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5/24/2018 c1 5TheSecondBestBed
As soon as she accepted that drink I KNEW something was going to go down. OOH. THAT ABSOLUTE WART. I'm SO glad the queen was there to stop whatever horror was about to unfold. I must've let out the biggest breath. Gunther was such a sweety in this (he's just the best). And I'm sure Al has some huge answering to do soon! Hopefully and most likely, Gunther will be asking questions with his fist!
7/3/2017 c1 26lareepqg
Excellent. Nicely and neatly done.

You’ve (once again) managed to delve into Jane’s head and express her confusion so very well, I can’t but help feeling like I am out of it as well. Her sense of disorientation is so very prevalent, it’s a wonder she managed to escape at all. Things are changing, and even unroofied Jane may have been at a loss at how to handle all that is going on around her. Thank goodness for the queen and her timely intervention! (Though, I would hope Gunther would have seen them pass through the courtyard and intervened)

Ah Gunther, so practical. “You are clammy.” Were more romantic words ever spoken? I kid, of course, because his concern is so apparent and endearing, it made me squee a little bit. Of course he would fetch her a barf bucket, and had her hair been down, no doubt he’d of held that as well. It is so natural for them to offer support when the other is hurting, even when hurting from the other. They are a team, partners, and it shows through those little actions, like when he pulls the pins from her hair.

I love Jane’s internal dialogue here. She’s a bit all over the place, thanks to Algernon’s drug, but she still manages a few insightful observations. (I really enjoyed the part where Gunther commiserated with her misery. “Sodding great horrible dress” and “vomiting all over the place” .

We’ve all been there, dear.

Plus: liquid courage! She leans on Gunther and holds his hand? Oh, my ooey gooey heart! Such quiet, enduring affection and support. Thank you, for this!
7/2/2017 c1 biscuitweevil
Oh man, when I first read “It’s time to see if the castle town has an apothecary” in Behind Blue Eyes, my heart lurched because my mind immediately went to him drugging Jane… but after re-reading it, I told myself he was probably just going to get something for the bruises Gunther had given him. But it turns out it was the former after all. I am so, SO glad the Queen intervened. I also love how perceptive she is, in addition to wielding her power to protect Jane in a way that is so unquestionably diplomatic. It reminds me of lareepqg’s description of diplomacy being a “subtle knife”. That and it is just great to see the Queen taking a role in the storyline at long last. Somebody could even go back and further delve into her thoughts during that scene, if they wanted.

Jane believing there must be something wrong with HER in order to explain Gunther’s avoidance hurt so much to read, but I can see how it would come to that point. One of the key facets of her character is confidence, and she’s levelheaded enough make a clear distinction between “other peoples’ problems” and “problems she’s caused”. But now that she is coming to terms with the fact that she likes Gunther (to “Thaw toward him after all this time” ah!), she would begin to take his avoidance personally.

Algernon the “human toad” haha. I love how we’ve transitioned from Algernon being described as the pinnacle of physical beauty to being a rat/toad/limpet. Though it goes along with how everyone’s perception of his character is shifting. “In a tone that was probably meant to be concerned and soothing, but which Jane processed as patronizing and condescending”, you put that wonderfully. Especially when he goes on to mention nerves and episodes… I can almost interpret it as him trying to weasel ideas into Jane’s head, but of course, she’s not having any of it.

And then… oh, to find out Gunther had been right outside the entire time! Of course he would. He might not believe Jane returns his feelings, but that wouldn’t stop him from sticking close by. As is pointed out, they are still partners; even if there was unrequited love between them, he’d still jump in and protect her whenever necessary.

I loved everything past “Because I trust him”, from Jane realizing how much their training has furthered their ability to care for one another – the fact that she has known him for long enough to have a very clear idea of both his good and bad sides – and especially how “she knew he’d take care of her for one more reason, too – because if their roles were reversed, she’d take care of him”. There is so much trust and familiarity between them, and of course, you explained it all perfectly. (I can never articulate the exact depth of their relationship, but when I read descriptions like this, my mind is just chanting, YES, YES, YES, YES.)

“Jane suddenly felt more as if she were sitting next to a loaded crossbow than a human being” if that doesn’t perfectly illustrate the tension in Gunther’s words/actions at the moment, I don’t know what does! And once again, he “wasted no words at all” with the way he pries her for information about the drink. He’s not trying to be delicate; he’s trying to figure out exactly what happened and is taking the situation very seriously, even though Jane has no idea where he’s going with his questions. There’s yet another aspect of their relationship coming into play here, too: just because they care for each other deeply doesn’t mean that care is always going to sound like soothing words.

And yet, by contrast, the final scene was so incredibly heartwarming. I had such a clear mental image of them sitting together (… feeling the need to draw it) holding hands. And then, after all he’s done already, he starts taking the pins out of her hair—which I think says more than anything else, because he’s likely never had the experience of having his hair pinned up, much less sleeping with it pinned up, so he wouldn’t really know how just uncomfortable that would be. And yet at the moment he is so completely, wholly focused on Jane that he /would/ realize it.

This was such a wonderful addition! Such a beautiful exploration of the way their relationship has both shifted and stayed the same after all this. Lovely work, as always! And… I might try to take a stab at something involving Gunther confronting Algae… just depending on how things go from here, or if anybody else is already writing that scene.
7/1/2017 c1 9yingyanggirl
Shame Gunther can't actually kill him but still another great entry!
7/1/2017 c1 204Jatd4ever
Does it need saying at this point? I guess it still does since these two are so very stubborn. Everything with Jane and Gunther, and I love how no words were needed, but actions spoke loudly. This was beautiful.

Even including the queen? That was awesome.

The overwrought nerves, episodes, vapors, and feminine condition had me laughing way too hard.

I think once jane is recovered, we need the Jane Ana Gunther to team up and take down Algernon. Confessions can wait, first we need to rid ourselves of a villain.

And I agree with SunRise19, we need the Chamberlains point of view. I know he can be a little weak willled when it comes to his wife, but I would think he loves Jane a lot more then he let's on, like in the episode Fathers
7/1/2017 c1 79SunRise19
I knew it! Knew it! I thought something was amiss..and if it can be proven...
Damn...I know what Algernon was thinking...the person who I can't say what I truly think as there may be kids reading...but very very bad disgusting human!
Not to mention the pass he made at Pepper...couple that with Jane's story.
Well done queen I love you! Yea!

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