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for Penzance, Act 2

10/8/2017 c1 53Marc Vun Kannon
Reply to Guest: One can certainly see it that way, I often did, and that's the problem. As I understand it, the "character who shows up at the last minute and reveals the true nature of the protagonists to resolve all the difficulties" was something of a standard thing in the operas and plays they were satirizing. (The whole 'slave of duty' thing was another.) It explains Ruth's desire to get Frederick all to herself, if she knew he was a nobleman and he didn't.
So the audiences at the time would have understood it, but since she'd given up on the nanny business, and was dressed as a pirate, there's no reason for the *constables* to have immediately released them all. They had no reason to think she wasn't lying. In Pinafore and Gondoliers, the person who spills the beans is recognized as the nanny in question, which Ruth would not have been. That's one example of the poor story-logic that I wrote Part 2 to fix. Thanks for your comment.
10/7/2017 c1 Guest
You don't seem to realize that Ruth was LYING when she said the pirates were all noblemen. She turned the tables by using the same tactic everyone had been using on them. People whom the pirates captured claimed to be orphans and were let go. When the pirates were captured she claimed they were noblemen and thus they were let go.

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