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10/21 c25 Sandman17
very nice I like it :)
10/8 c15 Guest
I love this story and I cant wait to read the next Update!
10/5 c24 Guest
I love this story and I cant wait to read the next Update!
9/15 c24 Sandman17
very awesome
9/12 c10 2KatilynUzumaki
I love this chapter so much. I absolutely adore how you're devoloping Alec and Charlie's relationship. This chapter is the start of a solid friendship with a lot of trust, and I love how Charlie is encouraging/supporting Alec in his sexuality and having him experience happieness and normalcy.
6/18 c23 Ketsueko
Hi ;) I was excited to read more of your amazing story ;) I am a person that returns in phases xD As a university student I have super stressful month where I don't have time for anything and then phases where there is a lull in work so I have more time to read awesome fanfics like this one. So usually if I don't review for a while it's that I'm super busy and will return later and does not at all indicate that I have lost interest ;) With your writing style I could never :)

On to the actual review: I loved the negotiation scene from Charlie's point of view. She made Simon seem even more like the cinnamon roll version of an evil super villain for whom everything is coming together than he did in the show. I loved it! xD Also her interactions with Rafael are EVERYTHING XD Hm, I'm honestly not sure what to think of her suspicion towards Michael. On the one hand it is in character, but on the other hand I think she should be a little to distraught in this situation to really notice. I mean we as the viewers knew he was bad news from the beginning on, but damn if his story isn't REALLY well thought out. I'm just not sure if her noticing something is off before everyone else isn't more wish fulfillment than realistic... Though that might be my bias speaking, because while I adore Charlie I can't help but throw adversity in her way and if she trusts him implicitly and he betrays them it might set her up for some nice moments of doubt in the future ;) I'm evil I know, but it's because I love her ;) I guess it would be good to have her doubt and not voice it as well, because that creates it's own type of conflict... I've decided - It'll be great no matter where you take this ;)

Hm, it's nice to have her somewhat acknowledge how much Alec hurt her with his actions though I am REALLY looking forwards to the big confrontation there. And also how and if he'll get out of the marriage. I honestly can't imagine Charlie recreating Malec's scene... So something different? Hm... I'm not sure... It might be interesting to have someone else bring him back to his senses. Like not Charlie directly, but someone who is very invested in the relationship slapping him to his senses. It does open up a lot of possibilities and leaves you room for another original scene. Izzy maybe? Or even Simon could be interesting seeing as he's often the unintentional voice of reason and Charlie's his bestie. Yes I admit it, I want more of your original scenes, you gave me one and now I'm addicted, give me more! :D

I'm very unsure about the Fairfolk. I know a bit too much mythology there so I have a bit of a different interpretation than what we see through the show. Especially because they were also quite different in the books. I mean they made them a lot 'nicer' for lack of better words in the show. But what they pulled in the books 0-0 I guess for the show interpretation it would fit to an extent.
I just always see Fairfolk as self-serving, mercurial and cruel in a way they themselves don't really notice because it's normal to them. Like she's kinda one of them so they feel some kinship, but they could just as easily flip to selling her out at the drop of a hat as it would benefit them more or because the queen feels slighted in some way... I don't know if I'm expressing myself well here. Nothing against Merliorn of the show, but I honestly preferred the darker interpretation of them that the books presented. It honestly made the downworld debate a lot less clear cut. Because in the show the treatment of Downworlders is just wrong and makes no sense, but in the books it was wrong too, but you sort of got where they were coming from. Like the Downworld was just REALLY different and otherworldly and they pulled some pretty aweful stunts so the wrongdoings were less one-sided there...
Am I making sense? '

Eh no matter where you take everything, I can't wait :) I simply adore your writing and can't wait for more
6/13 c23 Sandman17
5/25 c22 Ketsueko
Love how Meliorn’s like: Yeah Jace is pretty, but kinda dumb xD
Also Fair Folk sensing magic in Charlie: That won’t be a secret long AND make it almost impossible for him to do undercover work xD
I think it’s amazing that Charlie got a moment with her dad! Girl has been through enough.
I love her commentary and willingness to own up to her mistakes though. As long as she doesn’t turn tk being self depreciating.
Gotta say: The quest for Jace’s true parentage is hilariously tragic no matter which version of the universe he’s in.
I am suprisingly shipping Izzy with Meliorn in your story. That’s honestly rare for me. They are really not my favorite couple, but here I’m kind of invested... hm... Bit of rudness on Clary’s part here, but that’s in character and part of her charm most of the time xD
Aaaaaah! I need more Alec/ Charlie interactions! The suspense is killing me!
5/25 c21 Ketsueko
Okay very short review this time: I did not know it was possible to get me more invested in the Jace/Alec fight. Boy am I glad you proved me wrong xD Damn! That was sooooo intense! I loved it! I am looking forwards to some of the more dramatic scenes from the show. I will probably either be at the edge of my seat, crying or both xD
Now if this was book Raphael I would be EXTREMELY worried about her coming clean. As this is show Raphael: Probably a good way to build trust there :)
5/25 c20 Ketsueko
Hey there!
Sorry for not checking in for such a long time. It had nothing to do with you, you’re writing became even more amazing which I didn’t think possible! It’s just that the way they ended the series really turned me off shadow hunters for a while(/.\)

Anyway on with the review: Thank you so much! It looks way better on my screen now!
And wow! That was amazing on so many levels!
1) You gave her her own thing without having her just stealing everyone else’s accomplishments! And it seems like a really intriguing idea too!
2) The characterization here was amazing! You somehow managed to keep everyone in character even though the changes you made to the plot and the new setting would have definitely made that harder. Everyone’s reactions seemed so realistic!
3) The speech was actually pretty great! Like often when I read fanfiction and every character is raving on about how amazing a speech was I just don’t see it. But here I really could see the Clave being convinced by Charlie. It was fantastic!
I could go on but I still want to r&r the other amazing chapters so I’ll end on my final thoughts: Alec nooooo! You broke my heart all over again! It was already bad when I was shipping Malec! But Charlie’s resignation! Ah! You are going to end up making me cry!
5/18 c22 Sandman17
:) like it I do :)
4/20 c21 Sandman17
so neat
1/30 c1 36AspiringWriterGirl
Only one chapter in and I’m hooked- hope I have time to read the next chapter soon :)
11/17/2019 c19 Ketsueko
Oh my, I actually inspired you to post quicker, I'm feeling very honored right now .
Saw this right when I saw your private reply and accidentally clicked the link to this fanfic instead. Boy am I pleased that happened xD Now I saw this chapter before the notification even arrived .
First, Minor nitpick: There was about three pretty large paragraphs this chapter. While I get that they all belonged together, but would it be possible to add more spaces anyway? While it's not a huge issue on the computer screen, on my cellphone it's a bit hard to keep track of where I am in the story. But that's just a minor thing .

I kinda like your depiction of Maryse. I'm not quite sure if it's a 100% in character yet, but it can be interpreted as such and she just seemed more likable earlier on in this fic, so I'm not going to complain.
I'm actually more invested in the trial now. Like it wasn't really something that kept my interest, but now I'm almost biting my nails, so good job raising the stakes in my mind.
The scene between Charlie and Clary was extremely cute, I love their relationship, it seems so supportive and healthy while not being codependent. And honestly? That's pretty rare in fanfic relationships between a cannon character and an OC. I like it.
And omg! That Alie (Charles? Or what is their ship name?) was pure perfection. I honestly love those two. You really make the progression of their relationship realistic. Yay . I haven't shipped a cannon character/oc couple this much since Zevy. I love it.
11/16/2019 c18 Ketsueko
I really love this story. There seem to be so few actually good Shadowhunters fics out there that it’s always awesome to find a gem like this. I generally don’t read Alec/Oc because Malec is just so perfect already, but I love the way their relationship is developing here! Here’s to hoping he won’t propose to Lydia again ’
I love how he has a more supportive person to understand him from the beginning here. It’s very nice to read.
I really love Charlie’s integration into the universe, it all seems mostly seamless.
Her interactions with others are pretty great too so no complaints here.
Also: Really nice to have some bi representation here :)
I mean she even had a not sexualised relationship with another girl. Le gasp. Sadly that is really rare to find outside of occasionally fanfiction ’ So I’m super happy about this fic.
Keep up the good work
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