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for Survivor- A Hunger Games SYOT (Hiatus)

11/24/2017 c26 16SongofThunder
Aleksa is just like "WHAT THE HELL"

Great chapter and WHAT A TWIST

Sorry for not reviewing earlier!
11/22/2017 c26 1ifyouseekamyyy
:000 HOW COULD THEY?! I hope they all refuse to kill and then join hands and walk off into the sunset..XD
11/22/2017 c26 3DestroyNotCreate
11/22/2017 c30 DestroyNotCreate
Cool Cool
11/21/2017 c30 21Elim9
Fine with me. :)
11/21/2017 c29 emptYaccount567
also, this is salty'n'sweet but i forgot my account password whoopsie
11/21/2017 c30 emptYaccount567
O naw I don't mind :)
11/21/2017 c30 Redwut
I’m cool with it
11/21/2017 c30 1EllaRoseEverdeen
Yo fam. ya gal don’t mind as long as you give me a carrot. Peace out girl scout
11/21/2017 c30 2Winter's Writing
I don't mind, but may I please request something:

I would like to request that Waylon not survive. He was based on a person I know who I have mixed feelings about, and I don't want him to go down as history as a victor. He had a good run, and his death may further the arcs of many people.
11/21/2017 c30 11MoonlessGalaxy
Nargs, of course we don’t mind! Aish, don’t be silly you Nargle. I’d love to read your new story, especially after what you’ve been telling me about :)))
11/21/2017 c30 1ifyouseekamyyy
I’m fine with this.
11/21/2017 c30 4jul312
I don’t mind!
11/21/2017 c30 10ChillyIce
I am okay with this.
11/21/2017 c30 2Jolteon2404
Go ahead, I don't mind
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