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10/17 c1 Fuck FanFiction
At a Goth IHOP, Lucy Loud is taking direct orders.

Hokey Wolf: I'd like some strong black coffee with sugar, and a stack of pancakes.

Big Smoke: I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

Laura Branigan: Yeah, I'll take two buttermilk pancakes with bacon and hash, and a large soda, please.

Barney Gumble: I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe on a raf animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it and let it swim.

Lucy: We serve food here, sir.

Kako: A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat.

Lana: I'll have a big bucket of your goth sharts, also get her the shart covered pancakes with urine sauce please.


Lana: Do you want to get back into Bobby's good graces or not, slut!?

(Lori begins to cry)
10/17 c1 Fuck FanFiction
Lori: Well I hope you're happy, you traumatized Lola. You people are literally sick! Get help!

Lana: You are the one to talk Whori with all the dicks you have in your mouth virtually everyday!

Lori: All she wanted was to be farted on! And you two twerps wouldn't give it to her after she was willing to degrade herself for it!

Lincoln: And I warned her what would happen if she didn't refer to me as "daddy" during our BDSM sessions! But no, she had to refer to me as "Lincoln" instead, and now she will be denied of farts for an entire week!

Lana: And if we catch her sniffing someone's farts before the week is up, she can find someone else to fuck, because she'll no longer be our sister!

(Lola's cries get louder)

Lori (mega fucking pissed): If you two heartless monsters won't give her your farts, then I'll give her mine! Lola doesn't deserve you two as siblings and neither do I!

Lincoln: Go ahead Whori! Because we'll disown your cum guzzling ass too!

Lori: I should literally turn you two assholes into pretzels!

Lana: Bring it on cunt!

(A big fight breaks out between Lori and Lana & Lincoln. Lola is in the corner crying in terror. Lynn Sr. hears the commotion from downstairs.)

Lynn Sr.: Honey, is our children fighting over flatulence again?

Rita: (drunk) Look away, look away, look away, (falls down) the dixie land. (burps)

Lynn Sr.: God damnit! I seriously need to switch her to St. Pauli Girl from Bud!
10/16 c1 Fuck FanFiction
Luan is reminding her siblings it's April 1st. Luan laughs insanely as the pranks she plans to pull out are going to be nasty!

And then suddenly, Luan's siblings decide to fuck her in order to get her not to torture them. Highlights include:

-Lincoln sticking his tongue into Luan's juicy, creamy butt crack
-Luna licking Luan's pussy
-The twins biting Luan's nipples
-Lori and little Lynn taking Luan's hands and shoving her fingers up their pussies
-Leni giving Luan a lapdance in tight black leather pants
-Lisa yanking Luan's hair
-Lily pouring hot wax on Luan's big boobies
-and finally, Lucy sitting on Luan's face and farting (loud and rancid) up her nostrils as Luan enjoys the smell

All while laughing crazily in love!
10/15 c1 Fuck FanFiction
Lola: Please fart on us!

Lori: No. Potty time, bathtime, jammies and then a little snack before bed.

Lola starts crying

Lana: We Want Farts! We want Farts! We want Farts!

Lori: Alright already! I'll fart on you two.

Lana & Lola: Yayyyyy!

Lori then proceeds to cut the stinkiest fart she's ever released!

Lola: Smells so gooood!

Lana: (masturbating) I'm gonna cum!
10/15 c1 Fuck FanFiction
Lori shows up at Lincoln's door dressed up as Cammy White.

Lori: (erotically) Hey Lincoln, how do I literally look?

Lincoln gets excited, but then, Lori's leotard around the crotchal area rips!

Lori: NO!

And then all of a sudden, Lincoln has a MONSTER erection as he wants to fuck Whori HARD! But,


It's the real Cammy White, and she wants Lincoln's cock! Lori gets pissed and the two of them have a "fart off" to determine who gets to fuck Lincoln! Whoever accidentally craps themselves first, LOSES!

Who will get Lincoln's cock?
10/12 c1 Guest
Lucy: "Brother? The others are asleep, but I'm scared."

Lincoln: "What's bothering you?"

Lucy: "I have the farts!"

Lincoln: "It's okay sexy sister. I'll hold on to you and tough it out. Go ahead and unleash your farts."

Lucy cuts a vile smelling meaty fart!

Lucy: "I love you, Lincoln."

Lincoln: (holding nose breath) "I love you too, Lucy."
10/10 c1 Guest
Normally, Lola enjoys being farted on by Lana...but only during their BDSM hardcore sex sessions with their master, Lincoln!

Farting out in the open is a huge no-no.

Lola: Lana! You're not suppose to do that here you fucking cunt! Do I have to pull out the safety scissors again?

Lana starts crying, loudly.

Lincoln: Lola! How dare you bring up the safety scissors incident again! (as Lincoln cuddles up Lana)

Lola: She farted on me in an inappropriate time!

Lincoln: She can't help herself. She loves you, Lola and you handled this poorly!

Lola: But, Linky...

Lincoln: No backtalk! C'mon Lana, let's go to the bedroom and have sex. "Daddy" will make you feel better.

Lana: I love you, Linc. Can I fart on you please?

Lincoln: Hey, baby, if it makes you feel better and happy, go ahead, sexy!

Lana and Lincoln head to his bedroom and locks the door.

Lola: No! Please don't leave me out here! (starts crying) I'm sorry, Lana! Please, I love you both! I wanna have sex with you two! And Lana, I'll let you shit on me too! LANA!
10/10 c1 Guest
Must be hard for Lugosi to have a mom who,

-is a sex symbol
-a slut
-wears leather
-enjoys showing as much skin as possible
-twerks and grinds
-talks about sex alot while swearing at the same time
-masturbates and cums
-and especially farting

all of it right in front of her own son!
10/5 c1 Guest
Luan is hungry. She decides to order Pizza Hut. But Little Lynn intercepts the Pizza (while paying with Lana's money which she pick-pocketed) in the yard. From there, Little Lynn quickly "opens" the cheese and puts bean dip spread within the tomato sauce. Little Lynn puts some extra tomato sauce to try to disguise the bean dip as best as possible. Little Lynn puts the cheese and toppings back "on" as accurate as possible. She then takes it to Luan at the table, and then runs back out to the yard.
Luan has a couple of slices. Then all of a sudden, a giant gas cloud comes out of Luan's creamy crack! To make matters worse, Lola was walking by Luan's backside when it happened, resulting in Lola being engulfed by the giant fart! Lola is upset and crying because Luan's gas isn't as rancid smelling as Lana and Lucy's!

Luan: (laughing) It's been a gas...but seriously, Lynn is fucking dead when I get my hands on her!

Unfortunately for Luan, Lincoln witnesses this from the living room and thinks Luan intentionally farted on little Lola! Lincoln decides he's going to "punish" Luan, but not before having sex with Lucy first.
10/4 c1 Guest
Luna bends over as she begins to twerk for Lincoln, but a gas cloud comes out of her causing her to cry.

Lincoln: Lynn! How many times have I told not to put Bean Dip in Luna's burger?! You know how sensitive she is when she has the farts!
10/3 c1 Guest
After successfully cutting a loud, deadly fart that ended up killing Ana Gasteyer,

Haiku: I've done it! I now possess the power to destroy Pole Position! All thanks to Lucy's fart addiction!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
10/3 c1 Guest
While having sex, Lucy sits on Lincoln's face.

Lucy: I'm... sorry, Lincoln...
Lincoln: Lucy wha-
Lucy: Ahhh...
Lucy: I can't help it... I love this...
Lucy: Smell it, Linc... smell my farts...
10/3 c1 Guest
After eating a steak with an experimental A1 Steak Sauce cooked up by Lisa, Mama Loud ends up with horrible gas!

Rita: That blasted Lisa! I should kick her out of this house. But my husband would never speak to me again, and Lisa is too good at education.
10/3 c1 Guest
Lana is so horny and sexy! She wants Lincoln's log, badly!

Lana: Please "daddy", fuck me! Fuck me hard! I can't live without your cum!

Lincoln throws her on the bed, tears her clothes off, gets on top of her and slaps her!


Lincoln starts to squeeze her really hard, causing her to groan, pant and sweat very heavily.

Lana: UUUGGGGHHHH! Please "daddy", please fuck me! Every second I don't have your huge cock in me, the more "pain" I'm in!


Lincoln proceeds to bite her to a dash of blood!


Lana: (begins to cry) Please, "daddy", I can't hold out any longer. I need to be fucked!

In walks Lucy.

Lincoln: Not before you get to smell the foul aroma of your older sister's farts! Proceed Lucy.

Lucy: Wicked!

Lucy starts unleashing meaty farts on Lana! Lana is enjoying it as she hopes she'll get Lincoln's cock after this.
10/3 c1 Guest
Lincoln: "Okay sluts, put those tongues back in your mouths on the double!"

Luan and Lana obey.

Lincoln: "Good. Now it's time to pull out my rock hard cock and make you sluts beg for it!"

Lana: "Please "daddy", I want your dick so bad!"

Lincoln walks up to Lana and slaps her!

Lincoln: "I didn't say when to speak, filthy cunt! For that, you will be punished! Luan, sit on that slut's face while I get the hot wax! And no noise either!"

Luan sits on Lana's face, enjoying the pleasure while thinking about how raunchy the sex will be between the 3 of them.

Luan: Oh, oh! I'm gassed out! (methane leaks out of Luan's creamy crack and into Lana's nostrils) Get it?

Lana is NOT enjoying it as Luan's methane isn't very rancid like Lucy's! Lana begins to cry!

Lincoln returns with the hot wax.

Alright Luan, get out of the way, it's time to punish that little fart!

Luan: But Lincoln, my gas has caused Lana to cry and now she is unconscious. Can't you show mercy for her?

Lincoln: Defending Lana is not something I allow! For that, your creamy crack will be filled with this hot wax!

Luan laughs in denial as Lincoln pours the hot wax in Luan's crack...which she is enjoying the pain as Luan hopes for Lincoln's love soon for her and Lana's sake.
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