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5/9 c135 teruin42
That last section had a subtext of "Say hello to my little friend!
5/6 c98 Theorist01
I'm gonna be reading this story on SpaceBattles. Just realised that there are a couple of paragraphs missing from this chapter, wonder if the happened in any earlier chapters.
5/6 c98 Theorist01
It's funny how in stories, when the character's a villain, they always dominate and seem to always win. Then the moment they turn over a new leaf and join the good guys they're constantly losing or failing. I blame morals.
5/6 c96 Theorist01
Evil Eidolon. As if the world didn't have enough problems.
5/6 c94 Theorist01
I feel like Taylor is going to be a lot more self conscious and angsty now that she's off her power trip, just like she was before she got her powers. I miss villain (?) Taylor.
5/5 c83 teruin42
This is a fantastic chapter, in a parallel universe I can imagine Dragon quoting Ash WilliamsAll right you primitive screw heads, listen up!"
4/30 c51 Theorist01
...Holy Sh!t! This story's like the Game Of Thrones of the Worm-verse. Just because you're a ln important character in this universe doesn't mean you won't die. I love that.
4/29 c36 Theorist01
Damn that was a good chapter. I felt like I was an empath, like I could feel the emotions that the people were having. I also like that this isn't a story where the mc is infallible and they actually have their downs instead of an mc that always wins and can never do any wrong. Thanks for the chapter.
4/29 c10 Theorist01
Oh, Taylor's bad ass okay
4/28 c153 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
4/28 c6 Theorist01
I'm not gonna lie, I skipped most of this chapter. I'm not a fan of the Danny and Taylor reconciliation that happens in every Taylor centric fic. It's always Danny fussing and worrying over Taylor and the fluff (hate fluff) and constant hugging. I can't wait to get to the non-fluff part of this story.
4/9 c152 john777
Interesting, keep writing
4/2 c47 Typo
Like Legend said, we cannot afford to allow him free reign through the city.

free rein
4/1 c10 Guest

"She's here because I want to give her a chance," I said quietly. "That doesn't mean giving her free reign.

Idiom is about *horse reins*:
give free rein(s), rein in somebody/something, etc.
not "reiGn"
silence reigned, king reigned, etc.
3/26 c65 Mr.Destructo
haha this is some emo stuff guy harmed no one its not like everyone sat around and did show and tell about their trigger event who cares is he never told anyone how he got his powers most the team doesn't know how each other got their powers and now everyone's acting like he killed their puppy
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