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6/22/2023 c6 KratostheLycan
Not flaming, just wanted to point out that she should be 12 at this point not eleven
3/19/2023 c11 Bart
Still not seeing the reason she’s in Slytherin, like at all.
She’d fit in perfectly with any of the others
3/19/2023 c4 Bart
Slytherin: Cunning and Ambition.
She literally doesn’t want to climb the social ladder, that’s the opposite of what she does or is as a person. Why tf did she get put in Slytherin. She spends all her time studying and never interacting.
Can’t be in Ravenclaw cause she has an unfair advantage!? Really? So people born with a genus level intellect should be neutered then. That’s an unfair advantage. Perhaps if one person in the year group is mentally challenged all of the should get bashed in the head till their at equal level. Stupidest reasoning ever, apparently this is an AU where the hat is an idiotic braindead moron.
Also it was said she was up to 3rd year stuff last chapter yet now she can’t even do the transfiguration lesson properly? Is she just up to third year theory? Does she practice at all? What’s going on half the time?
3/13/2023 c19 Rexthunder
I believe she can see Ancient Magic like in the Game.
3/6/2023 c63 musa22lbl
I enjoyed reading this story so much, I find Alex to be a great character. Please update more chapters soon
2/20/2023 c63 IwannaMz
Love this story! Looking forward to the update
2/16/2023 c24 DecayedAsh
I just remembered Alex's an Asian so I was so confused about the joke. Honestly, I don't think Grant joking about that is any different than her joking about Grant's blood purity... unless he meant it though... Once I realized though, I did laugh a bit on Grant's joke especially cuz I'm also an Asian. Anyways, still waiting for the next update. I've read this for the 4th time, I think...(I just realized the joke right now lmao)
2/8/2023 c1 1210justinp
It's just weird that she can't recall the best highlights of these movies/books but she's still familiar on things you'd normally dismiss.

She died as a teenager, and still a teenager on her 2nd life. idkw she's acting so highly of herself when she never even experienced adult life.

She's a slytherin yet she always put herself on danger and kept getting guilt-tripped by her friends on doing something. The tackling of muggle social climate is a bit forced, wizards don't give a shit about that.
1/11/2023 c63 Guest
Are you stile alive ?
I love this story , are you coming back ?
12/26/2022 c20 Guest
Loved the humor in this!
12/26/2022 c19 Guest
Clever Alex!
12/26/2022 c18 Guest
I'm glad Alex convinced Harry and co to hand the diary over the Dumbledore, even if he's manipulative
12/26/2022 c14 Guest
Great chapter! I always enjoy reading about Alex and her adventures!
12/26/2022 c13 Guest
I don't trust Dumbledore, maybe Alex can convince the trio to be less blindly trusting
12/26/2022 c8 Guest
Another wonderful chapter! Everything is so well written!
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