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for Survivor- A Hunger Games SYOT (Hiatus)

8/15/2017 c29 10ChillyIce
Hey don't worry about it. I was honestly impressed that you kept the daily updates as long as you did.
8/15/2017 c29 5TheUnchartedHollow
You know, the more time you pur into writing chapters, the better they will be. I really loved your commitment to updating everyday, but I totally respect you taking a few days to write chapters.
8/15/2017 c29 4jul312
Don't worry about not posting everyday! I think it was awesome that you did because a lot of people don't, but no one would expect that from you. Take your time :)
8/15/2017 c28 1ifyouseekamyyy
I wasn't a huge fan of Luna, she was okay but I'm glad Brialle came through!
8/15/2017 c28 2Winter's Writing
RIP Luna. She was cool, I'm not sure why people voted for her as she could have helped in challenges, but I can't talk, I didn't have enough time to make a rational vote this round.
8/15/2017 c28 11MoonlessGalaxy
Awwww :( I liked Luna :((((
8/15/2017 c28 3DestroyNotCreate
I'm reading.
Just never feel like reviewing cuz it will always be:
Nice chapter!
And in some stories:
Meh didn't really like it
8/14/2017 c28 1ifyouseekamyyy
I'm still reading!
8/14/2017 c28 2Jolteon2404
Love this chapter, Damon is still safe :P so that is good
8/14/2017 c28 10ChillyIce
I am still reading. And it is funny that the votes here were all over the place. I am sad to see Luna go but at least Nova got a new home
8/14/2017 c28 5District 9 Tribute
Awww, poor Luna. I liked her. I'm glad that at least Nova got a good home after.

Well, two down, twenty one more to go. Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/14/2017 c28 4jul312
I knew from the minute that it was trivia that Brialle would win! I had a feeling she wouldn't go before Luna
8/14/2017 c28 salty'n'sweet
take two: sorry you have a headache and this was a really reeeeally awesome chapter and feel free to ignore my freaking out in the previous review
8/14/2017 c28 1EllaRoseEverdeen
8/14/2017 c11 5salty'n'sweet
nothing whatsoever to do with the chapter but I just wanna say sorryabout completely freaking out about Tess I'm not a total psycho (i think ) she's just my little baby that is older than me whom i love very much.

there. that's more civil right?

also sorry about your headache. hope you feel better!
(in case my guest review showed up ignore this)
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