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7/26 c77 4Mysterious Heroine X
Oh my, Taylor Atler time! LFG!
6/24 c125 1WitnessofFate
This is gandalf isnt it? Id bet money on it
4/8 c146 Silver
Look skyward and feel hope
3/12 c44 majored
3/9 c96 Machiavellius
Eh, kinda lost interest now that we are in this redemption arc. What a shame, it was pretty good too.
3/9 c92 Machiavellius
Noo! Where's my Sauron Taylor gone!?
3/9 c65 Machiavellius
ummm, I don't know if I am just missing something but... What's the big fucking deal? Literally nothing changed about him except he didn't have a trigger event. Why is this even an issue?
1/15 c54 IamZort
man, only at chapter 54, but so far this is one of the rare pieces of fiction that are so good, they blows my mind and keep eclipsing my expectations. Thank you for sharing. I’ll go back to reading now.
11/19/2022 c65 3LoudOpinions
Did they collectively forget that the mysterious organization threatened him if he were to say anything? Did he forget?
11/12/2022 c17 Alexander Lawliet
Ghgh this chapter was the best in the story so far and that's saying something. Just ugh chef's kiss. Good characterization of Lisa, quite pcally good characterization of Circus and their reaction to accidentally almost killing someone. It's all just so good.
11/1/2022 c8 wavesunderstars
Hi, I love this story. Just a small correction, Taylor states she is Tinker 7, Trump 6. But when the classifications refer to the same power or are otherwise irrevocably linked, they are presented together with a slash, as Tinker/Trump 7. Since she can create items that give powers, this seems to be appropriate
8/16/2022 c65 8Ashen Author
Dean coming clean is really powerful, though I'm now sort of curious about Battery's side of the story. Vista and Amy was a good pair to have that conversation.
8/16/2022 c60 Ashen Author
Emma triggered and is "Oracle" isn't she? Very nice twist, good consequence for inflicting emotional anguish on her.
8/15/2022 c37 Ashen Author
Great story, incredibly creative idea and you run with it extremely well.

When they were tossing around the blame, I just wanted /someone/ to add, "None of this would have happened if the Protectorate and PRT hadn't failed in their responsibility of keeping Lung imprisoned," though I guess the kids not abdicating responsibility is good for their growth pattern.
8/3/2022 c18 BlazeStryker
As I know who the Lord of Gifts turned out to be, I'm utterly unsurprised Narsil calls up the memory of pain. For all that, Sauron is dead, dead, dead! But a presence like that leaves an echo... and Taylor has the echo chamber.
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