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12/29/2023 c63 CelinaGryffindor
I like your character Alex's proposal, however, I was very disappointed with her and Harry's separation, which was very strange too, her feelings for Harry are sincere, but it doesn't seem like he feels the same way about her, Harry He's very ungrateful towards her. Her romantic relationships are super strange too, Blaise has nothing to do with her, I really like her with Harry, however, Harry urgently needs to change several attitudes. I feel like I shouldn't worry about any of this because it looks like in the end you're going to kill her. It's really unfair that she does so much for everyone and no one does anything for her
9/19/2023 c16 pyrrha255
Like this is a good fic, but whats up with her selective ignorance? Like not remembering harry is a parselmouth, or why harry was not on the train in second year…? I get that she may have forgotten some details, but she should easily remember stuff when her memory is jogged by the situation, especially when some of these things are like incredibly important for the series…
9/3/2023 c63 GlumGirl3452
This fic is great I’m so hooked!
8/23/2023 c1 KimberlyJho-ann
fuck I already read this one... well I have no other option but to reread
8/16/2023 c63 KimberlyJho-ann
8/16/2023 c49 KimberlyJho-ann
The things we do to please our boy!
8/16/2023 c42 KimberlyJho-ann
I'm Mad that Cedric got mad for that.
8/16/2023 c20 KimberlyJho-ann
I'm all in favour to make Pettigrew pay! (I also want Sirius free)
8/16/2023 c18 KimberlyJho-ann
Hagrid didn't protect him like Snape did. Severus was a resentful bastard, but he did as promised and protect Lily's son.
7/31/2023 c13 1NightFyl
Love the ouff reference
6/26/2023 c63 SlightlySociopathic
Years later rereading this fic, it is still just as great as the first time. Thank you so much for writing.
6/22/2023 c6 KratostheLycan
Not flaming, just wanted to point out that she should be 12 at this point not eleven
3/19/2023 c11 Bart
Still not seeing the reason she’s in Slytherin, like at all.
She’d fit in perfectly with any of the others
3/19/2023 c4 Bart
Slytherin: Cunning and Ambition.
She literally doesn’t want to climb the social ladder, that’s the opposite of what she does or is as a person. Why tf did she get put in Slytherin. She spends all her time studying and never interacting.
Can’t be in Ravenclaw cause she has an unfair advantage!? Really? So people born with a genus level intellect should be neutered then. That’s an unfair advantage. Perhaps if one person in the year group is mentally challenged all of the should get bashed in the head till their at equal level. Stupidest reasoning ever, apparently this is an AU where the hat is an idiotic braindead moron.
Also it was said she was up to 3rd year stuff last chapter yet now she can’t even do the transfiguration lesson properly? Is she just up to third year theory? Does she practice at all? What’s going on half the time?
3/13/2023 c19 Rexthunder
I believe she can see Ancient Magic like in the Game.
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