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9/6/2017 c10 1Tripledent
Disgust really is strong. I didn't know what to expect as she and Joy went to that meeting. I'm amazed that she had some empathy for her attacker, I'm certain it wouldn't be that way for everyone even if they found out about his backstory like she did.
9/3/2017 c10 CNBW
Honestly all I want is a damn apology to Fear. When Joy started beating on him I just lost my shit there. HE DOESN'T DESERVE THAT SHIT!
Anywho, cheers on finishing this sequel! :)
9/3/2017 c10 31iHateFridays
WHOOOO HAPPY ENDING! Aww poor Damien, he had a rough life. Hopefully therapy will be good for him. I'm glad Disgust gave him a hug. That was cute 3 Now Owen's in jail. Thank goodness, that guy sucked. Well done on finishing your first sequel and I'll see you next story! :D

9/2/2017 c10 18Svinorita
I agree with you and I think that this is a good ending HollyAnne1084:) At least everything worked out well in the end...Damian and Owen were both punished for their crimes and will have to do their time behind bars, Joy and Disgust's friendship seems to have mended and grown as strong as ever and most importantly, Disgust has pulled through her terrible ordeal and put it behind her!

It just goes to show how strong and motivated her character is and I think it is safe to say that although she may never truly be the same Emotion as she was before she died, she hasn't lost any of her sassiness and determination! It looks as though everything will return to normal back inside Riley's Headquarters and I am glad for the happy ending!

You have written this story so well my friend and I enjoyed reading every twist and turn from the onset! Keep up with the amazing work and I will be happily waiting to see what you come up with next :)

9/2/2017 c10 5Orangebird124
Aw, man! The sequel's over already? (Sadness: Wow, that's a bummer.) But hey, at least I enjoyed it very much even though Damian sexually assaulted Sadness. (Fear: *nervously* Oh my gosh, I don't even wanna talk about it!) Well, I guess it's time to review this final chapter, so here goes. I can tell that Joy was nervous about Disgust wanting to visit Damian, but this is such a risky shot. (Fear: *gulps, as he turns away* I can't look! I just can't!) (Anger: *annoyed* What the heck? Disgust picked Joy over me! I'm supposed to protect my girl!) Sorry, Anger, but you can't always get what you want. (Anger: *growls, as he picks up a sledgehammer* I'LL END YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!) (Joy: *pulls Anger away from me* Anger, stop! What you're doing is wrong!) (Anger: *snarls, to Joy* Hey, I'm doing what's right for me! It's just so unfair that Disgust wants you to go with her, but not me! Not me!) (Fear: *to Anger* Anger, deep breathes.) (*Anger lunges at Fear and starts strangling him*) Oh, brother, there they go again. As I was saying, I laughed a little when Joy ruffled around with Disgust's hair. How cute was that! (Disgust: It's not cute, it's annoying!) (Joy: *excitedly* Noogie time!) (Disgust: Joy, no.) Owen is back and hey, Damian wore the black and white prison outfit! (Disgust: That guy seriously deserves it.) (Sadness: Damian deserves those handcuffs on his body.) I can't believe he nearly attacked Owen, but at least the guard held him down. Alright, here's J.C. Jr. now talking to Damian and oh, boy, am I gonna like this? (Fear: *breaks free out of Anger's grip* Stop right there, OB! STOP RI- *gets strangled by Anger again*) (Anger: *to me* OB, don't listen to that beanpole! Just keep going!) Okay, I will. OMG, Damian broke down crying! I've never seen him cry before! Never! (Sadness: Wow, I guess we're not the only ones who cry.) The way Damian told Disgust his backstory of how his mother died and how his dad physically and mentally abused him was really tear-jerking. I didn't cry at that part, but for some reason, I felt very bad for him. (Sadness: *sadly* It's really sad to see someone get abused. I think I'm gonna cry. *sniffles*) Oh, Damian had a romantic crush on Disgust even though she has Anger and he even told her how he and Owen became friends while living with his foster parents. (Joy: If Damian gets some therapy, maybe then he'll be better again.)

Wait a second! Owen felt the same way for Disgust as Damian did and he was trying to sexually assault her as well! (Anger: *furiously, as his head erupts into flames* HE SHOULD BE TAKEN AWAY ALONG WITH DAMIAN! NO ONE HURTS MY GIRL!) (Joy: Yeah, you tell'em, Anger!) Well, good riddance for Owen getting sent into jail! I knew he had something to do with this! I just knew it! (*Disgust blows a raspberry*) Holy moly, Disgust hugged Damian goodbye before he went back to jail! (Fear: What?! Are you kidding me?!) Fear, chill out! It's a good thing and look, Joy didn't freak out and Damian even cried tears of joy! I guess Damian isn't just a bad person, he just has a soft side that he never shows. (Sadness: Just like Anger.) Aw, Disgust allowed Joy to call her 'teddy bear' again! (Joy: *happily* The cuteness has exploded!) Now this is what I call a very happy ending! (Fear: This story is over already? *sighs in relief* Oh, finally!) Hey, listen, it's okay that you forgot to tell us that the story was going to end and I didn't even know about it. You're always welcome and I will do anything to make you happy. I'm happy that you're done with your first sequel and I liked it when everything went back to normal. (Joy: More stories coming soon? *cheers loudly* Woohoo! I can't wait!) Uh, Joy, I didn't even get to that part yet. (Joy: *excitedly, starts bouncing around* I know, but I'm just really excited for another story!) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes in annoyance* Joy, are you kidding me right now?) Anyway, wonderful job on your sequel and I'll be looking forward to reading more of your stories in the future and that's a promise! (Joy: T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!)
8/30/2017 c9 1Tripledent
That's a good cliffhanger to end the chapter on. I wonder what changed Disgust's mind about visiting Damien. I am still hoping Disgust will tell everyone to lay off Fear at some point.
8/27/2017 c9 CNBW
So nobody gives a damn about Fear?! This is honestly pissing me off. :/
8/26/2017 c9 18Svinorita
Yes! Yes! Yes! It looks like things are definitely on the mend again...Disgust is back and she seems to be recovering strongly, that Damian jerk is behind bars (although I think he got off rather lightly for what he did...I gotta say I agree with Joy on that "It should be a life sentence!"). Sadness is helping Joy overcome her overprotectiveness and best of all Disgust and Joy's friendship is improving again!

I just knew that deep down Disgust stills loves Joy even after everything that's happened to test their friendship! Joy is such a devoted friend that she would even sacrifice limbs, take a bullet or get run over by a car to protect Disgust...at first I thought she feels this way because she wanted to be like a mother to Disgust, but actually she understands how important it is to keep Disgust safe for Riley's sake! Somehow that makes her actions seem a lot more justified and not appear as some crazy overreacting tigress defending her cub...

I'm not sure if they should agree to visit Damian but maybe Disgust feels like she can't truly move on from the ordeal without confronting her attacker? Maybe she wants closure by hearing him say why he did those things to her?

Either way, with Joy by her side to offer her moral support (just as long as she doesn't launch into one of her crazy fits and unleashes her inner tiger!) then I'm sure everything will go fine...still I wouldn't want to be sitting in Damian's shoes right now!

Wow...what more can I say other than you did another amazing job HollyAnne1084 :) I'll be waiting here eagerly to see what you write in the next chapter, and you can count on having my support anytime!

8/26/2017 c9 5Orangebird124
Woohoo, Holly! Right on time with another chapter! I can see that you are doing such a fantastic job writing this story! Well, that's good that Damian got sent to prison for six years! (Anger: Good riddance for that guy!) (Joy: *seriously* Are you insane?! He should stay in prison for the rest of his life!) (Sadness: They should've sentenced him to death such as putting him in the electric chair.) (Disgust: How about me chainsawing him because that's what he gets for sexually assaulting me!) Wow, I can see that Joy and Anger are continuing their rivalry. I thought they were over this, but I guess not. (Fear: I knew it! I knew that history was gonna start repeating itself! Oh, make it stop!) Yay! Disgust is coming home! But I can see that Sadness thinks that Joy is just saying that stuff about Disgust when she comes back. (Disgust: *face palms herself* Oh my gosh, please don't start another argument about me again...) I know that Joy is very protective to Disgust, but at least Sadness was able to remind her about it and she could say something else that'll make Disgust's day too. Wow, that's wonderful that Disgust came home and Joy even cried tears of joy! (Disgust: *happily* Home sweet home.) (Sadness: *bawling, as she runs over to Disgust and hugs her tightly* Oh, Disgust! Please don't scare us like that ever again!) (Disgust: *struggling to break free* Sadness, let go of me! Your getting your tears all over my dress!) (Anger: Disgust, let the kid hug you, okay?) (Disgust: *sighs in annoyance* Well, alright, fine. But this is only once.) Aw, come on, Disgust! Sadness and the gang were really worried about you ever since what Damian did to you! (Fear: That was the worst breakdown I've ever had in my life. I'm never gonna read this story ever again once it's over.) (Anger: *yelling* Beanpole!)

Aww, even Anger and Disgust kissed on the lips and Disgust said she was dreaming about her coworkers while she was in the hospital! (Disgust: *annoyed* Hey, could you please not talk in your high-pitched voice every time you see something adorable?!) Hey, excuse you, Disgust! I'm in the middle of reviewing this chapter if you don't mind! (Disgust: I even get annoyed when Joy calls me 'Teddy bear'!) (Joy: It's a nickname, Disgust and you know you like it when I call you that!) (Disgust: *angrily, to Joy* Joy, shut up or I swear to God I'll burn you in your bed.) Oh, man, J.C. Jr. got a call from the National Mind Security manager saying that she would like Disgust to visit him and have a conversation with her before he goes to jail! (Fear: What?! No! Not this again! Disgust, don't do it! That's the guy who sexually assaulted you!) (Disgust: *to Fear* Fear, I told you not to mention that word!) (Fear: What? Sexually assault?) (Disgust: Yes! That word! I do not want to visit that guy because he is freaking evil!) Whoa, Disgust, calm down! (Disgust: *screaming* NEVER TELL DISGUST TO CALM DOWN!) Whoa, geez. Anyway, I'm glad Disgust made the right choice by saying no and then Joy said she would risk everything to keep Disgust safe. (Sadness: *sobbing* I don't wanna lose Joy now!) Sadness, Joy is not going anywhere and I know that Joy will do anything for Disgust and Riley and I think that was really heartwarming! Oh-no, now Disgust changed her mind by saying that she wants to visit Damian! (Fear: *nervously* Oh, this is really bad! I'm afraid to flip to the next chapter! *clings onto Sadness*) (Joy: Hey, don't worry, guys, I'm gonna go with Disgust and I'll be right beside her the whole time.) You're still doing a fantastic job with this story so far and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter the next time you update this and that is a promise! :)
8/26/2017 c9 31iHateFridays
Hey, Disgust's home! And Joy is happy to see her. Whoa, Joy and Disgust are going to visit Damien? Uh oh XD And damn, Joy, you are really over-protective. Don't be caught lackin', Joy. *wink wink*

8/25/2017 c8 1Tripledent
I must admit I put off reviewing this chapter because I wasn't quite sure what to say after the previous one. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think this story could do with a rating change to M considering what's happened. I'm glad Fear was nowhere to be seen in this chapter, I can imagine him getting an undeserved walloping from multiple emotions, I think Disgust is the key to getting them to lay off him. Poor Disgust too, what a tough time...
8/19/2017 c8 31iHateFridays
Poor Disgust, she's not feeling very good :( I hope she gets better soon! And I want Fear to apologize to her. That way he can get better, too XD Yes, things sure are naaassstty, huh?

8/19/2017 c8 18Svinorita
You did a really great job with this chapter HollyAnne1084! I was feeling worried that Disgust would never begin to recover from that awful trauma inflicted on her by that Damian jerk...I hope he gets what he deserves and there can be some justice for Disgust! (Maybe they should just unleash Anger on him? After seeing the way he dealt with Fear after Disgust was kidnapped on his watch, I tremble to think of the punishments the fiery Emotion would dish out on that creep after the horrendous acts he inflicted on his "Teddy Bear") Then there's Joy too...
I know she can count on the other Emotions to help and support her, and with their love she will hopefully begin her road back to recovery. After all love and time can heal all wounds right?
I also believe that deep down in her heart Disgust still does love Joy despite feeling like she hates her lately for being overprotective and a bit of a psycho, because she was able to remember that time with Joy when she was five years old and it seemed to bring her a sense of comfort in these dark times...
Not to mention that Sadness and Fear both would rally behind her and offer her protection and a shoulder to cry on!
I feel like a little bit of the old Disgust is beginning to appear under the surface when she reacted the way she did to the doctor giving her the water...surely that's a positive sign that things are slowly on the mend with her metal disorders? I have my fingers crossed that everything will work out well in the end!
Awesome job my friend and I am really enjoying this story so far! :)
Keep up the great writing and I will be looking forward to seeing what happens next!

8/19/2017 c8 5Orangebird124
Wow. *Tsk, tsk, tsk.* I still feel really awful for Disgust after what Damian had did to her. *shudders* I know, but you're welcome for that review, though! Also, you can thank my Emotions for that and especially the way they went crazy after that! (Anger: Hey!) I can't believe Disgust wasn't able to think of any happy memories except for her coworkers and I'll bet you that she's gonna be traumatized for life! (Disgust: *quietly, but terrified* I just want this nightmare to be over!) (Anger: *growls* When I get my hands on Damian, I'm gonna take him to the Subconscious and chop his head off with my ax!) (Sadness: *sniffles* I just wanna hug Disgust so badly.) (Disgust: *wailing, as she jumps into Sadness' arms) Oh, Sadness! This is just terrible! (Sadness: *pats her back gently* There, there, Disgust. I'm right here. Just let it all out.) (Fear: *shaking nervously* I haven't been this scared ever since Sadness cut herself on the arm with her knife in "The Champion".) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Joy, I know you're very upset about what happened with Disgust, but let me tell you something. YOU DO NOT GIVE ANGER THE FINGER! (Joy: *angrily* I was just angry, okay?! Everybody gets like that!) Well, you know Disgust is everyone's favorite teddy bear. Not just you and Anger. (Anger: *growls* What was that?!) Uh, nothing!

I still remembered the flashback of where Joy was telling young Disgust about what happened to her and why she died. For some reason, I feel like I want to read that successful story, "Life After Death" again. (Joy: I still liked the part where Disgust and Anger kissed in the end!) (Disgust: Joy, shut up!) (Joy: Aw, come on, Disgust! I know you like it when you get all dreamy around Anger!) (Fear: Uh, is this happening again?) No, Fear, I'm just trying to review this story. As I was saying, I'm glad Disgust woke up and I really wish Joy could at least go back to her normal old-self. (Sadness: *sadly* Yeah, me too. I miss the old Joy.) I also know what PTSD stands for: Post-traumatic stress disorder. (Joy: Woohoo! You got that right, OB! Up top!) *Joy and I high-five each other* That was so nice of her coworkers and friends to give Disgust flowers! They really do care about her! Also, I chuckled when Disgust spat out that disgusting water the doctor gave her! (Disgust: Chuckled? OB, there could've been worms inside my water!) (Anger: Or what about broccoli?) (Disgust: Anger, stop it.) (Joy: How about we add some dog food into your water?) (Disgust: *nearly gagging* You're evil and gross!) (Anger: *chuckles evilly* Or even better, rotten eggs in your water!) (Disgust: *places her hand over her mouth and runs off* Excuse me while I go barf!) (Sadness: *sympathetically* Aw, Disgust...) This really must've been bad and traumatizing for Disgust and I hope things get a lot better in the next chapter. However, I can see that you are doing such an amazing job writing that story and you know that I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. (Fear: With something more dangerous!) (Anger: Shut up, beanpole!) Keep up the excellent work!
8/17/2017 c7 1Tripledent
Um, wow, just, wow. This chapter was intense. Yikes. Wow, again. *Shifts uncomfortably*
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