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7/2/2022 c2 2Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
little sad there wasn't a wand shop scene. but it is nice to get the ball rolling quicker
6/18/2022 c63 younojoking
Wonderful story! I've been trying to find a good si and I stumbled upon yours!
(The scene with cedric broke my heart terribly. Thank you hhh)
6/17/2022 c63 Guest
I just caught up again after rereading this yet again. Thanks for writing and sharing. I look forward to your next update!
6/10/2022 c63 lasslowerence
Hi there, just wanna say, been binging this novel for the past dayys and I absolutely loved it, the way that its a SI but she slowly forgets about stuff is a nice way to make her on the same pace as the other characters altho iis weird sometimes that she just forgets things from nowwhere, the last time she had foresight was on the 3 year basically, even tho you still iimplies that she do still remember stuff from her past life it doesnt really show, I dont even know if she remembers she is reborn or not because of that(could have make her ponder about it ) anyway, i love the way you show some sides of the historyy thats seems just more realistic than the Rowling ver. the way that there are LGBT char, some dark stuff about rape-drugs and stuff, alex character in general is pretty well made, altho at the start i kept wondering why she didnt open herself more to others, all the secrecy, i thought they would break up to ron what happened to his rat and that she knew sirius beforehand, didnt understand why keep it out, but that just some nitpick haha, i really like the alex/ced romance at the start even tho she was kinda dummy and could have started waaay before, it was nice the way it ended too, just felt like it, tonks was awesome too haha(altho it kept me wondering one phrase u said about how she would never really love anyone the same as ced cause he was the first and so more strong emotions BUT if she was reborn she should have felt that way before in her past didnt she, so how come ced is the first - one of the things that made me wonder if she even remember that she is reborn) in general, i really feel in the skin of alex, how did i hate when some boy was rude or tried to haress her, argh, and honestly i thought she would be more active in the plot, like, 4 year and 5 too, not really a bad thing tho, hopefully you didnt drop this wonderfull novel :), take care and thanks!
6/10/2022 c7 pinkiemillie
It’s been awhile but I’m happy to wait for the next chapter since your story is just that good. In the meantime I’ve reread my favorite parts and came up with crazy theories on what will happen this year. I’ve also been trying to find out who sent Alex that beautiful robe and why. As well as wondering who’s been polyjuiced since that is a big thing that happens this year. I have theory, but I’ll keep it to myself since I feel like I’m reaching honestly. Again thank you for the fantastic story, take all the time you need as this the story is beautifully written. Hope you are well and healthy!
5/25/2022 c63 NotTheStrongFriend
Please don't tell me you stopped working on this story.
5/21/2022 c28 NotTheStrongFriend
My hope is that Cedric doesn't die.
5/20/2022 c12 NotTheStrongFriend
This is funny with its comedy
5/20/2022 c63 Guest
Are you stile alive ? I love this story I cant wait for more .
5/14/2022 c63 Guest
Sigues con vida ? Me encanta tu historia espero con ansias el proximo capitulo
5/2/2022 c63 john777
I like your stories
4/30/2022 c13 JinxedKnight
i feel like alex is forgetting the harry potter story or is it changed she doesn't know much?
4/23/2022 c63 yochan123
there is literally no point in an SI who has foreknowledge if she doesn't do anything about it. if you can only rehash canon while adding in tiny twists without thinking about their wider implications you shouldn't bother adding an SI.
4/3/2022 c63 Guest
espero con ansias el próximo capitulo
3/19/2022 c15 Arfiis
You write well, but this is unfortunately the end of the road for me. There is too much rehashing of canon, and the SI (for what she's worth) barely has an impact. What's more, a key part of the character, her being reincarnated, is rendered useless with her not retaining any memories whatsoever. Wish you all the best, but I'm out.
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