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8/31/2021 c59 AGreatReader
nice chapter! Just FYO Bill is the eldest sibling not Charlie, so it is a bit strange that the family ring is reserved for him.
8/30/2021 c59
Wonderful chapter! You did a great job on the dialogue and character interactions. Voldemort is after her dad? Is he truly the target… or her? Poor Alex missing Cedric.
8/30/2021 c58
What a chapter! Loved that interlude with Death. Some very curious things going on there. That Cedric crisis was a long time coming, unfortunately. Alex just isn’t willing to prioritize her romance considering the risks of the long game. Hopefully they’ll get back together — they have a wonderful relationship dynamic so I’d love to see that couple again.
8/30/2021 c59 2Ghost Claw 001
Honestly, didn't expect this development, so wild
8/30/2021 c59 12bored411
i'm glad to see she's doing good at moving on with her life even with everything that's being thrown at her. i can see her preparing for what's coming though and am curious what sort of mayhem she causes given what's coming up. can't wait to see how things go!
8/30/2021 c58 2Ghost Claw 001
I was thinking that she was gonna die, glad to know she didn't
8/30/2021 c59 Homosexual state department
are you planning for Cedric and Alex to be endgame?
8/30/2021 c59 pinkiemillie
I really needed to stop myself from screaming as soon as I saw you did a double update. So many highs in this chapter and quite a few sad moments. We finally know how Alex reincarnated and why she was chosen. Sacrificing yourself for others in all your past lives you simply have to be a good person. I hope Alex recognizes that herself cause she’s often too hard on herself. Sad that her and Cedric broke up, though I do believe they needed it. Hopefully they’ll get back together eventually as I truly do think he makes Alex happy. I’m glad that Alex is in a causal thing with Tonks, good for them both though I know it won’t last it’s still good for Alex to have other romantic relationships, and I’m still routing for Tonks and Remus as a final paring as I do enjoy them together. On another note I’ve noticed that Alex’s wandless magic seems to be more controlled and easier for her which is great and sure to come in handy. Dumbledore showing up gave me a heart attack at the park, he seemed a little vague on purpose and am curious of what he thinks in regards to Alex. No one has mentioned the veil that Alex fell through, and you would think Harry mentioned it to Dumbledore after the duel with Voldemort in the ministry. Perhaps no one knows how to broach the subject or maybe Dumbledore doesn’t believe Harry saw what he saw if Alex is fine. This review is getting pretty long now, and would be even longer if I mentioned all my thoughts and favorite moments of these two chapters as I found every moment incredible. To Basically sum up this review a lot of cool stuff happened that I’m excited about and I loved every bit of it. Your writing is fantastic and I always look forward to your updates. I’ll be rereading these chapters as they were so enjoyable, and I adore Alex. Great writing as always and love where your going with the story. Brilliant work!
8/30/2021 c59 saipher1303
The new chapters are a let down after the cliff hanger. Why is no one questioning her falling through the veil of death? Its all resolved in a few sentence and there are literally no consequences. Its bad form to build up something and than have zero pay out.
Also the pacing feels extremely rushed. Some parts seem to be more like snippets of multiple chapters arranged in chronological order than anything like a continuous story.
Last the romance in the story in general sucks. The cedric/oc pairing was seems already pretty rushed going from 0 to 100 in a few chapters. And now after that badly developed pairing was broken up seemingly for no comprehensible reason you start a new pairing which is just as rushed as the first one. Were there any hint for any form of attraction to tonks at all until this point? And why is remus in a coma? Please dont tell me you only send the poor werewolf in a coma so you can pair your oc with tonks?
I really like this story but for the latter half of it it seems like you dont have any plan what you want to write or what motivations your oc has.
8/30/2021 c58 7hanatos
Soooo she went past the veil and lived and everyone thinks everything's fine?
8/30/2021 c59 19Girl-luvs-manga
I'm so thankful for the double update! Kind of want to see Alex get closer to Sirius but if it's going to be a Remus x Sirius fic that's totally fine. Her getting along with Fleur is nice.
8/30/2021 c59 7hanatos
Alex x Tonks? HELL YEAH!
8/24/2021 c57 QualityBean
8/22/2021 c57 im-okay-mj
HAHA ouch :(
8/22/2021 c57 JL

i found this story a while ago, but just now went back and caught up on all the updates i missed, and oh my god. this story is just as good as i remembered, if not more. i love alex. i hope she isn't dead... she already has such a strange relationship with death (saying it like that makes it sound weird, but yeah) i Cannot Tell at all what's going to happen next... i'm so hyped
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