I loved how the original show characters were included just with slightly different roles.
2/19/2022 c16 Kevin
2/19/2022 c1 Guest
Welcome back. Great chapter btw
2/18/2022 c26 Guest
Good to see you writing again man. Another good chapter
8/24/2021 c13 Guest
I was hoping for ultimate Ben but this is cool too, are they going to go full andodite?
11/1/2019 c4 Jaspers Lalonde
Hmmm... Ben saying he's in love with Lucky Girl reminds me of Leafa and Kirito honestly.
8/4/2019 c1 Guest
We need updates. Don’t abandon it like cn did with teen Titans

Author's reply:
Thank you very much. By the way, I did start a sequel to it (the sequel is on hiatus though) s/13122560/
I've been thinking of this story too, and reviews like yours help a lot to motivate me to get back to it. Thanks again!
5/3/2019 c16 donovandelaney26101
Ben has a natural Anodite form. Ben would not always have to use the Omnitrix to become one! Ben can even use the Omnitrix to become Gwen or Hope.
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