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5/14 c63 Guest
Sigues con vida ? Me encanta tu historia espero con ansias el proximo capitulo
5/2 c63 john777
I like your stories
4/30 c13 JinxedKnight
i feel like alex is forgetting the harry potter story or is it changed she doesn't know much?
4/23 c63 yochan123
there is literally no point in an SI who has foreknowledge if she doesn't do anything about it. if you can only rehash canon while adding in tiny twists without thinking about their wider implications you shouldn't bother adding an SI.
4/3 c63 Guest
espero con ansias el próximo capitulo
3/19 c15 Arfiis
You write well, but this is unfortunately the end of the road for me. There is too much rehashing of canon, and the SI (for what she's worth) barely has an impact. What's more, a key part of the character, her being reincarnated, is rendered useless with her not retaining any memories whatsoever. Wish you all the best, but I'm out.
3/17 c63 Guest
Me gusta la historia, espero y que actualices pronto
3/15 c1 8Gammily
Interesting start !
2/25 c1 Hadami
"Well, she is my daughter," murmured a woman.

"Our daughter," the man corrected.

The woman merely chuckled in response..."

Ew. So gross. Hard to like the mom after that.
2/23 c21 Banichi
Normally I hate age-gap ships, but reading this chapter makes me want Alex and Sirius to end up together once shes older.
1/24 c63 26saya4haji
I binged this story over the weekend. Really enjoyed the steady, patient pace you have taken with it. Nice character development and subtle changes to character without being overblown.

I am a little miffed that there hasn't been a knock down drag out moment with Harry and the trio yet. Their continued prejudice at times makes them no better than the blood purists. Although I do like how you subtly show that everyone has prejudices and beliefs inculcated from birth, sometimes more subtle than outright racism. The scene with Millie and the the one with Hagrid and the Centaurs was particularly good. After Harry ignoring sound warnings and advice three times now to the department of mysteries 2. Risking others lives just to shop in diagon alley 3. Infiltrating the Slytherin carriage of the express. I think I would have been rubbing Harry's face in how his wrecklessness and unthinking actions cost lives and create unnecessary risk.

I was actually pleased to see the breakup with Cedric. They had a good long term friendship but I think they were too different to work romantically long term. Cedric despite his desire to be otherwise was a Hufflepuff and a traditional son in his father's mold. He always jumped to negative conclusions and stereotypes about Slytherin when events went differently to how he expected. His lack of spine to really stand up to his parents prejudice for more than a few comments and a day's silent treatment was pathetic, as was his weak response to the Hufflepuff bullying. I can't imagine he would have been as blasé about the idea of having taken menstration potions and shit her womb either. For all his talk he is a Diggory, of a proud line of Diggorys and I think the idea of not having kids would be one he would not cross. Fostering would likely not have appealed to him either since he was raised with the strong mentality of blood making family.

I enjoy the dialogue with Dumbledire. Having someone judge him and catch him off guard in his scheming is fun. The blunt ways she points out his subtle manipulations is fun too.

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing where this story goes next.
1/22 c63 Moira
Thanks for the update! Love the fic 3
1/18 c63 Soft Scratch
It’s been a while since I last read this so I kinda forgot a lot of details, but I think this was a good chapter. Thanks for updating!
1/17 c63 12bored411
ooh boy. crazy stuff
1/17 c63 thewhiteangel213
Thank you for the chapter :)
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