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11/12/2018 c1 2Sentilusional
So pure and bittersweet. Thank you for such a great story.
11/19/2017 c6 RoseBloodmane
Interesting I wasn't expecting that kind of story haha.
10/1/2017 c6 5HonoMaki22
it was nice ending! I like it!
I hate when Honoka is all alone or always gets hurt..
9/20/2017 c6 bobzity1
I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT KOU!It's so bittersweetKouuuuuu!
9/15/2017 c6 Airpool
Thank your for the this masterpiece. I like the story that like this.
I like angts story with hurt/comfort. It make me feel it real. But i hate when Honoka alway been hurt... To many story with Angs about Honoka is Honoka always been alone and been prairing with Tsubasa. I hate that pair.
9/15/2017 c6 TheNightstriker
THREE WEEKS LATER? THIS IS CRUELTY. Well it would have been if you had POSTED IT THREE WEEKS LATER. You- T-T Your mean. But that didn't happen so it's fine. (But three weeks later ._.) OkOk actually moving onnn. I think it was pretty sweet that Umi and Kotori at least confessed before the wedding ya know? Even if it did make Honoka sad and depressed and... yea. I enjoyed the ending! It was a wonderful story. :3

Also I can wait for the prompt. (But I swear if it's finished and you decide to post it three weeks later for the funzies. Looking at chu!) I hope you find your muse again soon! XD
9/15/2017 c6 11Kyla124
So sad at the part Umi and Kotori got together I was in tears XD but I love the End after all. Honoka and Kotori got together Again Yes!. And thank you for the Shout out -. Congress!
9/15/2017 c6 148OuMiyuki
T_T SO bittersweet..! So very, very, very bittersweet! Ahhh..! TmT I'm crying. My heart was raised and fell when Kou was interacting with her Kotori, and my eyes were watering the from when Kou begun reading those letters in the wedding invitation... TmT And then I full-blown cried when Kou broke and couldn't stop drinking and Nozomi was so heartbroken to see Kou in that state AGAIN. And how Kou broke many times, confiding only to Nozomi and Eli...! TmT Ahhh! -sobbing- Then.. Then...! When Kou disappears... happy. Kou disappears happily as she finally cleared her one regret, which leads to erasing her existence... TmT Ahhh! (You can try to ignore my anguished sobs for Kou)

OmO -teary- I'm genuinely happy for Honoka and Kotori, that's for sure! :') -teary smiles- But... My heart really goes out to Kou...! I mean..! ... I don't know... It feels so different. Like... Kou IS Honoka's future self. But Honoka's future at the last part was Honoka and *not Kou*. So... I still feel sad for Kou. :'( Even though I shouldn't be? Kou left happily after all! Ahhh..! TmT

It's all so...! Happy! Definitely happy! I'm soooo happy and heart-warmed by Honoka and Kotori being married and loving with each other! Still so in adolescent love despite being married for 10 years! X'D Haaah~ -v-

Perhaps... If at the part where you mentioned that Honoka thanked the fact that she was brought out of her pessimistic days somehow (cos' she can't remember Kou), instead of "long forgotten"; saying that Honoka and Kotori celebrates the anniversary of when they got together with heart full of gratefulness to the fact that they both managed to walk out of pessimistic days; days of cowardice and misunderstandings - so that it shows that it's a Happy matter (of course), and they both learnt from their mistakes (even though they can't remember who helped them to). :') I'm not entirely sure. But perhaps this would make the ending better. Instead of Kou just...GONE and FORGOTTEN... TmT Though I understand that that is what Kou wanted in the first place! OxO (And it may be a bit rushed? Who knows. I can visualize that ending transition to 10 years in the future too. And it can't be helped much that Kou HAS to go. :) So...If you ever have a better thought of how you want to wrap Honoka's Future sometime in the future (;D), you can totally write another chapter for a...another ending of sorts. :D I'll be there to read it!)

Anyways... :) I really love and enjoyed the whole ride of this story! Honoka's Future... :D It was a brilliantly written story, that's for sure! Awesome story written, SpringSkies! *v* And mega thanks for sharing this HonoKoto story with us! X'D

And well~ Waahh~ I was looking forward to the HonoKoto one-shot! hehe~ X'3 I was bestowed with the final chapter of Honoka's Future instead which is filled with a WHOLE LOT of angst. -v- But it was so ultimate! And lovely! And...wrapped up this whole story! XD Finally... Honoka found happiness with Kotori! :D So...yeah~ Looking forward to more HonoKoto one-shots since it's Kotori's birthday month~ mm~ ;D

I'll try not to be so persistent with my obstinate standpoint in the next game~ hehe~ XD But like I said~ Has long as there's more HonoKoto coming~ I'm happy all the same~ X'D

Once again! Thank you for spending the time, love and effort to writing this wonderful story that pulled my heart strings, made me cry, and filled me with happiness, SpringSkies! *O* Thank you! And see you next HonoKoto stories~ Or HonoMaki. hehe~ :'3
9/3/2017 c5 11Kyla124
Hope you do more soon. :3 best story! Oh hey can I get a shout out.
9/2/2017 c5 TheNightstriker

It was a wonderful story! Honestly Kou's backstory was angsty as hell and I loved that. XD I thrive in angst! At least she's happy now though. Can't have her ending up a drunkard! I enjoyed reading this!
9/2/2017 c5 148OuMiyuki
Mmmmmm~~~ I see. This is what I get for being in denial. Hahas. XD Like, I guessed Honoka when Kou first appeared, but after all those other details and clues were given in further chapters and I decided on Kotori being Kou; I stubbornly refused to see it another way, and now I don't get to prompt for more HonoKoto! But since we'll all still get more HonoKoto anyways - it's okay~! *O*

Ahh~ Kou-chan... Honoka... OvO So the playing with time for this story is that when Kou changes her own future, she disappears because all those painful ones will not happen. That's good actually. I like Kou. So her disappearing would be sad, but since her disappearing is actually a good thing this time, I'm feeling happy for her. :'D

Now... in the last chapter. Will Kou share about her life instead? So it can help this two young lovebirds - Kotori and Honoka to not hold back their feelings and thoughts for each other; teach them a very important life lesson called "misunderstandings/miscommunication are one of the most common reason for conflict, or angst." So they will tell each other everything and be lovey-dovey for all eternity~? XD hehe~

Anyways! Sheesh, this line/description saddened me a lot. [unrequited-but-actually-mutual-love] I'm glad Kou is here to not let it be that way! *v*

Oh, definitely a necessary shoutout. Umi is such an awesome best friend with Honoka! I love you, Umi! (Though I guess Umi likes to take the probing approach, so she'll ask Kotori how she feels and to make decisions accordingly. But Kotori isn't the kind to be able to make decisions on her own, and thus Kou's future happened. Heh. And Honoka- Kou is quite the busy idol in the future. :'3)

I can't wait for Honoka and Kotori's and Kou's happy resolution in this story~! *O* Oh, and did you mention more HonoKoto stories~? I'm so~ excited for them! Fighto dayo, SpringSkies! *v*
9/2/2017 c4 11Kyla124
Nice story make sure you check my story's too :3
8/10/2017 c4 TheNightstriker
Lol ok so this might be stupid but I thought of it while reading this chappy. I already submitted(?) my theory but speculating is fun so here we go. Hehe I'm having fun with this. I'd consider this my fully researched theory about who I think Kou actually is.

Kou is Honoka's future self! Her name would probably have been derived from Kousaka, her last name.
In the first chapter Honoka arrived home and met a stranger. Kou is lying on the bed comfortably like she owns the place.
Kou also comments that she's missed these manga's which implies she's read them before. No one in Muse seems to read manga other than Honoka.
Honoka also notices that she's childish, a trait Honoka posesses very strongly and something that doesn't just fade so easily.
Kou's getup seems like the one Nico introduced to all of them from Muse which means Kou must have known Nico (Unless people assume this is what hiding in public is).
They met each others eyes and Honoka thought it was familiar yet foreign. Seeing your own eyes or future self would probably merit a reaction like this.
Honoka is the thoe that doesn't plan things thoroughly so rushing in and going back in time without a plan would probably be what she'd do hence the fumblng for an explanation about how she got into Homura.
Honoka notices the tear tracks on Kou's face. She'd probably be crying of either the sad memories of what happened with her 16 year old self or successfully going back in time. Going by the sadness I'm sticking with the former.
Kou tries to help Honoka with her love life despiting only having met a few minutes ago. No sane person would do that. (No sane person would accept help from a stranger either but wth it's a story)
The handkerchief Kou hands to Honoka smells like Kotori. It means that she got it from Kotori.
The way that she desperately tries to comfort Honoka out of her funk. I think it's because Kou doesn't want Honoka to end up like her or she doesn't want her to lose faith in herself.
Honoka's clothes seem to fit Kou despite the shortness but we'll attribute that to her growth.
Kou apparently has bad fashion sense. I feel like Honoka does too...
She doesn't remove the fedora. What color is her actual hair?
Kou knows her way around the house.
The lenses... Maybe she did a color change?
If your past self dies you'd probably also be dead in the future. No one would want that. Giving youself hope is important to keep moving forward.
Kou misses her eyes. Maybe because she's already lost hope and doesn't want that to happen again?
Kou seems to always be there at the right time. Especially to when Umi and Kotori 'confess'. Too perfect timing.
Kou recites Kotori's letter to her. She'd been too late to confess her love.
Both of them are clumsy.

Rawr. I'm sleepy now. Nyttt.
8/9/2017 c4 Kakashi00521
Holy man, was THAT satisfying! The lengthiness of the chapter is also greatly appreciated. And wow do I love what you did there, retelling things from previous chapters from a different perspective. That felt really good to read because it just made things satisfyingly click. Once again, I commend you for being a good-no, great!-writer for doing that and of course your writing style is on point. Quite poetic and descriptive. I'm also just so happy that they're finally together! Also, I'm happy to know that I gave you motivation! That simply brightens up my day (night, really). Anyway, I think Kou just might be Honoka because Kou said that her best friend was gonna marry her other best friend.. that leads me to believe that Kotori, previously asking Umi to kiss her, continued on with Umi because Honoka and Umi just couldn't be together, it's too platonic. Kotori just "learned" to love Umi. However, OuMiyuki's theory from the previous chapters also makes sense, Kou being Kotori.. I don't know. But for now I'll just say Kou is Honoka.
8/8/2017 c4 148OuMiyuki
Ahhhhhhhh! Honoka and Kotori finally got together! I'm so happy for them! But now there's Kou to worry about! OAO Ahhhhh!

Along with all the evidence and justification from previous reviews I shared, Kou is Future Kotori! No doubt about that. Plus this chapter further proves it!

Oh, and although you said italics are Honoka's thoughts, the later half of the chapter where Kotori was telling her story to Honoka, and you wrote it all in italics, well, mostly, those were definitely Kotori's thoughts/memories, no question there, since she uses "I" and "me" and spoke of the airport incident and talking to Umi of her feelings for Honoka.

And well! My point is during the Honoka almost got killed by road accident scene; Kotori can't see Kou's face cos' they are the same person.

Then there's...Kotori was attracted to the sunglasses - Why? Because it's a belonging she would purchase and use, even in the future her fashion sense is still similar. And that sunglasses is Kou's, equal future Kotori!

And! The last 3 lines is there to throw us off, but I won't be steered wrong! You'd think it's Kotori-Honoka-Kotori speaking. But NO! It's Kotori returns and sees Kou true form (without fedora to hide Minami-signature hairstyle!), so Kotori drops the bread and drinks and first instinct - call the name of your most beloved. "Honoka-chan?"
THEN! Honoka is slow, we all know this. So she says "Kotori-chan?" While still looking at Kou, and then looking at her Kotori.
AND THEN! It isn't someone else who speaks, but a dramatic pause, a moment of silence, because who wouldn't be shocked silent for at least a second? Before Honoka speaks up again: "Why is there two of you?"

THEREFORE, Kou is Future Kotori! OAO

Anyways, really enjoyed this chapter cos' Honoka finally confessed and Kotori confessed~ and they are together~~

Also, Umi-chan is an awesome friend. She pushed Kotori away when Kotori was being emotionally unstable and almost made a decision she'll regret for life . Thank you Umi-chan!

By the way, congratulations for no class~! And when is your birthday? :'D Plus~~ HonoKoto FTW~! *O*


P.S. Sorry for the caps? Hehe. :'P
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