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2/26/2022 c1 5Sandy2348
Yes I want a sequel! Victoria is still out there. Always love your storiesn
8/24/2021 c1 10AdrienStalkry
It's been a minute since I read this story and I'll try to leave a more indepth review on my next read through but I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for sharing! :o)
5/21/2021 c1 21Ptool
4/27/2021 c1 Alex Nymph
Please give a sequel
5/1/2020 c1 4HarryJamesPotterismyhero
This was cute!
4/8/2019 c1 3CrazyforCrookshanks
3/31/2019 c1 g8rreader
Yes, sequel!
3/6/2019 c1 JoySalvatore1
Goodness I LOVE the story!
Happy Jake and smart sassy Bella for the win!
Please make a sequel!
1/22/2019 c1 1TrueRedDragonGodEmperor
Not a bad story but definitely not what I expected. From the summary I was expecting a story that simply diverted slightly from canon. A story with the same setting as canon but merely diverting at Bella's choice to be patient and wait for Jake to 'get better' from his sickness. The story however seems very different in plot, setting, and character characterization. Bella doesn't act like herself, doesn't seem to be effected by Edward being gone, hasn't scared her friends away, isn't a zombie, seems fine with music, etc...All these differences just make the story seem very AU. Not bad but not what I expected.
11/25/2018 c1 Debbie Hicks
2. Chapter 2.
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7/20/2018 c1 1AHealingRenaissance
Wow... I hate Jacob, and you just made me love him. Jaw, meet Floor ;-)
5/29/2018 c1 Fullofpassion09
This was a fantastic spin off of what could have been after they left her!
5/28/2018 c1 Blistful2006
Heck yes sequel sequel
5/27/2018 c1 2Kemq
Good one shot.
5/25/2018 c1 1BookWormGirl93
are you gonna write a sequel?
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