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10/19/2022 c56 1LongingforSweetness
"The 'original' Brightest Witch of her age" Really Lily? Arrogant arse. She might be talented, but Brightest Witch will always be Hermione's title, not Lily's. Lily really needs to get over herself and accept She isn't the smartest person in the room anymore, assuming she was in the first place considering the impressive magical prowess of the marauders...
10/18/2022 c5 LongingforSweetness
To add to my previous comment: yes, I've read ahead of this chapter by quite a bit bit it seemed most appropriate to go back to the argument itself to share my thoughts.

The argument is not hard to read because it's done poorly- if anything it is done remarkably well- but because I strongly understand Hermione. With a few exceptions, my opinion strongly resembles hers, which makes it difficult when Luna and Ginny snap and silence her rather than try to explain pureblood culture in a way that she might be more receptive to. I understand they're a bit too volatile to be patient, especially with the extent of what they have been through leading up to this. Again, very realistic to the characters you have molded, but it does frustrate me that her company at this time is looking down on her for a different belief system instead of finding common ground or eventually helping her research and try to find answers. The group (except Lavender) were very divided over it and my heart aches to see it. I know it will get substantially better but it still hurts. Especially when they all (intentionally or not) are falling back to righteous indignation and the more insidious, subtle form of blood purity propaganda which burrowed deep in the mind. During.

Sorry for rambling, my point is that despite any critique I might make I love it your work. It is very well done. There are things I would prefer to do differently, but it would be noticeablely out of character for any used or created character, ergo, it was a difficult read.
10/18/2022 c5 LongingforSweetness
The argument between beliefs is a hard one to read. In all honesty, the characterization of Hermione and her reaction to all of this is completely spot on, especially considering the way she later realizes she's lost that spark towards doing what she thinks is right and just follows the rules she's given, particularly from the ministry.
2/9/2022 c85 WolfyLeigh
I can't described how much I loved this.. I never knew I needed a Lavender and Severus pairing until now.. I need a spin off of their date..
1/11/2022 c85 EmiSchwalger
I absolutely loved this! Thank you for writing it! The ending?! So lovely! I really like Lavender’s character! Thanks again!
10/8/2021 c85 Shygirlj
I’ve now read this fic twice, and it’s just so lovely. It has truly brightened my world and I’m so grateful that you’ve written it. So many well-written women make this work a prize and it will never not be on my faves list. (I mean, there’s the humor, the fluff, the story, the growth, but the well-written women are what make me feel happy about reading it.)
8/29/2021 c83 1katco-cereal
Hey lovely! Back again to reread this, and once again let you know THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST AND FAVORITE THINGS I'VE EVER READ! Your way with words and characterization has once again taken all my emotions on the best kind of rollercoaster. LOVE YOU, SPLENDID JOB 3 4 5
7/3/2021 c5 WendyMoiraAngelaDarlingDearest
my dislike for Luna is unparalleled fingers crossed things improve
7/2/2021 c85 4worldcrawler
I binge read this in like two days and I am obsessed. Thank you thank you thank you for writing it and sticking with it to the end! (I do love a happy ending!)
6/9/2021 c5 Rossess20
I'm here for Lavender at this point I can't deal with Hermione's colonizer bullshit. Congrats I'm officially too mad to put this down lol!
5/7/2021 c85 elme27
I never thought I needed a Lavender/Sevvy pairing until this story, but now I know I need MORE. Thanks for sharing!
2/25/2021 c51 3Griffalope
I want you to know that I legit passed out from laughing hard enough to burst a few blood vessels in my face after reading the words "suck on nose". Luckily I was in my bed so no harm done, but Lavender is officially my favorite character. Fight me.
2/20/2021 c84 1katco-cereal
I forgot to add this to my main review, and can't figure out for the life of me how to edit a post on here. Normally I get so wrapped up in what's happening, with my emotions riding high on the words an author is giving me, that I start rushing through a story even to the point of skimming. But there's something about how you write where i simply _couldn't_ do that. If i did I'd stop processing what I was reading. With your style of writing you forced me to slow down and really take in everything i was reading, to truly enjoy it and savor it. Dunno how you did it but YOU DID. Also want to say that your command of the english language is out of this world. I stopped at least 10 times after reading a sentence or paragraph and thought to myself "How in the world did she take this concept and put it into words so fucking well?" I would take a moment to try to do it myself and abysmally, hilariously fail. You have a real mastery of diction, eloquence, and sentence structures that use you wield expertly like a master craftsmen with his tools. So many kudos
2/20/2021 c85 katco-cereal
This is gonna take me a minute. Because holy fat garbage. Can I fall in love with someone's writing? I am so delightfully overwhelmed and emotionally satisfied. This has been an absolute privilege to read. I love this and I love you!

Multiple points had me laughing out loud to the point of wheezing (like Lavender realizing her mate was Snape, HOOOO BOY). I loved your creation of Ron and Lavender's believable relationship and engagement at the beginning. I never thought about it them much before this, just brushed their relationship off in the books. But you fleshed it out perfectly, and it made Lavender's loss so much more potent.

Your mastery of just... characters. Your characters, your portrayal of them, your narration, your dialogue. You know these characters better than J.K., better than any author I've read, better than the characters themselves. This piece is inspirational to me as someone who is practicing and learning to know their characters well and trying to master writing varied, believable, distinct, and interesting personalities. To figure out what choices they'll make and things they'll say that aren't what _I_ would do or say. It is SO hard not to subconsciously give them all my own personality, haha.

Your LAVENDER. You FANTASTICALLY TALENTED AUTHOR. Here you took a character I literally did not give two shits about and made her into something human, someone _real_ that tugs on my heartstrings and makes me cackle out loud and makes me wish she was real, so I could be friends with her.

And let me tell you, I was blindsided by how much I treasured reading about our four heroine women. It's just... so, so many fiction and fantasy stories have male main protagonists, you know? And if they have a woman main protagonist, there is usually only one and she is not allowed to have the types of friendships with other women that you have created here. Quite frankly, this story makes me love being a woman. Not that I ever _don't_ want to be one; it's just this fills me with an active appreciation and love for what I am, what I can do, and how the differences between all the women in my life (including myself) are beautiful and interesting and _good_.

I am in literal awe of the amount of time, thought, hard work, and effort you've put into this. You've filled your story with your heart and soul and personality and it's the best, ever.

THANK YOU for writing this story and sharing it with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
9/20/2020 c85 prominently late
u was so worried that after reading 330k in words that this wouldn't have a happy ending, or an ending im general. but its finished! and I love it so much!
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