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for Kenkyo Kenjitsu wo Motto ni Ikiteorimasu

9/27/2017 c157 noire.art
You’re the best, translator-sama!

Pwahahaha I missed Reika’s interactions with Onii-sama and Tanuki.
9/26/2017 c156 hiyomi
If only Kaburagi knew what Reika thinks of him lol
Reika became his maiden friend completely. Is he actually chasing her down to talk more now?
9/26/2017 c154 hiyomi
Thanks for the multiple chapters! Just what I needed.
Reika's evilness came into light this chapter lol. Those sophomores are quiet rude though! I wonder if Enjou wants to stalk her to the festival. She really doens't have enough time to finish everything...
9/26/2017 c156 noire.art
I doubt Reika can run away from being Kaburagi’s confidante now. Mwahahha
9/26/2017 c156 Abhieghail
Hahahahahahaha. Kaburagi wth.

Run Reika! Run!

(poor Reika though. Your love will come soon, I hope)
9/26/2017 c154 Abhieghail
Enjou.. I sense your hidden intents!
9/26/2017 c153 liad
Get a restraining order, Reika. You're enabling him
9/26/2017 c153 feto
It's confirmed. He's a stalker like his buddy. Worse in that he hides it better.
9/26/2017 c153 hiyomi
Enjou was quiet persistent, he must really want to know Reika's plan over summer. Although to think she would trust him to ward off evil. That last part was gross, all Reika wanted was a nice teatime with female friends lol.
9/26/2017 c153 1Crystal.Azure
Lololol Good for you Enjou, you got a chance to touch Reika-sama.
Btw, is it really ok to ask a fallen angel to ward off evil spirit, Reika-sama?
9/26/2017 c153 Littleblackauthor76
Back off enjou, you don't deserve reika, only onii sama does
9/26/2017 c153 awa
Wow. I guess Enjou lost any right to call Kaburagi a stalker after this.
9/26/2017 c153 noire.art
Pwahahahahhaa what is happening? Reika, notice Enjou already. HAHAHA author-sama, just make Reika x Shuusuke happen. Uhuuhu
9/26/2017 c153 Subway
Eww. Enjou got really creepy
9/25/2017 c152 kesoyen
Enjou, probably.
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