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for The Long Night Job

11/6/2020 c1 64Loopylou
Ah this is great!
5/25/2020 c1 WolfhoundLove1
Absolutely beautiful. I could envision Eliot and Parker as if I was watching it as an episode. Great story. I'm so glad I found it. Thank you so very much. Tonight I really needed that break from the real world.
1/28/2020 c1 Bkworm4life4
Loved it! Very true to the show!
8/31/2018 c1 1novisha.rivera.1
This so needed to be written!Well done and done.

(Just sorry it took me so long to find it)
1/20/2018 c1 Guest
This is so good and took me on an emotional roller coaster. Thank you for writing it.
1/14/2018 c1 2abstractwords
I loved this one! Looking forward to reading your other ones.
8/4/2017 c1 69VanillaAshes
Woah! This story was great! You really captured the essence of the characters! Even in the first few paragraphs, you really described Parker perfectly. 'Socially clueless' was a brilliant way to do that, it's so true! In fact, you nailed all of the characters. You really have a talent for characterisation and I hope you write more Leverage story now that you've joined the fandom. (And I'm definitely still moaning about it being cancelled!)
Whilst it was perfect, you could use lines instead of the word BREAK. And also, maybe you A/N could be either bold or in italics to further separate it from the actual story.
My favourite part of the whole story (which was difficult to choose, may I say, was the last little paragraph!). I've added this story (and you) to my faves list!
7/22/2017 c1 Pacacapa
This is fantastic! I love it, and you did so well with these two. There is a lot to Parker, and she's very perceptive in unconventional ways. I love how you pulled that out. Also, addressing the issue with Hardison. I thought the show would make that more important, since Hardison seemed especially ticked at Eliot for that, but this implies that they had an adult conversation and worked it out leaving no drama behind, which is of course the best thing to do. I love how you handled this whole story. This is my very favorite episode, and you created a fantastic follow up. Great job, and I'm so excited to see what you write in the future!
7/11/2017 c1 4Bastet'syoungestkitten
Love it! Eliot and Parker both stay true to character, and their interaction with each other felt real. I like that you address what happened between Eliot and Hardison since we didn't get to see a ton of that on the show. I hope you post more!
7/8/2017 c1 wishing4willow
Really loved this. Felt very natural to their charcters
7/6/2017 c1 EK
This is really well done. Good characterizations, moments where I was tearing up, suspense over Parker tracking Eliot and breaking in, and a well-written look at their often understated emotional connection. (I wish the show had given them more of such moments.) I also like how you show Parker seeing things from odd angles; even if she isn't reading people in conventional ways, she's still reading them - and Eliot making an effort to understand her (I laughed when he asked if his tea had attacked) was really good.
7/6/2017 c1 Guest
A very nice take on what happened.
7/7/2017 c1 interiorsbycariyahoo.com
I truly enjoyed reading this. You captured the personalities dead on. I hope you find the time to wright more leverage stories. Elliot is and will forever be my favorite, and sadly I love to read about him being hurt. My daughter teases me about being in love with him. Again I really did enjoy reading your story. I am putting you on my author faces so I will read any others you wright. Thank
7/6/2017 c1 30niagaraweasel
Well, for not considering yourself a writer you did a very good job with this story! I just love a good h/c story and this one definitely falls into that category. For me the mark of a good and well-written story is when I can practically see it in my mind and hear the dialogue being spoken and that's exactly what happened here.

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