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12/13/2018 c84 Bibbity88
Damn HG. Look, I know you have balls girl, but there's really no need to drag them around quite like that! Although, I must say, your compromise certainly makes the most sense, truly.
12/13/2018 c84 1bettevelour
Excellent excellent EXCELLENT! My only complaint is I wish it was longer. I can't wait for all the others to be unfrozen. Looking forward to your next update!
12/13/2018 c84 3Kawisdom
Albus's end was fairly merciful. Even if the goddesses wiped his soul from existence, he isn't there to suffer. Minerva was a good choice for the POV. She was a witness, but hardly a disinterested observer. The future born witches will have a chance to make a life in this era now and I like that Minerva didn't need any prompting to offer her help. Even in her earlier appearance she seemed like she'd fit well with the others.
We know so little about Arianna, but you created an evocative reason for the goddesses' original grievance against Dumbledore: she had the potential to be much more than the poor, mad sister of the family. I kind of want to know that story, too (I know. You can't devote a story to every intriguing notion that slips into what you've written.). I'll be looking for the next chapter.
12/11/2018 c83 1bettevelour
Oh my godddd - I can't believe how exciting this story has been so far. I'm literally anxious haha. You've done an amazing job with Lavender's character. At the start, she was the one I was the least invested in, but I'm rooting for her wholeheartedly. I can't wait for her and Severus to get together! Ugh, please update soon. I'm sad I've caught up to your latest chapter. I'll have to read some of your other stories while I wait to read more of this!
12/11/2018 c83 RoverMaelstrom
AAAAA I just caught up and this is wonderful, thank you so much for such a great story! :D
12/10/2018 c44 bettevelour
This chapter is AMAZING. It reads like a movie, Oceans 11 meets Harry Potter haha. i'm loving this overall story so far - I've been powering through the chapters. I can't wait to keep going, but I wanted to pause to tell you how much I'm enjoying it so far.
12/9/2018 c83 Bibbity88
AHHHHH this is even better than I could have imagined! And I love your influx of humour to ease the tensionbless her dear sweet Gryffindor soul." Bahahahah! <3
12/8/2018 c83 Salovi
Whaaaaaat this was the wildest chapter! I love your brain.
12/7/2018 c83 KnowInsight
Damn Dumbles dun passed of the fates
12/7/2018 c54 1LightHearted21
I just laughed out loud over Hermione's quip, "In all fairness, it's not like we could leave her in the car." Fantastic interjection there! I love this story so much!
12/6/2018 c83 Guest
12/3/2018 c83 3Kawisdom
This is why I don't trust higher powers! What, precisely, are the Fates pulling? It seems like the girls and their allies had things well under control despite Dumbledore's meddling. If they're thinking of taking someone they can have Dumbledore. Attacking Minerva proves he's not entirely stable and they've just gotten rid of one powerful, unstable wizard. Nobody wants a replacement.
12/2/2018 c71 Kawisdom
Lavender as the voice of sanity. I take that as proof that this mating bond stuff is potent indeed. She could suppress her own panic to get the mission going. For her, the main mission is rescuing Severus, of course, but the others need to get it together. They put more into their lovers' quarrels than into their avowed purpose.
12/2/2018 c64 Kawisdom
The scene from Lucius's POV was amusingly insightful. I've never seen Narcissa treated as a true Black, even if a writer depicts her as a properly manipulative Slytherin. Her husband has obviously seen not just an elegant beauty but the kinswoman of Bellatrix and Walburga. I especially enjoyed her codicil to the marriage vow. I hope you get a chance to write her into a scene.
Lucius is kind of a flake when he drinks, isn't he? He calls his lord and master's talk "blather" and spills Voldemort's secrets to Snape because telling his best (non-pureblood) buddy doesn't count.
He actually sees some attractive qualities in his friend, which is more than Snape does. It's interesting that his homeliness is made up of some very nice pieces. Lucius admires his butt, then his brow, and even his nose. I kind of hope he only does that when he's drunk. Even a hint of hormones in Lavender's presence could get him eviscerated.
Lavender has accomplished the nearly impossible by making Severus Snape laugh. Her courtship skills are impressive. And now that he's giving an inch she's taking a mile.
12/2/2018 c58 Kawisdom
Poor baby. Snape really needs to read one of those lycanthropy books soon. The attraction to one's mate clearly goes both ways. He'd argue that since he wants out he acted logically, if on impulse, but Snape gave his she-wolf a present! Not the shiny, pretty kind she'd enjoy, but it's a start.
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