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for Kenkyo Kenjitsu wo Motto ni Ikiteorimasu

12/11/2019 c299 hyemi20
next chapter?
9/15/2019 c299 Guest
Hello o have read this novel on another site. Do you know if it will continue?because it's my favourite novel and I can't find a way to talk to the autor
6/17/2019 c29 8Iali10
It seems that without this Reika Takateru would have ended up as a cold and cruel person entirely lmao. Now he has a bit of kindness in him but only for his sister. Imari teasing him and getting punched is hilarious.
6/6/2019 c299 karelyanayagrz
She can do anything she wants (with the right motivation). Maybe that's why he's so bent to make her reach her best? He wants her to need him so he can be closer to her (and thus not be lonely)?
6/6/2019 c299 karelyanayagrz
Honestly, I believe reika will end up alone or with fellow horse... I mean, she doesn't like enjou (she's sacared of him and doesn't trust himkaburagi is more like a nuisance for her.
I think enjou likes her, she's someone interesting to observe and play with, also, he knows she wouldn't betray him (not with something important). But the feelings he may have for her are not strong enough to really move ahead to try more. Yes, he asks her out with his little brother has an excuse, however, yukino really loves reika (and he may also be a black belly like his brother, if true, would both of them be playing to "reach" her first?). It's an excuse to pass time with someone who doesn't want something from him, an oasis. It's being an oasis enough to develope deep feelings (the kind he likes)?
kaburagi just doesn't want to be alone and needs help to understand how to be a regular human being. Yes he was somewhat jealous of fellow horse, but being realistic, he doesn't see reika as someone who needs to be protected (like wataba). I have the feeling he likes to protect and do anything for the one he loves, reika doesn't really need anything from him, not really.
5/27/2019 c299 RainIce
Why, whyyyy the Author doesn't update, a real pity,
I Really really like this novel, and now, I probably never see it end.
4/21/2019 c299 SnowingCrystals
Darn, I wish the original author would update.
Great work on the translations tho!
4/12/2019 c299 Guest
I finished it. I'm so sad. I can't wait 'til Reika finally gets the balls to tell everyone about her friendship with Wakaba. I honestly pity her, ya kno. All of her love interest ended up badly. Also, her friends whom she thought were just like her; boyless (?). I don't want to hop on Enjou's train, yet. He doesn't seem to be as stable as I think he is... I still prefer Masaya. I'm also looking forward to the day his love finally blooms. I sincerely hope he ends up with Wakaba, it'd be a bummer if he didn't. Ughhhhhhh. Now I don't know what to do next. Probably pray to whoever will hear me so that this gets continued. ;_;
3/31/2019 c237 kcinara
I think that Reika’s family has no idea how powerful she is at school.
3/5/2019 c299 3FujoMaster
everytime is see enjou and erika meet each other or talking each other... i can see my ship on aboard
2/10/2019 c299 Guest
so good. Hehe this story is really interesting.
2/9/2019 c299 Izumikii
This story is amazing ! Every chapter makes me laugh. I really wish the author would release chapter 300. I really want to read on about Reika.
12/4/2018 c1 CrazyFanYaya
noooooo! i finish it!
12/4/2018 c1 nadhrahyazid
12/4/2018 c1 nadhrahyazid
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