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12/2/2018 c56 3Kawisdom
It would actually be amazing if Lily didn't just drink the Gryffindor kool-aid and at least tried to understand her best friend before writing him off. And her aversion being based on its having a dangerous, sensual quality that scared her off actually sort of fits. Given how uptight and narrow minded her sister was, is it that likely she was raised in a super open-minded household? They came to accept her magic. It doesn't mean they'd have encouraged her to break every rule of what she's been raised to consider normal and decent. Students are taught curses at Hogwarts, so they aren't viewed as proof of evil. Dark magic has a quality that sets it apart, making its use more questionable. Is it a seductive, habit forming quality that's hard to resist?
12/2/2018 c51 Kawisdom
Fainting Marauders. Hysterical Lavender. Her friends outright laughing at her reaction! This was laugh out loud funny and she and Snape aren't even together yet! This discussion will give James and Sirius the vapors later on, you know. And poor Snape, who's probably a totally soppy romantic, will have to endure being eyeballed and whispered about. It won't even be because of his former allegiance!
12/2/2018 c50 Kawisdom
Dumbledore is a control freak. (Which, yes, was already known.) Searching his allies' home is both a great way to lose their trust as well as just rude. Are you planning to add Minerva to the coven? She could offset Lily's self absorbed tendencies and offer the benefit of her own experience (and maybe spy on the Order?).
12/2/2018 c47 Kawisdom
Lavender might be mortified when she sobers up. Will she realize that she was sniffing the 1979 version of Professor Snape? Working with him is one thing, her wolf getting all excited and cuddly towards him is something else again. This chapter was funny!
12/2/2018 c43 Kawisdom
So much of this story is romance/relationship, which I don't happen to enjoy much. All girl protagonists? Ditto.
The way I'm loving this says a LOT about your skills, so you've got some preening to do.
The snark-fest that will be Lavender and Snape is one I already look forward to. If you're thinking relationship, though, I wonder how it'll shape up. I don't see him pitying her, but things could go a couple of ways. He'll be uneasy around a werewolf after the Shrieking Shack incident, so she's going to have to work to get him once she decides she wants him (which won't be right away: former teacher, current Death Eater, reigning king of the snarly jerks). Even if he's downright phobic around her, he'll probably assume that the Marauders got careless and Lavender paid the price. Integrating him into this group won't be easy.
12/2/2018 c42 Kawisdom
Part one: Sirius Black is a charming ass with hidden depths. Alpha or not, Remus needed a firm push from a friend to go for it with Hermione.
Part two: I love you, Hermione! Understanding Lily's BS is not the same as buying into it. :) And she is clearly clever as well as intelligent. She's taking Lily's loophole and running with it. Woman's got a future as a lawyer. Assuming she and the coven don't decide that they should just give in and run things themselves.
12/2/2018 c41 Kawisdom
I understand Lily better and like her less. She wanted James even as he publicly degraded her friend, so she used Severus's insult as an excuse to give him up completely so she could be with James? That's not just Slytherin, that's Mean Girl. I know you're not making her a villain. I'm glad she understands how manipulative Dumbledore can be and she clearly believes that he could take everything she's gained away from her. I just wish she'd shown more of that much talked about Gryffindor courage.
11/29/2018 c83 1FreyaWrackspurt
Very exciting! I'm looking forward to the rest. Thank you for the sneak
11/29/2018 c83 KnowInsight
seems like lavender killed moldie then. .. wtf
11/25/2018 c81 Salovi
This was such a good Lavender chapter!.!.! (Side note: As someone who generally uses excessive exclamation points I really dislike for not letting me use them normally like a normal person!)
11/23/2018 c82 KnowInsight
wow herimione taking done the greatest wizard of his age nice! i rather dislike this albus
11/22/2018 c82 Guest
Oooh hermione get that old goat!
11/22/2018 c82 FreyaWrackspurt
Ooooo! Dumbledore is not going to like this
11/22/2018 c82 Bibbity88
ooh Albus. Good job Minnie!
11/21/2018 c80 Salovi
Ahhhhhhhhhhh just screaming my way onto the next chapter, don’t mind me
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