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for Survivor- A Hunger Games SYOT (Hiatus)

11/21/2017 c30 1Comettail76
I'm fine with it.
9/16/2017 c29 Comettail76
Maybe post now, but just to have more character submission time while you still focus on this story and the 100th?
9/16/2017 c26 11MoonlessGalaxy
Yes! FINISH IT! I do the same, I always start new stories when I'm not meant to :) I think you should post the new SYOT - who knows how long it will take to finish this one.
9/16/2017 c2 3DestroyNotCreate
Review for c:29

I'd post... (Or just wait a few chapters for this story and then post)Despite all the people saying to wait.

You will be able to start the new one directly after this one. Because people will already have submitted
9/16/2017 c14 5salty'n'sweet
you should do the mary sue syot now

also this is for the latest chapter but i already reviewed it so
9/16/2017 c29 ApexDominator
just wait to finish
9/16/2017 c29 1AmyQueenOfTrash
I'd wait till you finish this or the 100th.
8/18/2017 c29 11MoonlessGalaxy
Awww Nargie! :(((((((( Take your time, Nargs, I know damn well how hard it is to publish every day (hah I never did it in the first place tbh)
8/17/2017 c29 Redwut
I get it lol
I haven't updated my stories in a few months XD
Also that Capitol girl is my spirit animal now XD
8/16/2017 c29 5salty'n'sweet
It's totally okay and as much as I wish the update a day thing could happen I get it and you've done way way way better than I could ever at updating so take your time and good luck:)
8/16/2017 c29 1h.g.fanboyyy.03
Dude, it's totally cool! Like an update a day is RARE!You've managed to do it for a while, which is awesome, but some of the SYOT's I'm following haven't been updated in weeks! XDDD take your TIME and I'm not gonna leave! Don't worry! you're Awesome! :]
8/16/2017 c29 3DestroyNotCreate
8/15/2017 c29 2Winter's Writing
It's okay! No one expects you to update at the speed of a god, and it's fine if we have to wait! Like, my SYOT hasn't been updated in weeks!
8/15/2017 c29 21Elim9
Don't sweat it. Most people take much, much longer to update. (Myself included; I think I updated about ... two weeks ago?) Quality over quantity. Take your time. Real life happens. :)
8/15/2017 c29 1AmyQueenOfTrash
It's fine about not updating each day! I only messaged you to ask whether you were or not so if you took it the wrong way I didn't mean it in any way to offend you! I'll obviously keep reading!
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