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for Is It Wrong to Go Berserk in a Dungeon?

7/24 c11 Guest
Please update this story. I'm not even sure you'll read this review but its been 3 years. I love your work so much and I would hate for it to be over.
6/26 c11 Grocamol
Did you run into a writer's block for this story? I've seen you still have other stories and have updated them.
6/20 c11 ramul
5/31 c10 Thanos69
I really miss this story.
5/18 c11 SomePervyGuy
Damn this is good. A true shame you stoped.
5/18 c1 SomePervyGuy
I still belive that more torment and pain should have been applied before killing Grif and Casca.
4/23 c1 Im A Saggy tarius
Me reading the summaryCasca bashing"...you son of a gun im in!
4/23 c8 1WarWithoutEnd
This hasn't been updated in a good while...

Profound Sadness.
3/3 c1 tylerbraden13
You should come back to this it was pretty damn good
2/18 c11 TechnicalJoker
I hope you come back to this story. It's ready good!
1/21 c1 Akashi1412
Shame you will never continue this
1/1 c1 Lenny punie
Please update de story is zooo good and good job bro
12/11/2019 c11 2dark-feel
Please continue this story, Loki familia rwaction to Guts would be awesome
12/7/2019 c11 bmurd3rf4c3
11/17/2019 c1 Thanos69
Another amazing story abandoned. :'( What a shame.
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