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for The Vongola Decimo Sky's Moon

7/8/2017 c1 Celina
I find interesting the mixture that you are presenting us.
7/7/2017 c1 Guest
I love it please update soon
7/7/2017 c1 Guest
Usagi's bad guy are gonna hate the other sailors more as they are old enough to know about Sky flames and how they work
7/7/2017 c1 4hnh058513
I believe this is italian for bravo bravisomo
7/7/2017 c1 46Hikari Nova
nice start moonlight and very interesting
7/6/2017 c1 1davycrockett100
7/6/2017 c1 link1211
sweet and it's a funny story
7/6/2017 c1 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Lol! Can't wait for what's next.
7/6/2017 c1 17duskrider
Nice start.
7/6/2017 c1 DarkLord0012
Love this story so far hope you update soon XD
7/6/2017 c1 AyameKitsune
Awesome! More please!
7/6/2017 c1 marcoglas92
it promises to be a great story
7/6/2017 c1 10Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
I hope Luna and the Inners get kicked in the ass...
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